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  1. Oh yeah!! Here... we... go... Sorastro, you continue to impress!! Going tomorrow to get the paints I don't have for this.
  2. Thanks for the kind words mate! Congrats on the boy too; my own boy is 2 1/2 now and it's such a fun age (The image links you posted seem a little broken by the way!) Sorry about the broken pics. I have corrected back in the original post. It is my first post so I thought they weren't showing due to awaiting approval. The gold/bronze actually didn't look as bad when I got home and could see it again with fresh eyes (not a 2am), but it looks much more muted than it does in the photo. Enough so that my wife (who is the real artist in my family) actually liked it. Just not what I was going for, tho. Yeah, the 1 1/2 to 3 years old is great fun. They are like intelligent pets at this age. Plus, only with my baby son, at no other point in my life, has anyone thought I was as cool and fun as he does. Granted, it will be a short period before he figures out I'm not that cool so I'm just enjoying every moment. haha
  3. Oh man, can't wait for the Boba!! He is sitting in my paint area just staring back at me cause I knew it was coming down the pipe from Sorastro. Hey Sorastro - I've said it in about 3 different forums now, but you're work is so great. I'm a first time miniature painter and would never have even stepped into the realm if not for your videos. What started as just a hope to get the figures on the table has turned into a love for the hobby. I look forward to the late night when I can sit at the table and work (not as much as I love hanging with my 17-month-old little boy, but now I have something to look forward to once he's asleep.) I posted a question on your Probe Droid youtube video about my elite droid with gold. Thought I'd share the work in progress. The "silver with brown tint was" droid and the "silver with a blue tint wash" I'm really happy with. Still have to weather them and finish the process, but I like the overall tones. My "gold" idea, however, not so much. I think using the brown/yellow mix was overkill. I think I will try an additional wash with just the brown (agrax), and maybe dry-brush a bit of gold? The current color does give me some color ideas for a certain protocol droid, though. Silver with Brown/Black wash: Silver with Blue/Black wash: Gold with Yellow / Brown wash:
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