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  1. https://yards.ticketleap.com/real-ale-11/ Yards tickets will not be available this weekend, get them while you can! For Friday night, if attending, please respond with what deck you'd like to play.
  2. In addition to the loads of old cards to give out, we have Kotei swords as prizes for both old5r events and a Hunting Grounds Series kit for Doomtown. See everyone this weekend!
  3. While we didn't put new5r on the schedule (still open for adding it), I do have the participation Tanuki role cards, Argyle ring cards, and a Tanuki dial and mat to give out as prizes. There's also a sealed box of 20F and old boosters if folks want to break out Draft for the weekend. We'll kick things off on Friday; I'll post if we are at an alternate venue before going to Delta at 7p!
  4. Bayushi Jinn-Ja here once again to announce the continuation of Tanukifest and my last year as the host of the event (being serious this time; the Tanuki Society of Philadelphia is taking over for 2020). What is Tanukifest? From 2011-2013 it was a weekend of l5r events that took place in the greater Philadelphia area. Mostly official, these events combined Winter Court AEG events with 7th Dimension (store in Jenkintown) Level 10/15/20 events. In 2014-2015 we did Tanukifest: Reloaded as a single Doomtown event and 2016-2017 as the unofficial BigDeck and Modern World Championship to keep the spirit of l5r alive before the relaunch, and the event featured artists Drew Baker, Charles Urbach, and Bryon Mutt Wackwitz in attendance. It was moved to the spring so we can combine it with my favorite beer festival (Yards Real Ale Invitational). Mainly it's a celebratory weekend of flipping cardboard and general comradeship. In 2018 this event continued as a celebration of past L5R and added the new L5R LCG. Our region is proud to continue this tradition that has included Atlantic City and Phoenixville Koteis. What are the plans this year for 2019 and what are things looking like for 2020? Unfortunately we are in a position this year where we were not able to plan much in advance, as we are no longer able to get advance notice on when the Yards Real Ale Invitational Event will be. We have confirmed this year that it will be on April 14. Tickets can be purchased here: https://yards.ticketleap.com/real-ale-11/dates/Apr-14-2019_at_1200PM. This will be our Sunday event. The Tanuki Society of Philadelphia is a non-profit gaming organization that will be taking over for covering this event in the coming years. Due to personal commitments and taking over a larger role in my company, Pine Box Entertainment, I will no longer be able to devote the time to host this event each year. Prize support this year will include large numbers of cards from the old5r era as my collection and cards left from Dan Dineen, former Community Manager of AEG, will be distributed and available for players in attendance. We are looking into the possibility of seeking additional support and being able to include an event from new5r in the afternoon for those interested (we are seeking a tournament organizer; please respond in the Facebook event if interested). Full Schedule is as follows (what is currently being planned:) Friday, April 12 @7pm: Legacy Format This is a custom format as an old Legend of the Five Rings event with premade decks. Please reply with the deck you would like to play so we can make one available. The options are: Crab Kyuden Hida-Military Fat Followers and Commanders with Movement. Kyuden Hida XP-Military Scout Military with Hand Denial and Tempo Recon actions. Tani Hitokage-Military Berserkers, lots of force and berserker actions. Carpenter Castle-Honor Fortifications, and Siege cards honor running with regions/peeps Crane Shizuka Toshi-Honor Courtier control honor runner. Steel Gardens of the Kenshinzen-Honor Dueling Honor Runner with powerful duelist Shiro Giji-Military/Switch Harrier Honor Switch deck. Esteemed Palace of the Crane Artisan Honor Speed runner. hardly any defense. Dragon Farthest Fortress-Military Dragon Kensai with small weapons and Dueling High FV Watchful Eye Dojo-Honor Dragon Honor Dueling with strong Focus effects in Duels Monastery of New Thought-Military Monk Military with Fire Battle actions and large hands. Morning Frost Castle-Military Tattoo Military with Empty the Hand benefits. Lion Kyuden Ikoma-Military Lion Tactician with Movement and Action Negation. The Marshalling Fields-Military Lion Scout Swarm- Terrain Control Shamate Keep-Military Lion Paragon Military-Pretty much from EE Halls of Memory-Honor Lion Ancestor Honor Deck Mantis Aramasu's Legacy-Military Magistrate Holding Destruction Military Kyuden Yoritomo-Military Mantis Kensai Military with fat weapons and Gold Ramp Castle of the Wasp-Military Ranged Attack Military with Movement a lot of shooting. Kyuden Kitsune xp-Honor Fox Honor Running with all the pokemon. Phoenix Towers of the Asako-Military Shug/Samurai Spell Military deck Pale Oak Castle-Military Shugenja Elemental Military with Weapon Support. Twin Soul Temple-Military Phoenix Samurai Military with Shugenja heroes. City of Blood-Military Phoenix Bloodspeakers, work in progress but promising so far? Scorpion Deception Veil Dojo-Military Dishonor Courtier Control Deck Law of Darkness Dojo-Military Military with Dishonor Splash to make your peeps larger The Otori Estate-Military Ninja Redirect Military with Ninjustu people and Dynasty Discard The Shadowed Estate of the Scorpion-Military Scorpion Bitter Lies Kensai Spider Kyuden Suzume-Military Spider Monksai The Hidden Bastion of the Spider-Military Shadowlands Fear Dueling and Military The Fingers of Bone-Military Spider Commander Follower Military The Shadow's Lair Ninja Blankers with Control aspects Splash Followers and Weapons. Unicorn Northern Provinces of the Moto-Military Regions, Synergy region Military peoples The Khan's shining Horde-Military Reserve Personalities/Followers The Utaku Plains-Honor/Switch Battle Maiden Honor/Switch Deck Shinden Horiuchi-Military Shugenja Military, Death Priests done right. Saturday, April 13 Doomtown: Hunting Grounds Series Organized Play Event at 10am. Shiro BigDeck World Championship 2019 at 2pm. Board games and other games will be going on as this is a collective gathering for the l5r and Jenkintown area gaming community. Proxies are allowed for the BigDeck event. Information for BigDeck can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/shirobigdeck/ This year we will continue with the event being held at: Delta Community Support: 2210 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Hotels Nearby (more to follow): Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Washington, 432 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Washington, PA 19034 Best Western Fort Washington Inn, 285 Commerce Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034 Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/290543931623780/
  5. Yards Real Ale has moved to March 2019. Next Tanukifest will be then. See you all there!
  6. Indeed, wouldn't surprise me if only locals show (especially since we already had the regular Spring event), but we'll still be doing something cos well, it's Yards :)
  7. Real Ale is slated for Oct 28, will confirm in 2 weeks and schedule Tanukifest 2018 Part II: Yards Bugaloo for that weekend if so.
  8. Event Winners: Jon Palmer for BigDeck (Dragon). David Winner for Doomtown (Eagle Wardens). Palmer passes Modern (Spider) trophy to 2nd place playoff to Jasper Magnus (Dragon), who won new5r and passed trophy to 2nd place Kyle Michalek (Crab). Thank you as always to all attendees. We'll host again in the Fall with Yards event rescheduled.
  9. Doomtown and Modern will be 3 rounds this morning, 9am reg, 10am start, see you folks in a couple hours!
  10. BigDeck underway on Lotus Pavilion! 1. Antonio Calderon: The Hall of Ancestors,Kuro Sensei, Right Hand of the Emperor, Border Keep XP2, Bamboo Harvesters XP2 2. Jasper Mangus:Mountain Summit Temple, Keigo Sensei, Toturi Tsudao, Border Keep XP2, Bamboo Harvesters XP 3. Jon Palmer: Dragon's Heart Dojo, Kaede Sensei, Right Hand of the Emperor, Border Keep XP, Bamboo Harvesters XP 4. Melissa Palmer: Embassy of the Crane, Toshimoko Sensei,Border Keep, Bamboo Harvesters 5. Cameron Conarroe, Kyuden Wasuremono, Tangen Sensei, Border Keep XP, Bamboo Harvesters XP 6. David Winner, Kyuden Kyotei, Yoritomo Sensei, Underhand of the Emperor Border Keep XP2, Bamboo Harvesters XP 7. Daniel Dineen: Eastern Hub Port, Rosoku Sensei, Right Hand of the Emperor, Border Keep XP2, Bamboo Harvesters XP2 8. David Lapp: Kyuden Bayushi, Otomo Sensei, Toturi Sezaru, Toturi Tsudao, Border Keep, Bamboo Harvesters
  11. Final updates!-Will see you all Friday evening for BigDeck followed by whatever pub we stumble to-Sat bright and early 9am for Doomtown and Modern-Still taking pre-reg via PayPal-Sunday Yards tour time we will discuss at the event!
  12. The Yards Real Ale Invitational date was cancelled and is being moved to the Fall. We will host a separate event in the Fall. We will either do something in the city on Sunday or continue to flip cardboard. I was just informed of this and brainstorming how to adjust the event for it.
  13. Separate event page for Doomtown here, starting bright and early to kick off the Tombstone Series! https://www.facebook.com/events/2064250647162724/
  14. Example image cards up on the Facebook for the Ring cards and Keeper/Seeker Yards announcement for ticket sales next up on the agenda.
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