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    Vondy got a reaction from awayputurwpn in Warriors rejoice   
    Wait a minute?! Are you suggesting fictional characters in stories have subjective points of view and may be unreliable narrators? Oh dear!
    The literary theory is strong with this one... 
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    Vondy got a reaction from Absol197 in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    Point of order: unless these characters are named in the text, which they aren't, its just a piece of artwork that looks like Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, etc. We interpret as such, and we may be intended to interpret as such, but one could also say "that's just a redheaded force using woman in black who looks a lot like Mara Jade," etc. This would also be a valid interpretation. I believe the devs are using the art to imply these character's inclusion as a means of fanservice without actually staking out an explicit position on their existence that would have to be agreed to as "official" by the Mouse.
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    Vondy reacted to BrobaFett in Armada is Dead should die.   
    If you have been around the forums you know the joking cries of "Armada is Dead" is just that, a joke. It's been around for just about as long as I've been on the forums. We joke that Armada is Dead because we love it, ironically, and despite the fact that we have always been somewhat of a redhead stepchild we have had such an alive community that the lack of support, articles, product, or whatever else got thrown our way just didn't matter all that much. To an outsider, or someone looking at FFG's participation bar graph, we might seem small- but the reality was that for a wargaming community we are incredibly active all across the world. Not in every city, but for most people across the world a game of Armada was way more practical to find than many of the other dozens of smaller/rarer war games.
    Problem is, the joke isn't funny any more. We have been without new product for long enough that now every other time someone says Armada is Dead they aren't really joking. And worse, the fact that it can thinly veil as a joke gives a pass to people who aren't joking to post it as clickbait for their negativity. I can't particularly blame people for being upset. Or for venting on the primary conversation pit for this game about their frustration. But a community can't run on salt. And if Armada got by because of it's community before, then we can't particularly afford to lose that now- even as people who care(d) deeply about the game have already stepped away entirely or cut back on participation here because of the rampant and unavoidable negativity.
    I want to suggest, that for the time being, we stop with the Armada is dead jokes. We stop saying Armada is Dead seriously too, and trying to disguise it as a joke. I think it's time we be real, and if we want to talk about the situation we are in, what it means for the future of the game, whatever, to do it without resorting to a dated and not-funny-anymore cliche. I don't want to downplay the frustration because I am there with many of you. But we do need to remember that this forum is oftentimes the first place someone interested in the game looks to check out what the community is like. If all they are clickbait rageposts then what does that say about us? What does it say to the new guy we want to get to try the game out?
    I'm a dude on the internet, you don't need to listen to me. But I'm done with Armada is Dead and I hope some of you will agree.
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    Vondy got a reaction from Sarone in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    When your players embrace the fact that the adventure arc they are in the middle of is from a cheesy 1980's military action franchise!
    My daughter's padawan (on the cusp of being a full-fledged knight) just rescued her captured master from an imperial outpost with the aid of a crusty old clone pilot in a pair of "commandeered" rebel fighters.
    This, of course, was undertaken after the Rebel High Command refused to take action themselves.
    But, a squadron of x-wings was sent to rendezvous with them at the last minute after they carried out their aerial assault/rescue...
    She even played the "space rock" version of One Vision by the Naboo dissident band "Amidala" as she lined up her attack run and then proceeded into a dogfight. 
    Yes, that's right: Iron Eagle. 
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    Vondy got a reaction from Aggressor97 in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    When your three Jedi survivors composing an "impossible missions force" type-cell for the Rebellion engage a company sized scout battalion of Imperial troops. And... one of them force-leaps on top of an AT-ST to cut their way in, but another one slices through a leg with their lightsaber at the same time, sending it careening sideways with a BOOM into the middle of a platoon of stormtroopers. This leaves the Jedi who had been on top of the AT-ST to land in the middle of the stormtroopers screaming foul-mouthed explicatives and looking for egress. Meanwhile, the third Jedi grins and charges into the afray sending a head flying and howling "helmet's away!" These are full-on real Jedi who are now into their third talent tree with fairly robust powers and lightsaber skills. They manage to survive despite themselves. The force is with them, but very few Rebel soliders are because, quite frankly, (those three) "Jedi are freaking nutjobs!"
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    Vondy got a reaction from Tahl in How did your Jedi survive?   
    Our game is strictly AU and set eight years after Order 66. 
    We are not treating the movies, their heroes, or the canonical plotline as sacrosanct. This is these heroes' story and if there are legends to be made, they will make them.
    What Changed?
    Padme survived, but is presumed dead. The nascent rebellion is primarily the Amidala-Organa Network at present.  The active conspirators are Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Padme. Luke & Leia are being raised by Sabe and tutored by Kenobi in a remote sanctuary world.   To date, Kenobi advises Bail Organa and Padme, but is not actively involved in their efforts.  Ahsoka is in charge of a "operations" in the "eastern" part of the Outer Rim. Yoda passed into the force on Dagobah, but our group is more interested in Qui-Gonn's ghost. Who Are Our Heroes?
    Cal Coda became a Jedi Knight shortly before the Clone Wars erupted.  He is an aggressor-makashi-mystic. He's deep into seek and sense and is scary with a saber. Sigyn Ilbis became a Jedi Knight shortly before the Clone Wars ended. Her master was Kit Fisto. Her uncle is Garm Bel Ilbis. She is a mystic-makashi. She's deep into sense and digging into well into the influence tree.  She's also a charmer and a pilot. Kaya Ilbis was a youngling (8) at the temple during Operation Knightfall. Sigyn is her aunt. Now 16 she's a shadow, shien practicioner. She's  deep into sense, but while she has less Jedi focus to date, she's broader. Obsessed with tinkering with droids, she's a talented slicer and mechanic. All three want to restore the Republic and rebuild a better Jedi Order that is less political, less reactionary, and more in tune with the living force. 
    How did they survive?
    Cal had a premonition and  fought his way off the arquitens class light cruiser he was on when Order 66 was given. He killed *a lot* of clones and did so much damage on his way out the ship had to be abandoned. He received Kenobi's warning message and disappeared, but later made contact and joined Amidala's cause. Sigyn also had a premonition - she felt it when her master was killed - and managed to get her niece, Kaya, out of the temple. Garm Bel Ilbis smuggled them off Coruscant on a diplomatic ship before the planet was fully locked down. The family gave Sigyn a YT-2400 transport, the Horizon Ascendant. Sigyn and Kaya have lived on the lamb with the Corellian Sector on Nar Shaada as their primary port for eight years. They made their way running a "mostly honest" tramp freighter business while Sigyn trained Kaya as best she could. Then our story began....
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    Vondy got a reaction from BenK91 in Hyperspace communication   
    For our game, we assume hyperspace communication equipment is expensive and restricted. In general, only well-funded organizations with logistical wherewithal will have access to it. The imperial bureaucracy, some planetary governments, major corporations, the rebel alliance, etc. And, even then, the Empire controls the Holonet and most hyperspace communications nodes that corps and planets rely on to communicate across hyperspace. Setting up private nodes or networks would be a quite a feat. 
    Also, the amount of said equipment depends on how developed the world you are on is. On Coruscant there are probably private communications companies you can pay not insubstantial fees to send messages over the holonet (insofar as there is a receiving station on the other end). But out on the Rim? Good luck! This is not to say hyperspace transceivers don't exist or that players can't lay their hands on them, (our group has one on their ship). However, we generally assume its not the galactic norm.  Most have to rely on the Holonet.
    Another limitation we imposed for our games is that near-instantaneous communication and alerts may be straightforward, but real-time updates of the entire Holonet? We treat that like major database replication-update on the Internet. That's a lot of data! It happens at scheduled intervals.  And what is more, highly sensitive data may not be included in that update. Heavily need-to-know or classified information may require a courier and ship for secure transmission. As a result, the Imperials you are dealing with today don't always have the most up to date information.
    In fact, on a few of our character's operations, knowing the Holonet update schedule for a certain system was critical to the PCs slipping through the Empire's grasp.
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    Vondy reacted to D503 in the all mighty MC30!!   
    I did.  That's why I chose to play Armada.
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    Vondy got a reaction from NGnear in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    Yes. You are correct. There are. I don't dispute a word you say. However, that is a broader issue thanwhat I commented on. My comments were solely restricted to the interpretive barriers encountered when art is unaccompanied by text and stats. A portrait that looks like Character X is not definitive proof that said character had undergone canonization. For instance, one could look at the black clad redheaded force user in the F&D core rulebook and say "that's Mara Jade" or "that just looks like Mara Jade" and be right either way. The picture itself is not definitive. Its up to the reader / viewer to reach a largely subjective conclusion. That was the sum total of my point. Nothing more.  
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    Vondy got a reaction from Ghostofman in Cyphers and Masks Spy book announced!   
    Point of order: unless these characters are named in the text, which they aren't, its just a piece of artwork that looks like Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, etc. We interpret as such, and we may be intended to interpret as such, but one could also say "that's just a redheaded force using woman in black who looks a lot like Mara Jade," etc. This would also be a valid interpretation. I believe the devs are using the art to imply these character's inclusion as a means of fanservice without actually staking out an explicit position on their existence that would have to be agreed to as "official" by the Mouse.
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    Vondy got a reaction from StriderZessei in Warriors rejoice   
    Actually, it can. You may not like that answer, but telling me I'm not accurately representing my own opinions is not your place. I'm aware Abrams didn't direct TLJ, but he created the context it emerged from, was still involved at the creative and production level with the film, and will be directing the follow up. For me, TFA was a spectacular film, which is to be expected from Abrams, but spectacular doesn't mean meaningful or good. Elsewhere I've mentioned that I felt TLJ was more hit than miss, but that I felt it was an uneven film, and it did have some serious story and presentation flaws. A significant contributing factor to that was, in my estimation, a result of having to follow on the heels of TFA and to deal with (or actively not deal with) with all of Abrams unresolved BS enigmas and troperism. We are not merely going to have to disagree about what my problem with the movies are because, quite frankly, the only person who can speak authoritatively on my mind is, gosh, you guessed it, me.
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    Vondy got a reaction from Fraggle_Rock in Playmats question   
    I took three pieces of 2' x 4' x 5/8" plywood pressboard and spray-painted them black. They turn our 3' x 5' dining table into a 4' x 6' playspace just fine and have proven secure enough for regular play. They only stick out 6" on any given side and, if it were needed, could be made more snug with panel brackets. We could wrap them with felt at some point (sounds nice), but no one has complained about the play surface to date.   
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    Vondy got a reaction from Blail Blerg in Regionals data Feb 17   
    The bolded text is the key issue people are complaining about. Good list building and rules mastery is important. Some lists will be more effective than others. But, understanding that rules can be imperfect and therefore open to abuse is also important to the continued life of the game. This is especially true with an evolving rule set that gets successively tweaked wave after wave. Designers are imperfect and the law of unforeseen consequences (or even black swans) will occasionally assert itself. Super-high activation flotilla-centric lifeboat builds were both logical and effective prior to the rules revision that "nerfed" them. There is a reason competitive players went all in on them. The question is, from a high-level holistic point of view, do they keep the game fun, alive, accessible, engaging, and versatile for the most people possible? Do they, in the big picture sense, breath continued life into the game? One symptom that a new element is not doing the game any favors is if it informs a build style that becomes so dominant that it largely excludes other builds. Its the difference between reasonable and logical. Yes, we love logic. But as we all know, logic can be carried to ridiculous, destructive, or even deluded extremes. Once we determine something is logical we must then ask, "but is it also reasonable?" This is why, in law, we have a reasonable person standard and not a logical person standard. Cultures (including nerdy gaming subcultures) thrive in an environment where people are expected to be reasonable. Not just logical. Also reasonable. After watching the 2016 and 2017 worlds final rounds and seeing four fleet lists that were, for all intents and purposes, only cosmetically different, I would say the pre-nerf flotilla rules did invite abuse. Remember the old saying "the law is an ***." It may be that FFG should have done something different / better to fix the perceived abuse, but from where I sit, they did need to do something.
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    Vondy got a reaction from Archlyte in Using old high XP characters in a new campaign   
    I'm not a "buildy" player or game-master. This would sound strange to many who know me, because I ran a two decades long series of Champions / Hero System campaigns (as crunchy-buildy-lawyery as it gets), but the truth is, I like getting a character to their fully realized stage and then just staying there for further play. One thing I've learned over the years, however, is that the sweet spot is usually only 90% of what you thought you wanted. This is because of the more XP means doing X easier aspect. You want some gap in competency or margin of failure in the mix to keep it interesting and have some tension in the mix. If the character becomes a genuine "Pro From Dover" they stop being fun to play. It can be hard to find that sweet spot. It takes both compromise and nuanced judgement.  
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    Vondy reacted to Archlyte in Using old high XP characters in a new campaign   
    I find that the starting characters in this game are very serviceable and not fragile things like in a lot of other games, but the progression system can throw a wrinkle in situations like yours because the characters at 1000 xp are gods. 
    I liked the idea that someone had of making the old PCs into NPCs and I think that is the proper main retirement of PCs: icons of some sort in the living world you are creating with your games. At some point it's great to start over and have new experiences, and if you are playing the game as a collaborative effort and don't see negatives for the characters as bad things then the chance to have characters that are more easily challenged in their adventures should be a welcome change. 
    1000xp PC vs. Rival or Nemesis that is a challenge for them is the same thing as 100xp PC vs. Challenging Enemy just without all the futzing about with a ton of talents/force powers and modded special gear. 2345/2345 = 1 as 1/1=1
    I always wonder if people enjoy the progression as their primary source of fun, or if they are capable of enjoying baseline characters and being satisfied with the story and characters' exploits. Clearly FFG has designed this game to be "Buildy" as I call it, and to encourage people to want to engage in the mechanical aspects so that they need to buy books and not have a culture in the game of DIY. The devs arranged trees and it's fun to watch those builds come to reality, but the focus being on that progression is often a bit weird to me as sometimes story has to be altered to be viable in the face of near-automatic success situations. Narrative Dice helps with this, as does a level of narrative and abstract handling of a lot of situations, but I stopped playing D&D because I was tired of characters progressing out of danger and into safe cocoons of mechanical superiority except when facing Galactus or Sauron. 
    It also seems to me that the more progression the more complex the character's bag of tricks is, the more the player as Lawyer has to come out in order to manage the machine that was built over the course of the game. That works because of this but is invalidated because of this but you could use your X Ability cause you have so many ranks and I'm sorry I know that was way down the tree and cost you a lot of XP but it can't be used right now because of this condition. The higher up the PC and the more dependent on their myriad complexities and powers the more they seem to see that as the game. You spend more time with the system playing you. I know that is fun in varying degrees and admit I like it too, but sometimes it's a mousetrap with 3500 moving parts. 
    You can say Yes to both types of characters easily, but you can't usually as easily say No to progressed characters without an objection or a motion to dismiss. I don't enjoy saying No, but I enjoy having adversity in the game, and sometimes that requires saying No/Fail to characters who hear it either less and less as they adventure. The Progression mechanic in any game of this type uses that as the incentive: more XP means you can do X easier, and that is a valid motivation. I just feel that as a side effect the desire for success as reinforcement for XP earning can subsume other things that I feel are more interesting, like what the characters are doing within the context of their setting.
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    Vondy got a reaction from StriderZessei in Warriors rejoice   
    I will say that I would have preferred to see the force rating in Juyo, but overall the specs are really good.
    And, in terms of being scary, the left side of the aAgressor tree and Juyo synergize extremely well.
    You end up with Fearsome-3, Intimidating-4, Terrify and Improved Terrify.
    Draws and ignites lightsaber: "Say HELLO to my LITTLE FRIEND!"
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    Vondy got a reaction from StriderZessei in Warriors rejoice   
    My main bone of contention with the new films isn't the Mouse. My problem is JJ Abrams. The man thinks every franchise will benefit from the rapid frenetic-kinetic pacing and style of a superhero movie. His technique is to hit the beats, quips, and topes at 100+ mph and not bother with anything else. This cheeky action blockbuster zeitgeist has done a disservice to both Star Wars and Star Trek, IMO. Both franchises require pacing that allows the story to breath, the characters to resonate, and the mythology to build because, while they have a lot of action, there is more to them than that. But, that's just me, and I confess to being a culture and literature snob. 
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    Vondy got a reaction from DaverWattra in Using old high XP characters in a new campaign   
    One is Seek and any crit optimized saber / spec combo. The bottom-right-most upgrade allows the player to "tag" an opponent for an automatic triumph on all combat checks against one target for three force points. You don't have to commit the dice for the effect. You pay the three force points once and the effect lasts for the rest of the encounter. Now, one mitigating factor is that it requires a force action at the beginning of combat, but the Sage and Seer specs have The Force is My Ally, which allows you to burn 2 strain to perform a force action as a maneuver. We have a seer-makashi-niman Jedi in our group. He wears armored robes and has a superior quality duelist hilt and fully modded dantari crystal.
    Its not uncommon for him to draw and ignite his saber (maneuver), suffer four strain to "tag" his opponent with Seek (second maneuver), and then open with his Makashi Finish with 3 of his 4 force dice applied knowing that any given hit is automatically a crit because of the auto-Triump. He also has Defensive Training-3 and will commit his fourth force die to Sense to upgrade the difficulty of 2 incoming attacks per turn by 2. This makes Improved Parry much more reliable, and against tough foes who pump negative dice into his attack pool, Feint remains useful.
    But, a character with Lightsaber-4, duelist's training, a garunteed triumph on every attack, and 3 force dice committed to one Makashi Finish after another? He treats most inquisitors like they are grist of the mill. Now, he does burn strain like its going out of style, but between using advantages he no longer has to pay for crits, the Dantari Crystal, Intense Presence, and Makashi Flourish he seldom uses so much that he worries. Now, you may say, why not Presence 5, Lightsaber 5, etc? The answer is that we intentionally plateud to stay in the playable zone, but this combo does make him a a lethal headhunter.
    Now, this isn't very useful against minions, especially minion groups, but... he also has Draw Closer. Against minions he skips the Makashi Finish and dumps those three Force Dice into Draw Closer for added successes instead of improved critical results. Also, a crit automatically removes a minion irrespective of damage done and he only needs one advantage for a crit with his saber. Its not uncommon, since minions don't typically wear cortosis, for him to take down 3+ members of a minion group in one turn. Its not impossible to challenge him, but... he's a Bombad Jedi.
    The scene from Rogue One with Vader slicing-and-dicing his way through the rebel troopers? He can, and has, done that to a hallway filled with Stormtroopers. The trick is to force him onto the defensive, but he is seldom alone, and rolls with two other Jedi. As a group... Gott in Himmel.
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    Vondy got a reaction from panpolyqueergeek in Statting the Falcon Jr.   
    I like how it specifies that the only toilet on the ship is unisex...
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    Vondy got a reaction from ThreeAM in KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....   
    i did enjoy the exploration of the Star Wars underworld and would welcome well done movies that explored it further.
    But, there is another part of the Star Wars universe that is largely untouched: Imperial Society. Insiders.
    Not out on the fringes, not in the underworld, not at rebel outposts, etc. Not on a dirty dystopian backwater.
    There is room for a great Star Wars espionage thriller to unfold among the rich and powerful and the Imperial muckety-mucks. 
    And, it could easily cross-over with the Black Sun or more Crimson Dawn. Exploring that Nexus could be interesting, as well.
    Introducing Prince Xixor as a principal villian with some Palpy / Vader / Maul support could work, for instance.
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    Vondy got a reaction from panpolyqueergeek in Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)   
    If its painful and not-funny to watch in the real world, why would it be otherwise on the big screen?
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    Vondy got a reaction from Dayham in The whole Imperial Army thing...   
    Often the end is self-evident. In the case of Palpatine, power.
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    Vondy got a reaction from 2P51 in Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)   
    Not necessarily not true, either. What is your point? Just being contrary?
    No. Some people other than myself had that complaint. It is not irrelevant to my criticism. Why bring it up when responding to me?  It vibes straw man.
    An entirely subjective emotional reaction. One I did not share.It is clear to the meanest understanding that people's reactions to art are subjective.  I am not sure, therefore, why you are putting such effort into arguing with opinions and criticisms of this film that differ from your own. Your interpretation and reaction is no more or less valid than those who disagree with you. So, again, what was your point?
    The second question casts the first in a fecetious and condescending light. As such, I'm not going to bother trying to answer it. That said, argumentum ad populum has no place in honest debate or intelligent inquiry, let alone a discussion focused onart appreciation and criticism. Indeed, it smacks of missing Warhol's jest. Just because its popular doesn't mean its good. 
    I don't have time to waste tilting at your windmills.
    I'm out.
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    Vondy got a reaction from panpolyqueergeek in Does this sentient race exist in star wars?   
    They do if you want them to. This! Is! Star! Wars!
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    Vondy got a reaction from Archlyte in What makes someone a rules lawyer?   
    Here is the thing: I'm a GM who follows the "rule of cool." I know the rules as written fairly well and run without any house rules, but I'm willing to bend the letter of the law for a good story or to keep things moving along, and sometimes I do miss something. Yes, rules matter, but they aren't perfect and are intended to facilitate rather than impede everyone's fun.
    That said, you don't sound like much of a rules lawyer to me. Here is the number one rule: do not interrupt play to argue rules, especially minor ones. Unless it is a major rule with significant character-story stakes attached to it right then and there, wait until the session is over and then discuss it with your GM. You'll note I didn't say argue with your GM. Discuss it with them.
    Diplomacy is key. Not just in gaming, but in life. They may react strongly and come off like a "dictator" because you are interrupting, arguing, and publically correcting them mid-game. And, that can be, even if you are 100% right about the rules as written, quite rude. It may turn out that you and your GM have different play styles and irreconcilable differences. Or, you may discover that they are open to you helping them learn the rules out of game.
    I agree with the suggestion that, if you know the rules well enough to quote them without stopping the game to look stuff up, you can offer yourself up as a resource. I've been the rules reference at a table. Just remember: you are offering to help the GM during the game and are not there to police them or second guess them. When I'm running a game I have zero objections to a player saying "hey, doesn't that rule work like...?"
    I do, however, have little patience for players who make it feel like we're in a power-struggle or a constant game of one-upsmanship. Or who simply do stuff that throws off the flow of the game. That is tiresome and results in a player not being long for my table. Its not whether you are right and they are wrong. Its whether or not you effectively communicate in a way that builds bridges and brings results. Here is a method that might help: LERI.
    Ergo: Listening, Empathy, Rapport, Influence. If you want to communicate with the game master you have to talk to them. You need to listen to them in order to understand their position / viewpoint so that you can build a rapport with them through which to influence how the game runs. If you approach them as a friend and seek to reach a mutual understanding that works for both of you as opposed to walking in like adversary you have a much higher chance that they will be willing to listen to you, too.
    You see, that's the reason that rules lawyers are upopular: they are adversarial. Everything is a legal case that has to be argued and won. Its about winners, losers, and control. Outside of the courts, in the real world, that isn't how most things work. Especially when its just a hobby people are sitting down to socialize over and have some fun with. Negotiate, compromise, and have fun.
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