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  1. I've just finished listening to The Radio Drama of Star Wars that come out in 1981. On that they call it Tan-ti-ve IV. I'd always called it Tan-tive. As regards to AT AT, I use both but usually At At than A T A T because it's quicker. Will hopefully get an answer when I listen to Empire Radio Drama.
  2. I came second in London. Will post list after Sterling Prime as don't want to give away the surprise.
  3. I normally get 2 mine drops with Mart. 3 on a few occasions
  4. I've had some fun with Sabine and Mart. The ability to place mine at right place and time when needed is great.
  5. You are a font of all knowledge on Armada, but leave cricket history to those who go through the pain of watching England play. It was the Australians. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ashes On an Armada note, I think Bail might be waiting for the Starhawk. I've got this feeling it will be the right ship for him.
  6. Is there a base cost for a custom commander and does it increase as they gain experience?
  7. Is that because they're about to cause s**t to happen
  8. Also as a Raddus player, the way it works is you declare you are dropping the ship (hyperspace/Raddus/Profundity). Then you can play around with its position. You cannot pick the ship up first and see where it can go then decide not to drop. That's what the ruling was and has always been the way I read the rules
  9. I don't know who that would be 😁
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