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  1. arnoldrew

    Up Close and Personal

    Under what magical condition is my opponent able to coat my entire 9-activation army in suppression tokens (short of Vader, who I rarely see and who must then himself be in range)? Is this a hypothetical featureless plain with no terrain? Kiting just simply does not work for an entire army, especialy when there are objectives to consider as well as Wookiees.
  2. arnoldrew

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Pierce X is the best keyword in the game, get as much out of it as possible.
  3. Yeah, I have no idea what he's talking about either. The only thing close to "hypersexualization" in Star Wars is probably Leia's golded bikini. The funny thing was that despite everything Legends had to say about the Bothans being spies, the ones that died to get the plans to the 2nd Death Star were fighter pilots.
  4. arnoldrew

    An MDF Building for Legion

    That's...not even close to comparable. That's an objective pack, not a building or any other sort of terrain.
  5. arnoldrew

    Up Close and Personal

    Then I'll sit on the objectives, Dodge, and win. Also, kiting doesn't really work when I can just double move.
  6. arnoldrew

    An MDF Building for Legion

    Umm...what comparable terrain does FFG sell?
  7. arnoldrew

    Han List for tournament

    I would drop the med droid and one other upgrade and put HQ Uplink on both FDs. Then every single turn you can order them with the Uplink, fire with Barrage, and recover. You get to activate them every turn exactly when you want (really important when they're immobile and they need to wait until a target is in range/LoS) and get the extra dice and Suppressive to make up for not having an aim. It's really the only way to run FDs in my opinion, and is quite good.
  8. arnoldrew

    Up Close and Personal

    Luke -Emergency Stims -Jedi Mind Trick 6xFleet Troopers -Scattergunner -Frags -Recon Intel 2xWookie Warriors -Tenacity -Duck and Cover -Recon Intel This list is for Tabletop Simulator, since I'm not about to buy this many Fleet Troopers. I almost always run 2 units of Fleet Troopers pretty successfully (except I usually have an extra trooper or, if I can afford it, a Rebel Officer). They either murder all sorts of stuff or my opponent freaks out and focus fires them into oblivion (so a win-win), so I figured I would give this a try. Please let me know what you guys think.
  9. arnoldrew

    should speeders get breaks?

    It's also bigger than an AT-RT's base, which is bigger than a bike's base, which is bigger than a person's. 😉
  10. arnoldrew

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Esteemed Leader only works on Corps, not Special Forces.
  11. arnoldrew

    should speeders get breaks?

    Bikes are fine. They are the best vehicle in the game and don't need any sort of boost.
  12. arnoldrew

    Mud Troopers (just an idea)

    Even not taking the Personnel and Heavy Weapon options into account, this is wildly overpowered. They are both cheaper and better than Stormtroopers. They hit harder (because of the extra body) and have more effective hit points (even with the downgraded defense die). They're just as fast, have the same hit points and courage, have a good ability, and have MORE upgrade slots. When it comes to the options, the heavy is also hilarious. He has the firepower of 3 models PLUS the best keyword in the game at range 3 (range 3 Pierce is rare for a reason). Then again, the DLT already exists, so whatever. The medic is pretty good. Being able to only heal that unit and not being able to move are good restrictions to make him cheap. Your leader option is fantastic and I love the ability. His price is probably fine, though it might need to be adjusted as the unit price changes. In other words, I love the Personnel options but the base unit needs work. I'd pay 9 points per model for this unit and even then it might still be too cheap.
  13. arnoldrew

    A fundamental flaw in these games.

    Every time they update the points in the X-wing app they release a new hard copy of the points.
  14. arnoldrew

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    That's probably because one is included in the box.
  15. arnoldrew

    Saber Throw - 3 impact, 3 pierce?

    I assume by "net" he means after cover and dodge are taken into account.