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  1. It does look really good, but it also looks like you'd do nothing but close quarters combat.
  2. There's been a little debate in the local group on whether these two cards can play off of each other or not. I personally can see it going either way. Ruthless Tactics: Resolve one of your dice, increasing its value by the resource cost showing on it. Imperial HQ: Before you resolve a die showing a resource cost, you may exhaust this support to decrease that resource cost by 1. So you play Ruthless Tactics to resolve one of your dice...so the question is, does this trigger the "before you resolve a die" condition on Imperial HQ?
  3. Tried this out a little on TTS last night since they updated. I definitely like the new Kylo better. A couple games I ended it just by activating Kylo. Hopefully get to play some more this weekend at my LGS.
  4. I agree that eKylo/FN/FOS probably will be (it's what I currently run), but I definitely think it's worth a try plugging in the new Kylo to see what happens. I like the idea of having a 2 damage side on Kylo that I don't have to pay for, and not having to use a die for a special that, at least in my local meta, whiffs a LOT.
  5. We're necessarily going after the second character die as much as we're just using up the points that can fit with Tormented Kylo. If there's room for the second and nothing else, might as well throw it in.
  6. I will be doing some testing with it this weekend. This is what I'll be starting out with: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/12752/fnloyaltormentor-1.0 Didn't try it last weekend because I'm not sold on most of the stuff in the 2 player box outside of the new Kylo, so I bought 2 of the Kylo by himself on eBay.
  7. I play Destiny, and even I was a little disappointed. Even more so when I would have to do the classic FFG "you'll need two of these" to get 2 copies of each card plus elites of the characters.
  8. One of the stores here is running a Destiny tournament that day. Places just legit don't know. But seems like plenty of places bought into it anyway. Star Wars sells. Unless it's Armada and IA around these parts. lol
  9. Game shops probably don't want to risk being cut off.
  10. Lurking the X-Wing boards, I figured you'd be used to it. Lol. Fortunately we don't have to click on the negativity.
  11. I'm just going with 2 myself. And hopefully having people pay for my pre-orders for Christmas. Lol. Anything beyond that I can wait on expansions while I'm painting, learning the game, and getting other people hooked.
  12. I was diving down that same hole. Played (and still do) X-Wing for a bit, then demoed FoW, bought into Team Yankee, Warmachine, bought a start collecting box for 40k which I fortunately hadn't spent much time on yet. Everything is getting tossed aside for this one.
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