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  1. Well they did exactly what i was hoping they would do, so nothing to complain about. We will have access to both roles which will strongly open deck-building possibilities and the change of roles will also be a lot more dynamic and accessible. At this stage we need to give that mechanic a bit more time to see if it is good, 2 scenarios are possible: -It is just annoying an restrict your deck-building option for no real upsides. -It allow to refresh the meta every 4 month by changing the card pool without having to print new cards. -Both We will see how it goes but the old "one role per year" system was clearly bad, glad they improved it.
  2. With all the role lock cards FFG keeps adding to the game, I don't think support role will ever be playable, unless they improve them or add a support lock cards.
  3. I would not be as extreme as saying that the role rule is a horrible idea, as many stated in this topic it has some advantages and inconveniences. However, in the context of L5r I believe that roles are a false good idea. To me one of the biggest problem of L5r is the fact that deck building is way too restricted. This can be explained by 3 factors: -First the card pool is not big enough. We can't do much about that, but this will inevitably improve over time. -Secondly, there is a list of cards that for god know why has just been designed to be much better than anything else and accessible to everyone, of course I am talking about mainly banzai, court game and other cards to a lesser extent. It's normal for a game to have cards that are just better than others, but the fact that those cards are neutral really reduces diversity since you they will be at least 6 cards you always have to put in your deck and yet those cards are not good enough to be placed in the restricted list. -Thirdly, the game is way too compartmentalized. This is due to having 7 different factions with their own card pool with almost no flexibility for mix and match just like you would in a color system like Magic. This is understandable considering the L5r lore but unfortunately the role system increase that problem but implementing sub categories. I interactive and dynamic think a role system could have been interesting in a very open game where there is a lot of flexibility for deck-building. But in the context of L5r it's a really bad idea since the game is already too compartmentalized. Tyler told us that there are looking to improve the role system, I am personally very exited to see the result. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they have some greater plans. Because after over a year of L5r I can say that the role system had 0 upside outside of restricting our deck building possibilities. PS: Some people say role restriction helps monitoring OP cards like feat and famine. I would answer that this is the job of the restricted list, not the role system.
  4. I have a Facebook account and I get "this content is not currently available".
  5. Don't mind him, most cards he makes are ridiculously OP .
  6. 1. The Jigoku devs as far as I know aim to implement stuff for official release. 2. Well people on the internet are rude that's why we play paper game. 3. The notion of casual is different for every person, usually people accept to play with new cards before release if they work. If you want your to avoid issues, just create you own game and specify things on the title.
  7. The traditional scorpion control deck always bid 5, and it also runs situational cards like ambush, I can swim, spies at court and many others... Duty is a great card because if you don't need it, it means you are probably winning the game anyways, it's a card that turns loss into wins even tho you might not use it every time.
  8. There it is: https://imgur.com/T3qHD7K https://imgur.com/6BKgmaE https://imgur.com/37EpczT https://imgur.com/37EpczT Those are PNG so can use a picture underneath.
  9. It's not a matter of power level, it's a matter of a card that will just turn any game of l5r in a complicated version of rock/papper/scissor, this card will have an extremely negative impact on how the game plays and that is why it should never been made. The reason why I stopped playing Hearthstone or Magic is because I was fed up with all the RNG bull****, so far L5r was mostly preserved from unnecessary RNG that is why I loved it (excepted a few cards like kanjo bull**** but it's only one card). I really really really hope the card is terrible so it won't see play, unfortunately they also made the mistake to make it an AIR spell and we all know what it means (looking at you Kyūden Isawa and Isawa Uona).
  10. Maze of Illusion should go in the restricted right away and I am not even joking ..... Maybe at some point I will write a rant, but right now I am too angry for that. How can you design a card more frustrating than that ?
  11. Kids those days .... you have to tell them everything, I thought it was obvious but you also need: -A goat -Virgin Blood -The complete discography of Burzum -An awkward friend to old the skull of your grand father who died during WW 2 And you should be good to go
  12. The lion Stronghold I wish FFG made : https://imgur.com/qZ7HDDa
  13. Who cares ? It is just the best charge target available for Unicorn that you're going to unbow with encampment.
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