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  1. I work in a hospital. For me, PR means something else.
  2. They really are something. But personally, I love Ko-Tun and Loku, they look amazing!
  3. ElSee

    My custom campaign: fuel points

    I’ve always thought of making a Battlestar Galactica-like pursuit RPG for Armada, and fuel/supplies was always something essential for that style of game. Good luck!
  4. All Terrain Doom Turret
  5. ElSee

    Happy “Mistakes were made” Friday

    Happy Friday all! I have three VSDs. One from an expansion pack and two from cores. I regret that, since I’ve barely used more than one since wave 2. And I have two Quasars. One I bought, the other was a gift several months later that I couldn’t return and felt guilty about, so I’m going to paint as Rebels Phoenix Home and house rule that.
  6. Exactly what I thought!
  7. ElSee

    Why no Happy Friday!?

    Cubanboy is unhappy, we must sacrifice in his name.
  8. ElSee

    FFG poll! Vote Armada up!

    Also no Twitter
  9. Looks awesome! It certainly looks believable enough to use in some sort of large Hoth-like skirmish/campaign/mission event
  10. ElSee

    Rogues and Villains II

    That is an interesting idea. Much prefer that over scum being their own faction.
  11. ElSee

    Rogues and Villains II

    I honestly though the VCX-100 and the Lancer would have made a good additions to a Rogues and Villains II pack, but then they went and released them anyway, so I honestly don’t know what they would put in one. Perhaps for the Imperials they’d do the TIE Advanced Prototype with the Inquisitor. Mist Hunter with 4-Lom/Zuckuss. Previously mentioned: Maul in a Mandolorian ship, but would he be Rebel, Imperial or both? U-Wing, I personally think this needs to be in a Rebel squadron pack, because who honestly wants just one?
  12. That’s a really cool idea! I got a second Quasar as a gift that I couldn’t return, so might end up making it a Rebel one. Nice 😛
  13. ElSee

    List planning Method

    I normally start with a concept. Whether that be a fighter heavy fleet, or MSU-style, or maybe I go for a themetic approach. From that I’ll choose an admiral, and depending on the admiral will set aside a point limit for squadron. I have a bad habit of eating into the squadron points with my ships though 😁 I kind of build ships/upgrades and squadrons side by side. But hey, what do I know! 😆
  14. Poor Destiny players. And to think April Fools isn’t for months yet...
  15. I would much prefer to see designs from episodes 1-3 be used as salvaged/old war ships for the Rebellion and Empire. Not their own factions mind you, but I do think it could be argued how Rebels/Empire got their hands on things, and I quite like the designs. I couldn’t care any less if we never see any episode 7-9 ships in game. Not enough content there yet, plus I’m not fussed on the designs.