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  1. Empire: TIE/Reaper (with an upgrade that gives the TIE/Striker 2 Bomb Slots - hello Bomblet Generator, suddenly a VI Duchess becomes really good) Rebels: B-Wing Prototype (Rebels) Scum: Skipray Blastboat (Dual Faction with Empire) First Order: TIE/Bomber FO (with AT LEAST 2 Bomb slots or some upgrade that adds slots, it is a joke that a dedicated TIE Bomber from the original movies can´t take Bomblet Generator) Resistance: New A-Wing
  2. Great Stuff. Love the theme!!!
  3. Can you tell me (maybe in a Private Message) if we see any new ships fitting for x-wing? Like a First Order Bomber....?
  4. Hello, what exactly happens when my Kylo (Pilot) dealt his condition card (Blinded Pilot) to an enemy ship and I cannot trigger it in the same round. Next round ANOTHER ship (without the condition card ISYTDS) fires at Kylo first - do I move the condition card to him - along with the already choosen Crit? EXAMPLE: Lets say I play against Poe (Ps 9) and Rey (PS10). Rey fired at Kylo and unsurprisingly hit. I deal her the condition with a carefully choosen Damaged Cockpit. When its my turn i fail to do a crit with all my ships. Next turn Rey does shot at my Kylo and do not hit. Poe shoots at Kylo and hits! Can I choose to have the condition still at Rey? Or do I have to move it to Poe with the Damaged Cockpit crit? Or something else...
  5. Finally someone who understand why Kylo will not be successful. Maybe a few stubborn people will try to make him work. But as long as he gets no good wingman (something like a imperial Shadowcaster or a cheaper Decimator). He will not shine.
  6. After 2 disappointing games (and real struggles with list building with the silencer) I came to the conclussion: Blackout is worse then Whisper. Even in a slim build (with Trick Shot, Threat Tracker OR Advanced Sensors, AT and Title) he costs 40 points. For 41 points we get a fully equiped Whisper (with Kallus) - that can do the same obstacle game. Only better (5 greens, has Focus / Evade, can actually USE the Target Lock for fully modded attacks with Kallus, more unpredictable, decloak to go away from the obstacles). The only downside Whisper has: less hull. Bombs kill her 1 round earlier then the Silencer. No AT don´t hurt her that much... because without PTL Blackout will never have more tokens then probably a focus. The whole design around this pilot sucks. On the Upside: The silencer model looks really nice. A shame that the stats and costs are not matching. Only playable Silencer Kylo... But the lack of a good wingman makes it hard to build him into a list. A Decimator (RAC) is far to expensive....
  7. All this talk about Wedge makes me think about how great a few Cameos would have been with original actors like Denis Lawson (who played Wedge) in their new positions in the military. Wedge an Captain or Admiral now or something. Or even sitting again in his old X-Wing because the Resistance is short of pilots. And an old Lando... It would have grounded the new Trilogy so much better in the existing universe...
  8. At this point costs? No. It shoudnt. But they could have designed the ship from the start with an auxillary firing arc in mind. Like only 2 Attack Dice, but Aux-Arc. To keep it the cheap supporter it is supposed to be. Instead of getting this stupid upgrade card that barely does justice what in the game world is happening. Or they could have done a SPECIAL FIRING ARC like the ghost. Only when you use Anti Pursiut Lasers (Text: "When you equip this upgrade card you can use the special firing arc printed on the base of the Lambda Class Shuttle.") you get to use it. Naturally highen up the costs a little bit. And both sides would have been satisfied.
  9. 3 Silencer each 23.99 $ = 71,79$ 4 Gunboats each 11,99 $ = 47,96 $ 1 Kimogila (for my girlfriend, she likes scum....shudder) 15.99 $ Total: 135,92 $ 1 of the Silencers is a debt for losing a bet (Thats what you get for thinking FFG will not give an Arcdodger/ace exactly the same ability twice). So I only will own 2. I skipped on the Resistance Bomber because I don´t play other factions beside empire. I collected so far everything from Rebel and Empire - but this time FFG botched it to me. The size of the Bomber is far too small, the price in $ far too high and they did not even get the name right. I will get my Bomb Launch upgrade card on the second hand market. On the Phantom 2 I skipped also this time. But I guess I get this sooner or later (for the new astromech mainly... and Maul for my GF).
  10. It would be crazy overpowerd on Vader i guess...
  11. I would like to see the Special Forces as Title for the ship. "When attacking with secondary weapons you ignore the target lock requirement. Add a Missilie Slot to your upgrade bar." My version of Iden could take a weapon disabled token to fire twice during her turn. To simulate the automatic fire the TIE has in the game.
  12. They are not, but they could be somehow... cool and playable with that upgrade! FFG can´t let this happen!
  13. Would love that with Omega Leader!
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