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  1. I'm not sure if anyone has done this before. If you have, I am sorry. I thought about sharing anecdotes about what has happened in Edge of the Empire games I've been in, and then see what else others can share. 1: I'm the GM. I'm doing the adventure that comes with the Core Rulebook (the one where you have to capture the Aqualish smuggler Bandin Dobah, don't know the name in English). The team is formed by a robot bounty hunter (a modified version from the B-1 from the prequels), a human female mechanic, a human male pilot (who deserted from the Imperial Navy), a Twi'lek smuggler (with a reward on her head from a Hutt clan) and a Chiss doctor. They did several hilarious things during the game, somewhat going off the rails. * In the bar where they meet the Rodian girl and Daro (Bandin Dobah's lieutenant), the idea is that you fight Daro's thugs while he tries to run away and warn the others. The players calm things down, tell the guy that they have heard about the R2 unit he has taken and offer to help him. They convince him... but they get so many Threats in the throw that Daro decides to attempt to kidnap the mechanic (who is quite sexy as well). The first thug falls on the first round, the other on the second, and Daro on the fourth (after the mechanic gets on a fist fight with him). * With the info about the storehouse provided by the locals (who really dislike Daro), the group goes there. When the smugglers there answer, the players convince them that Daro sent them to work together. As soon as the guys open the door, the robot kicks the door open, throws a stunner grenade in and closes the door. The resulting fight ends in four turns... and this after they spent about half an hour on a strategy. * When they arrive to Dobah's asteroid, they manage to sneak in and then get into the ship before the turret guy can start shooting at them. In the middle of the shooting, Bandin Dobah and Gordon Netakka (the Rodian bounty-hunter, and also the Rodian girl's brother) appear. The idea presented in the book is convincing him to join you or stand aside. Instead, the robot picks another stunning grenade, runs between those two and drops it mid-race. The two guys suddenly reach their Strain threshold and drop. This convinces the last surviving smuggler to drop and kiss the floor. After waking him up, Gordon and his sister become the proud owners of Bandin Dobah's ship (sure, it needs repairs, but it's better than nothing). * The players decide to take Dobah to Kessel, to collect the 10,000 credits reward offered there. Just as they arrive, though, they remember they are carrying 35,000 credits worth of brillestim, which they realize will be confiscated by the Imperials. So, when confronted, they say "Sorry, took a wrong turn" and jump away, so they can leave the brillestim back in Dobah's asteroid and return for the reward. * Finally, they give Dobah up to the Imperial authorities. But then they get the dumb face when it turns out the 10,000 credits are really 2,300 credits + a cylinder that would allow them to return once in a while to get a bit more cash. Of course, the players know that the thing is a, metaphorically speaking, bomb, and plan to get some moron to buy it off them... 2: GM again, a different group. This is an adventure I made myself. The adventure that brought them all together (also mine) had them enslaved and forced to fight to death in an arena (couldn't stop laughing when I realized I had unwittingly repeated things from The Hunger Games), with the winner supposedly earning the "honor" of serving the Hutt owner of the arena as a bodyguard, but then another Hutt blew him up and the players escaped with the help of a bounty-hunter. This second adventure had them going after the slavers, with the promise of reward from the Hutt that took over after the aforementioned explosion. So, they find the building where the slavers have their safe house. They keep watch on it from a nearby cafe for hours. Nothing comes in, nothing comes out. When night falls, lights are off, and the players approach the building. One of them (a Wookie) suggests they climb up to one of the first floor windows, even though they only have a few ropes. The Wookie manages to climb, and helps the others follow. The house is silent, and they sneak around, trying not to make any noise. Once of them fails, but nothing seems to happen. It is only after they have explored all the rooms that they realize there is no one there. And, when they leave, they find out that the front door was not locked - which they could have found if they had tried to open it from the outside. The players congratulated me for how well I did that part (and how I trolled them). So, now it's your turn. What anecdotes can you tell about Edge of the Empire games you have been in?
  2. OK, I have one question: how do I make something similar to this, but using OpenOffice?
  3. OggDude, do you intend to send us translators a copy of the files we have to work with, or will it be enough if we work on the XML files associated to the program?
  4. I can help with Spanish, given that it is my first language. And I am quite good with English, so it should be no problem to translate.
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