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  1. Speaking of that, anyone else nauseous that TRCs didn't come in the light cruiser pack? Seriously **** move by FFG.
  2. So the question I have as has been established a counter attack is an attack, does this mean that he is immune to counter? My guess would be no as every(?) unit that is I think says so.I'd bet he's immune based on the text.He's only immune if there another friendly squadron engaged. I'd say just bounce around or ignore him till everything else is down. Or wait for E-wing to snipe him. He can't do any more damage then a normal TIE, so mininal issue to me. Essentially he gives everyone else escort for him only. Deal with him like any other escorted ship. Vader should have had that ability. Instead, the ****ing Dark Lord of the Sith gets targeted first and dies quickly. Yea, the only time we see him in a fighter he gets BTFO, so I think that is pretty accurate.
  3. While the trolling is stupid, X Wing is a casual game. It is a fun time with friends, but should not be taken seriously because one bad roll (which is not all that unlikely) can lose you the game. That's why I would never travel for an X Wing tournament.
  4. I'll be there, but am doing Infinity. I'll definitely check out Armada though
  5. Just bought my second Imperial...what are everyone's favorite way to run them?
  6. What is the best anti demo list for rebs and imperials that you can build with wave 1 and 2? Obviously it shouldn't include a demo of my own. I'd like to shake up my meta with a hard counter lol.
  7. I think the AF would look better if it was smaller, like 75% of its current size.
  8. I would also appreciate pictures of better looking AF.
  9. Do you think they will ever have unique squadrons for the squadrons already released? I would really love Lando aboard the MF, or Kyle Katarn on the Moldy Crow but am unsure how they will handle that, since they never release cards alone and have already released the squadrons.
  10. Conversely, it is usually the rich who benefit from communal property the most, such as in deep sea fishing, air pollution, ground water, etc. It is those who have the greatest appetites (or capacity for utilization) that generate the highest social spillovers. Ignoring the rational human response to overuse communal property almost always leads to tragedy. Humanity invented the tragedy of the commons, regardless of who named it. I'm also not sure I would deem Lloyd as "rich." Upper middle class maybe.
  11. Plebian

    autothrusters needed

    The starviper will be great when Scum Aces comes out.
  12. Completely disagree. Brobots are powerful and easy to fly, perfect for newbies. A friend played 2 games of x wing and then went 4-1 with them at a tournament. Round one he even flew one off the table turn two and still won the game!
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