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  1. ElSee

    Opening Thoughts on Seperatists

  2. ElSee

    Happy Friday

    I’ve painted two packs of wave 1 Rebel squadrons (including two Core sets), two packs of Rogues and Villains (Rebel and Imperial), and most of my TIEs. I think I just have a few TIE Fighters left to do and one pack of each Rebel and Imperial wave 5 fighters. Haven’t done any painting in a long time though!
  3. Any chance of seeing that Star Destroyer next to the Ghost and a couple of TIE Fighters for size comparison? The mind boggles! Looks amazing!
  4. To be honest, I think IA has a fairly high replayabilty value between expansion campaigns and the app. One big box, one wave of blisters and an app update would be fine for me as it saves me money, but still adds new things. I hope there’s an announcement soon, even just to tease the next box. Not sure where I would want it to go though, perhaps Rogue One is an interesting concept.
  5. How rude 😂 On the other hand, I would like to thank Bitterman very much for all your hard work developing this for PC.
  6. Happy Friday! I can’t wait for today to be over and start the weekend ? I still haven’t bought an Interdictor, and really want to try one out for all their gimmicks, using their experimental upgrades, a turtle fortresss defensive build, a healer-esque build etc. It could just be fun ?
  7. ElSee

    Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday Cubanboy!
  8. I’d love Scout Troopers. And would love a Reek and an Acklay to be honest, I’d like to expand the “wild creature” roster, for use with RPGs/campaigns etc.
  9. ElSee

    CIS Examples and feedback

    That’s a bold assertion.
  10. ElSee

    Nicknames for the SSD

    SSD sounds good. Three letters and to the point.
  11. I’m also very jealous. They look so cool. I would have thought they would have been one of the first Stormtrooper variants that comes to mind when making a board game but ??‍♂️ Apparently not! Really hoping we get them for IA though.
  12. Nice ? I’m personally using my amateur excel knowledge to make an RPG involving IA and X-Wing. I really like designing missions so far ?
  13. Love the team together! Looks so cool!