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  1. I’d love Scout Troopers. And would love a Reek and an Acklay to be honest, I’d like to expand the “wild creature” roster, for use with RPGs/campaigns etc.
  2. ElSee

    CIS Examples and feedback

    That’s a bold assertion.
  3. ElSee

    Nicknames for the SSD

    SSD sounds good. Three letters and to the point.
  4. I’m also very jealous. They look so cool. I would have thought they would have been one of the first Stormtrooper variants that comes to mind when making a board game but 🤷🏻‍♂️ Apparently not! Really hoping we get them for IA though.
  5. Nice 🙂 I’m personally using my amateur excel knowledge to make an RPG involving IA and X-Wing. I really like designing missions so far 😆
  6. Love the team together! Looks so cool!
  7. Ezra looks great! Would love to see a photo of the whole of Phoenix Squadron when they’re done! Ahsoka looks more green stuff than original plastic. That work is incredible!
  8. ElSee

    Pictures of new factions

    I’m hoping they’ll do Anakin’s style with a Prequel core set and then Obi Wan style with the Delta-7 expansion. We’ll see 🤔
  9. ElSee

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

    Pronounced “TIE/poo”
  10. ElSee

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

    Crappy Aesthetics
  11. So what you’re saying is that if they post it on the Friday we technically can’t complain it’s being a full year since the last wave was announced? FFG trollface.jpg
  12. ElSee

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention SSD or SWM-20. What’s that?
  13. ElSee


    Another one? You’d think people were excited or news deprived or something.