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  1. I mean, it taps, so unless you can recover in between moves you can't use it again. That's really the only way to interpret it, unless you think it just works for the entire rest of the game. There's no possible way to justify that it works for one entire activation and one activation only. Either it works only for that triggering action (the move), or it's in effect from then until the end of the game (which most people think is an unreasonable interpretation).
  2. I really don't understand what you're talking about. Slow-play doesn't happen because of or more on TTS. TTS games are significantly shorter. No one who has ever stated "TTS doesn't count" has ever been able to give a legitimate reason that can't be shot down with the most basic reasoning skills. The reality is that it boils down to the fact that they don't like it and possibly their limited experience (matched with their biases) doesn't match what the larger sample size of TTS states (people often don't like statistics and actual numbers for this exact reason).
  3. It couldn't possibly matter in any way which bases they are on as long as the bases are of the right size. However, the best way to remove superglue is to put them in the freezer. The glue will become brittle and you might be able to just pop them off or wiggle the aforementioned blade in there.
  4. Just so it's clear for the OP, you can use Repair on Airspeeders, you're just not likely to have the opportunity to do so given how fast the speeder is compared to R2 or whatever unit has the R5.
  5. Months ago. Possibly closer to a year. It probably wasn't that long after Clone Wars Legion came out. I'm pretty sure it was in the same conversations about Operative Luke and Vader being a direct request from Disney/LFL.
  6. I answered that question as you were asking it in the post above, lol.
  7. You should see what I wrote above about people playing on the same boards again and again. It really doesn't happen. It's certainly more varied than most stores I've played at where you use pretty much the same terrain almost every time you play. That still really has nothing to do with invalidating tournament data, especially given that they make a new set of maps for every Invader League, and the maps pretty much come out the day the tournament starts. You also play each map just once over the course of the tournament. It really seems like you don't know how TTS works.
  8. None of those really cut the mustard. For instance, I've played on TTS plenty of times and never used the same map twice. There are dozens of maps, and you can change them however you want. They even support the "tournament" terrain rules in the RRG where you take turns placing terrain pieces onto the map. The reality is that you don't like it, it which is your prerogative. The other reality is that nothing you and the other TTS haters say really has anything to do with invalidating any data drawn from TTS tournaments. Stuff that works on TTS works in real life, period. Reality bears this out, and has since the module was created. Now people do have a way of speaking dogmatically about the competitiveness of certain units (there is nothing in this game that is an auto-lose button), but that has nothing to do with what we are talking about.
  9. They said they had originally planned to release sequel faction fairly soon after CW factions, but eventually changed the plan. Everyone just assumes it will happen eventually. They've also been given tons of creative freedom to create stuff in the past, so I don't see making stuff up for sequel factions being an issue.
  10. I don't understand where the confusion lies. Did you read the posts I quoted that I was responding to in that entire chain?
  11. So he's worthless if he's not a Commander that takes less than 1/4 of your army?
  12. Why would he have to be a Commander to be useful?
  13. How exactly are you going to reach to the middle of this 10x10ft area?
  14. Thrill seeker Obligation +100.
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