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  1. I don't think I could possibly exaggerate how bad of an idea that would be.
  2. That deosn't really make sense given that they're not going to disengage without a plan, and you could always just move into base contact and melee them to death if they do.
  3. It would change nothing when it comes to snipers or Luke. People don't take snipers to take objectives and they would still take Luke if he couldn't grab objectives. In fact, preventing Commanders and Operatives from scoring objectives would absolutely force every list to incorporate 6 Corps just to have a chance. It would restrict legitimate list building choices even more. Also, not letting Tauntauns scamper off to the corner with the crates in every Recover the Supplies game does the opposite of "causing boredom." They're kinda good enough without the ability to score.
  4. People said this exact same thing again and again before Clone Wars was released. They assume that FFG has the same lack of imagination they do.
  5. arnoldrew

    Does Arsenal stack

    That's the whole point of Weiss.
  6. You do not understand correctly. In order to be an "eligible" weapon it needs to have range and LoS.
  7. Shoretroopers are the most elite, most expensive Corp option for the Empire. Phase 1 Clones are the cheapest, worst Corps option available for the Republic and cost the same as Shoretroopers. If that doesn't scream "elite infantry" faction then I don't know what does.
  8. It has better dice but with the Vet's surge it comes out to the exact same average damage.
  9. Not a single one of those are identical. Many of them are similar, given that they are, you know, sculpts of the exact same thing.
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