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    Though I am a little annoyed about the card size changes, I am very interested to see how the new card mechanics play out. Plus also, you know, Clone Wars 🤩 I have fantasised about finding a game and putting Munificents and Providence on the table since watching The Clone Wars Series 🤤
  2. Clone Wars por- I mean pictures.
  3. Maybe FFG are bitter someone is doing amazing work for the community and carrying on holding up their games idk
  4. Haha! With the totally black background I can see where you’re coming from; it’s sooooo good 🤩
  5. This can’t be real. It has to be a wind-up.
  6. I’m sure somewhere, a little developer’s stone heart just grew warm and beat at the realisation that Imperial Assault will continue to prosper, long after they have been told to work on other projects.
  7. Exactly, hence why I said don’t appear much or at all. But many of us still know the designs. What I was contesting, was that casual players were hinted at not having a clue about anything that isn’t in the main films. But anyway, back to the matter at hand: I don’t believe the SSD constitutes one of the ships mentioned. I think that (like epic ships on X-Wing), the SSD will be it’s atand alone wave. So fingers crossed for two new ships for Imperials and Rebels.
  8. My partner and I just picked up all the remaining Imperial Assault expansions we don’t have and wanted. There’s a few that we aren’t fussed about (General Weiss, Bantha, Greedo), but we have everything we need to carry on playing for years; and that’s what we intend to do. We haven’t played many of the later campaigns (pretty much Jabba’s Realm onwards) because we haven’t had time, even though we bought them. So there’s plenty left for us! Plus I think Imperial Assault gives a nice system to use for campaigns I have planned (X-Wing/Imperial Assault combined thing). I’d just need to pick up a few Clone Wars things from Legion and I plan on running a campaign from just before the Invasion of Naboo to Jakku!
  9. That’s a complete load of rubbish. You have to be a community/tournament player to have any knowledge of things that happen on screen? Please. I’m a very casual player. I check the forums sometimes, post rarely. I’ve never been to a competition/tournament. I play mostly with my partner (and we haven’t played Armada in nearly a year). We both have an extensive knowledge of Star Wars and various other gaming universes due to our interest in them and ability to look into things. That has nothing to do with community or tournaments, so I don’t believe there is a “pandering” involved. Besides; the Assault Frigate, Gladiator, MC30c and Raider also don’t appear much or at all on screen or canonically. But we have them?
  10. What exactly was said at the panel? Just “two sizeable ships”, or was there anymore? So many people throwing Clone Wars around it’s hard to tell if anything was mentioned, or it’s just hope and hype. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love some Clone Wars ships. I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much with Armada 😂
  11. I’m going to have to seriously try and resist picking up some of those Separatist droids. They’d be great in an RPG I’m planning where they players start as in the Clone Wars and progress through Order 66 and onto the fledgling Rebellion!
  12. I’ve painted two packs of wave 1 Rebel squadrons (including two Core sets), two packs of Rogues and Villains (Rebel and Imperial), and most of my TIEs. I think I just have a few TIE Fighters left to do and one pack of each Rebel and Imperial wave 5 fighters. Haven’t done any painting in a long time though!
  13. Any chance of seeing that Star Destroyer next to the Ghost and a couple of TIE Fighters for size comparison? The mind boggles! Looks amazing!
  14. To be honest, I think IA has a fairly high replayabilty value between expansion campaigns and the app. One big box, one wave of blisters and an app update would be fine for me as it saves me money, but still adds new things. I hope there’s an announcement soon, even just to tease the next box. Not sure where I would want it to go though, perhaps Rogue One is an interesting concept.
  15. Happy Friday! I can’t wait for today to be over and start the weekend ? I still haven’t bought an Interdictor, and really want to try one out for all their gimmicks, using their experimental upgrades, a turtle fortresss defensive build, a healer-esque build etc. It could just be fun ?
  16. I’d love Scout Troopers. And would love a Reek and an Acklay to be honest, I’d like to expand the “wild creature” roster, for use with RPGs/campaigns etc.
  17. That’s a bold assertion.
  18. SSD sounds good. Three letters and to the point.
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