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  1. Inquisitor - TIE/v1, Crack Shot - 27 pts Omega Leader - Juke, Comm Relay - 26 pts
  2. I think they are really fun to fly. My current go to list is Vader, Inqusitor, Vessery x7
  3. I found this useful when starting out https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/131310-new-player-quick-start-list-guide/
  4. Not clear,hence in the card clarifications from the FAQ: "When a ship is defending against Wes Janson, it may use focus, evade, and target lock tokens during the attack. Wes Janson’s ability does not remove a token until after the attack has been fully resolved."
  5. See new policy on reporting cats https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/spolicy/ I have three kids (and two cats) - 18, 11, and 7. The older two are girls with no interest. The 7 year old is pretty excited about playing, really likes big ships. He can play ok, but has a pretty poor longer strategic outlook (as one might expect with a 7 yr old)
  6. I got a TIE Defender, got my son a YT-2400
  7. Etsy is legit - but you're not buying from them, but from a third party person/vendor. That said, the shop has good feedback and the product looks high quality. I'd give it a go!
  8. player674765


    Been answered but - Rules reference under "Obstructed" "The attacker cannot attempt to measure range to a point of the defender’s base that is not the closest point in order to avoid measuring through an obstacle. If multiple points are at equal distance from the attacker, he may choose one of those lines for measuring range."
  9. Nice work, I really like the turbolaser towers. Something like https://allstarco.com/en/flat-back-acrylic-gemstones/1172-15x7mm-green-peridot-pd2-flat-back-navette-acrylic-gems-high-quality-pro-grade-40-pieces.html# might be nice on the power nodes
  10. The cardboard may feel wrong, but with any kind of piece you'll need to have a flat template due to overlapping. I'd think a 3D item with a corresponding flat template would be an improvement though
  11. player674765

    X wing news

    Don't even get me started on the liberal bias in X-Wing News
  12. I wanted some additional dice recently - just bought another core set as Amazon has it for $24. Dice alone are $8. $16 for the rest of the set seems like a pretty good deal when I looked at it that way.
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