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  1. I think Lion is the worst matchup for Phoenix. Scorpion is manageable.
  2. We have access to bushi, courtier and shugenja stuff, but not enough of any one thing. This makes our decks susceptible to "I have bushi cards and shugenja people" runs of bad luck. This is exacerbated by our desire to draw fewer cards as an advancement of our primary win conditions. I would design a character that was 2 for a 2/1, 2 glory. Action: give your target character bushi, shugenja, or courtier until the end of the turn.
  3. Going first means having the choice to pass first, which means an extra fate. I'll be going first.
  4. It's never too early to accuse FFG of hating all the bad clans .
  5. Not a unicorn player, but here's where I would start. Unicorn has arguably the most powerful card in the set, in the form of Cavalry Reserves. Build your deck around getting big cavalry guys with 0-1 fate. They die and you recur. Killing enemy people seems like a good subtheme. Notorious trap card Fallen in Battle seems best in Unicorn. I'd probably test a Lion splash, because playing Cavalry Reserves on a bunch of bushi and adding a fate to them seems good. I'd also consider a phoenix splash for pacifism. Switch conflict to military, their guy goes home, win by 5, Fallen in Battle. That all seems pretty good. I'd try to use my first turn or two to draw cards, crack provinces and get cavalry guys in the yard. After that, I'd start playing Cavalry Reserves for ridiculous value. My "final push" would probably be buying a champ at 0 fate, passing for the extra, then playing Reserves in conflict. Hope some or all of this is helpful. Remember, there are no bad decks. Only unoriginal deckbuilders.
  6. You must know what I meant better than I do. I yield to your superior, egoless arguments.
  7. Clearly my initial post and my superseding post spoke of Phoenix and only Phoenix. Expanding the discussion to other clans is fine, but don't pretend that I said something I didn't. SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PHOENIX CLAN, as the game stands today, honor is a dead end as compared to dishonor. This board being what it is, I expect argument about the topics being discussed. However, saying that I'm full of myself is completely uncalled for. Try to find another way to discuss the topic with a fellow player without immediately assuming negative qualities of that player the minute they offer their viewpoint.
  8. There are 3 clans starting at 10, 3 starting at 11, and 1 starting at 12. For Lion, the gap between honor and dishonor is 1 point. For the other 6 clans, dishonor is 2 or 3 points closer. Every action that Phoenix can play which honors a friendly character can also be used to dishonor an opponent's character. As we have already established, dishonor is closer than honor. Therefore, dishonoring an opponent's already-dying character is, by definition, a faster path to victory. You're right when you say that honor bids give you as much honor as they dishonor the opponent. However, Banzai does not give the Phoenix player 1 honor. Assassination does not give the Phoenix player 3 honor. Phoenix players do not gain 1 honor when their opponent does not oppose them in a conflict. Watch Commander does not gain a Phoenix player 1 honor per opponent action. These are all advantages to pursuing dishonor and not honor. There are precisely two cards not related to honor or dishonor which gain honor: Levy and Honored Blade. Both are conditional with some other exigent cost. The opponent can simply give you the fate for Levy. Levy costs 3 influence per copy, in a deck with a maximum of 10 influence, making it exclusive with Watch Commander. It also requires a Crab influence to use, limiting access to several key cards offered by other clans, including Mirumoto's Fury, Let Go, Voice of Honor, etc. Honored Blade has a cost of 1, requires winning a conflict, requires a Lion influence, and is an attachment, making it vulnerable to Let Go and Calling in Favors. Aside from the honor gain ability, it offers the same amount of military bonus that can be found on free attachments. Given the above dissertation highlighting the numerous, incredibly popular ways an opponent can lose honor (outside of honor bids and Ring of Air), and the few and restrictive ways there are to gain honor (outside of an opponent's bid and the Ring of Air), honor is simply not a viable path to victory at this point. Ring of Air gaining 2 versus gaining 1 and taking 1 is more or less irrelevant considering all of these other associated factors. And if you can win Ring of Air 5-7 times, you could have likely won the game through conflict after 3-5 of those victories.
  9. Conceptually, which is easier: Gaining 14 by yourself, or reducing your opponent by 9-11 with help from their bids? Ring of Air +2 is tempting, until you realize that +1/-1 is faster as a victory condition, when combined with mid-to-high honor dial bids and Assassination / Banzai shenanigans. Phoenix players are especially good at achieving dishonor victories, as they have near at-will access to fire and air. Combine this with a stronghold that already gains advantage from dishonoring your opponent's personalities, and there are purely more synergies for dishonor than there are for honor.
  10. Curve depends a lot on deck purpose. I would imagine the lion curve is 0.5 fate or more lower than the dragon curve, for example. With regards to Phoenix, I think we sit in the 2-3 wheelhouse, with Peacemakers and Tsukunes at either end of the spectrum. People are starting to come around on our 4 cost people, and are realizing that their cost per stat isn't very good. When Kaede is released, I expect things to get really weird.
  11. Doesn't sound like you played during Ivory at all.
  12. I've been trying to say this for awhile now. It's a lot easier to make them lose 5-7 than it is to net gain 14. I'm splashing crab for Watch Commanders, and building around air and fire.
  13. Let's not forget the cost of maintaining a forum for crybabies to whine on. That isn't free.
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