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  1. Wait a minute?! Are you suggesting fictional characters in stories have subjective points of view and may be unreliable narrators? Oh dear! The literary theory is strong with this one...
  2. I tend to agree with this, but the Unmatched Destiny signature talent could serve as an alternative to higher numbers of force dice for characters like Palpatine and Yoda. Its capstone power effective doubles your available force pips 1-3 times per day. As a result, you could build "super-powerful" jedi knights and masters without pushing their force rating past the 4-6 range. We have a Jedi with FR-4 and the Unmatched Destiny tree in our group. For well chosen critical moments he is sensationally effective and accomplishes amazing feats. For our games we assume: Youngling: 1. Padawan: 1-2 Knight: 2-4. Master: 4-6. Yoda/Palpatine: Unmatched Destiny and / or intelligently flipping destiny points at key moments.
  3. When your players embrace the fact that the adventure arc they are in the middle of is from a cheesy 1980's military action franchise! My daughter's padawan (on the cusp of being a full-fledged knight) just rescued her captured master from an imperial outpost with the aid of a crusty old clone pilot in a pair of "commandeered" rebel fighters. This, of course, was undertaken after the Rebel High Command refused to take action themselves. But, a squadron of x-wings was sent to rendezvous with them at the last minute after they carried out their aerial assault/rescue... She even played the "space rock" version of One Vision by the Naboo dissident band "Amidala" as she lined up her attack run and then proceeded into a dogfight. Yes, that's right: Iron Eagle.
  4. Any recommendations on paper-weight and type for printing?
  5. Yes. I am. I saw something I wanted to comment on and did so. That's why. The internet is a time machine and you aint its sworn time cop. Besides, these changes are fairly recent and a new "meta" hasn't fully solidified as of yet. As a result, its still relevant, even if you feel you've said your peace and don't want to talk about it anymore, I'm not you. No one is forcing you, or anyone else, to respond to what I wrote. You don't have to be Michael Corleone screaming "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" That's a choice you are making for yourself that has nothing to do with me.
  6. That does lead to a certain gut-clenching "uh-oh" reaction, but no accidents to date!
  7. The bolded text is the key issue people are complaining about. Good list building and rules mastery is important. Some lists will be more effective than others. But, understanding that rules can be imperfect and therefore open to abuse is also important to the continued life of the game. This is especially true with an evolving rule set that gets successively tweaked wave after wave. Designers are imperfect and the law of unforeseen consequences (or even black swans) will occasionally assert itself. Super-high activation flotilla-centric lifeboat builds were both logical and effective prior to the rules revision that "nerfed" them. There is a reason competitive players went all in on them. The question is, from a high-level holistic point of view, do they keep the game fun, alive, accessible, engaging, and versatile for the most people possible? Do they, in the big picture sense, breath continued life into the game? One symptom that a new element is not doing the game any favors is if it informs a build style that becomes so dominant that it largely excludes other builds. Its the difference between reasonable and logical. Yes, we love logic. But as we all know, logic can be carried to ridiculous, destructive, or even deluded extremes. Once we determine something is logical we must then ask, "but is it also reasonable?" This is why, in law, we have a reasonable person standard and not a logical person standard. Cultures (including nerdy gaming subcultures) thrive in an environment where people are expected to be reasonable. Not just logical. Also reasonable. After watching the 2016 and 2017 worlds final rounds and seeing four fleet lists that were, for all intents and purposes, only cosmetically different, I would say the pre-nerf flotilla rules did invite abuse. Remember the old saying "the law is an ***." It may be that FFG should have done something different / better to fix the perceived abuse, but from where I sit, they did need to do something.
  8. I would argue its quite simple: a father's love. He did not want his son to turn to the dark side as he had. Luke: "There is still good in you. I can feel it." Maybe the dormant conscience within awoke like a lion and roared with remorse?
  9. I took three pieces of 2' x 4' x 5/8" plywood pressboard and spray-painted them black. They turn our 3' x 5' dining table into a 4' x 6' playspace just fine and have proven secure enough for regular play. They only stick out 6" on any given side and, if it were needed, could be made more snug with panel brackets. We could wrap them with felt at some point (sounds nice), but no one has complained about the play surface to date.
  10. Perhaps prohibitively expensive, but... Tarkin + Ruthless Strategists + Engineering Techs. Spam engineering tokens. You can recover the lost hull from RS every turn. Less expensive: Motti + Ruthless Strategists. You get 3 "freebie" uses of RT when using friendly big ships as bait.
  11. I'm not a "buildy" player or game-master. This would sound strange to many who know me, because I ran a two decades long series of Champions / Hero System campaigns (as crunchy-buildy-lawyery as it gets), but the truth is, I like getting a character to their fully realized stage and then just staying there for further play. One thing I've learned over the years, however, is that the sweet spot is usually only 90% of what you thought you wanted. This is because of the more XP means doing X easier aspect. You want some gap in competency or margin of failure in the mix to keep it interesting and have some tension in the mix. If the character becomes a genuine "Pro From Dover" they stop being fun to play. It can be hard to find that sweet spot. It takes both compromise and nuanced judgement.
  12. I didn't miss the point of the initial discussion because I wasn't responding to the initial poster and never claimed to be. You want to split hairs and nitpick that I said "canon" off while ignoring the essential epistemological point, be my guest. I'll help you out and be more expansive: whether its Canon, Legends, or EU is utterly irrelevant to the essential point I was making. I was responding to this: And this: And now this: Is that Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade or just people who look like them? Those illustrations, as presented, are not definitive and leave the existence of those characters open to individual interpretation. And that is the point you are so gleefully deflecting when you now say: Descriptions and write-ups are definitive, but sans captions, art is open to interpretation.
  13. I like how it specifies that the only toilet on the ship is unisex...
  14. You don't specifically have to publish a new edition (2e) to produce a second wave of books. FFG could also look at producing different kinds of supplementary books. Adventures aren't necessarily best sellers, but they can help extend a line, and a few more good ones for each line would likely be welcome. There are also other regions of space. Two of my favorite books are The Lords of Nal Hutta and Suns of Fortune. Nexus of Power and Strongholds of Resistance are also fairly good. I would argue the Arkanis Sector is ripe for a sourcebook, and the Senex-Juvex-Anoat region would also be interesting. What about Coruscant? The old D6 game had a Mos Eisely book. What about a starport book with some cool examples of starports, shadowports, and their denizens? There are also eras to explore: Old Republic, Rise of the Empire, and the current film era. Or subcultures and organizations: what about and underworld book that details the Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, et al? What about Compnor or the Corporate Sector? They have far from drained the well for potential books to publish.
  15. Yes. You are correct. There are. I don't dispute a word you say. However, that is a broader issue thanwhat I commented on. My comments were solely restricted to the interpretive barriers encountered when art is unaccompanied by text and stats. A portrait that looks like Character X is not definitive proof that said character had undergone canonization. For instance, one could look at the black clad redheaded force user in the F&D core rulebook and say "that's Mara Jade" or "that just looks like Mara Jade" and be right either way. The picture itself is not definitive. Its up to the reader / viewer to reach a largely subjective conclusion. That was the sum total of my point. Nothing more.
  16. Point of order: unless these characters are named in the text, which they aren't, its just a piece of artwork that looks like Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, etc. We interpret as such, and we may be intended to interpret as such, but one could also say "that's just a redheaded force using woman in black who looks a lot like Mara Jade," etc. This would also be a valid interpretation. I believe the devs are using the art to imply these character's inclusion as a means of fanservice without actually staking out an explicit position on their existence that would have to be agreed to as "official" by the Mouse.
  17. Often the end is self-evident. In the case of Palpatine, power.
  18. Not necessarily not true, either. What is your point? Just being contrary? No. Some people other than myself had that complaint. It is not irrelevant to my criticism. Why bring it up when responding to me? It vibes straw man. An entirely subjective emotional reaction. One I did not share.It is clear to the meanest understanding that people's reactions to art are subjective. I am not sure, therefore, why you are putting such effort into arguing with opinions and criticisms of this film that differ from your own. Your interpretation and reaction is no more or less valid than those who disagree with you. So, again, what was your point? The second question casts the first in a fecetious and condescending light. As such, I'm not going to bother trying to answer it. That said, argumentum ad populum has no place in honest debate or intelligent inquiry, let alone a discussion focused onart appreciation and criticism. Indeed, it smacks of missing Warhol's jest. Just because its popular doesn't mean its good. I don't have time to waste tilting at your windmills. I'm out.
  19. And a twi'lek tiki-style dancer on the dash....
  20. Well, I'm going to assume a modified cockpit with a jump seat for a passenger is within the realm of possibility.
  21. The M12-L Kimogila Heavy Starfighter is built for Hutts. Hutts are a bit larger than most humanoids. Sometimes, a lot larger. In your assorted opinions, would it be reasonable to assume to cockpit could be modified to have two human sized seats? A pilot seat and passenger seat?
  22. That one can reasonably explain a thing does not make that thing aethestically, emotionally, or naratively satisfying. Tone deaf musicians produce "bad music." A joke delivered at the wrong money can still get a laugh even while ruining the mood. Some viewers considered the writing and directing of this film, including its attempts at humor, sophomoric. Arguing that juvenile humor is internally coherent doesn't change the fact that its juvenile. Those who found it such will not want it in their games. Those who loved it will. As such, there is no merit in arguing "the phone joke was funny because 'in world reasons.'" Its a question of artistry and whether someone found the work as a whole to have a consistent emotional tone, tenor, and tempo. Here is the thing: I thought the telephone joke was well-delivered and it made me laugh. The problem was, that was not the moment to go for a laugh. It ruined the mood and killed my suspension of disbelief. It pulled me out of the film. Not everyone wants whipped cream and chocolate sauce on their steak dinner. Sure, its sweet, but... ew. Just ew.
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