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  1. I used to play Privateer Press's miniatures games, and they had what I thought was an ideal release schedule. Twice per month, a few new models would come out. If you played more than one faction, there was a good chance that something you were interested in would be released once each month. It was pretty great. You never felt compelled to grab every release, and you were excited when something for your faction came out. Since the makeup of each pack of cards doesn't guarantee that there will be great cards for every player in each pack, maybe releasing once per month isn't enough, but I think releasing packs in a flurry and then ignoring us for four months is not the answer either.
  2. I live in Canada. Shipping is prohibitive. It often costs as much (or more) as the cards themselves to have a pack shipped to me. It's not feasible. I pretty much have to make sure that I'm supporting as many FLGSs as I can to ensure I can get cards for anything approaching a reasonable price. If that works for you (sounds like it does) then that's awesome.
  3. Does anyone else feel anxiety when they announce that the Elemental Cycle is coming out six packs in six weeks again? I was perfectly willing to accept the release schedule of the Imperial Cycle to increase the available card pool, but I found myself feeling anxious as the weeks went on. I felt compelled to pick up the pack every week, as soon as I could, so that my FLGSs would have stock. Many stores near me either don't carry the game at all because of lack of players, and some only stock a few copies of the packs. One store expressed difficulty even getting them at all. I expected the next cycle to come out one pack per month, like Netrunner. I am curious about what the players think the reason for this schedule is?
  4. FYI, this has nothing to do with her Netrunner book. And you guys do not have the whole story on Gamergate. It's very complicated. Nobody wins. I guess except for the people who found out how sexist the game community was and did something about it. Those people are pretty cool.
  5. I'd love to see stories that fill out the characters from the Android boardgame. Like Floyd and Flint.
  6. I couldn't find this on Amazon. Does anyone know how I can get Monitor in Canada?
  7. Cantor

    Android rpg?

    I have my Android RPG book in hand now. It's called The Worlds of Android. Now I just need to figure out what dice system to wrap around it.
  8. Do most play groups never approach the topic of founding your own clan? That was a major feature of the now three year epic campaign that my group has been playing. We founded a new clan with our original characters, through epic heroic play, then moved the story on to the next generation. Now we're playing that next generation, and if I'm reading the GM correctly, we're probably going to see the downfall of this clan as the culmination of this second series. I would have thought that lots of play groups do this sort of thing. It probably helps that our group has a strong tradition of house-ruling and whole cloth writing of new rules to suit our needs.
  9. Cantor

    Android rpg?

    Hell yes. Guaranteed purchase. I almost never buy the "Special Editions" of games that come with all the premium stuff, in boxes, art poster, etc. I would buy this one.
  10. That's some pretty hard criticism for an effect that we've seen on exactly two cards. I actually think they synergize quite well with a couple of effects. Think about Replicator. That's a pretty quick way to pull things out of your deck and increase the chance of drawing more good stuff. Especially with the defensive nature of the 550 BMI card. I like any new design space being opened up.
  11. I just got Android for Christmas (my wife is awesome). I love it. I know it's really cumbersome, but I have had a great time with it so far. I'd love to see a few more other games before we ask for an updated Android to a second edition. Infiltration is also a pretty fun game, and I'm obviously a Netrunner player. The world has so many possibilities!
  12. So, Netrunner has some history with another company. That's not the same as Android. I assume that Fantasy Flight controls that setting?
  13. I see no reason why there can't be named characters. Netrunner does it just fine. Having a character die in your metaplot might be an issue, depending on the speed that the cycles leave the competitive scene compared to the rate at which time passes in the metaplot. Also, they've had the players affect the output of cards two different ways in Netrunner. There's no reason that a similar system couldn't work in L5R. In the first case, players voted on one of two IDs that were released, and in the second method tournament winners get to design cards. The idea of having the player base affect the game through feedback is not foreign to them. I don't play any of the other LCGs (yet) so I can't comment on what might be in store for L5R other than what I can see in Netrunner. Anyway, the release schedule isn't something for us to really start worrying about until we know if the basic game is any good! Though I'm sure it will be.
  14. Have we had anything from FFG about an Android RPG? Any hints, any reasons why it doesn't exist? I'm one of those guys who can't get enough of the Android setting. I play the LCG and board games, and I read the books.
  15. Copyright certainly applies to RPGs if patents don't. The thing is that copyrights protect the original author in cases of their text being copied directly. It's not hard to take the basic idea of a dice system and write new and slightly different rules that use it. It wouldn't be infringement. It happens all the time. It's actually the main method by which new stuff is coming out "compatible with the 5th edition of your favorite roleplaying game." *cough* D&D *cough*
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