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  1. Won 2 store championships, a regional, a national, can't complain!
  2. Love that name! Now just hope the ship is any better then good old emperor Caligula.
  3. Haha, Saturation salvo is just so hilariously bad. Why the heck did they even print that card? It's very conditional, as most missile's and torpedo's just hit. And then it's a small chance on some very little damage on ships in the vicinity. All at the cost of your very valuable EPT slot. I really wonder why they added the needlessly complex condition that compares the agility of the opponent with the cost of your missile, the card would have been completely fine without it and at 0 point cost.
  4. If you dodge Captain Nyms, Parattanni is still 100% one of the best lists out there, if not the best. Even against Captain Nym you have a good chance if you play cautiously with Fenn and let Asajj and the scout do the main work. Fenn is good vs most Nym companions. It's definitely underplayed though in the current meta, I guess most players are too scared bring Fenn with so much Nym around.
  5. Both the Belgian and Dutch Nationals will be in November. I do think most players would be fine with an FAQ happening before that. The thing is, I have the idea that the spoiled FAQ as is will have very little impact on the meta, only the final destruction of Mindlink and Triple Jumps, but those squads are not flown that much. As OldPara says, it might also be better to just wait with the FAQ. In the current meta, both unnerfed defenders and Palpatine, while I think that the FAQ made their abilities more fair, would be fine. A general rules question FAQ, concerning Ion and Genius, minefield mapper, etc would be more then welcome though.
  6. As I said, some people are much better at this
  7. Probably someone will make a better topic, but it isn't here yet so here we go. Just putting everything together from the images that I have seen. Wave 12 Kimogila: 3 1 6 2, has PS 8 / 7 / 5 / 3, focus, TL, barrel roll, RELOAD. EPT, torpedo, missile, salvaged astromech, illicit Also "jam" tokens. A title, a new astro (R5TK), new EPT, new missile. Bullseye firing arc (can apparently hit several lined up ships) ??? (PS8), 27pt. EPT, torpedo, missile, salvaged astromech, illicit DIAL: is that a 4 talon roll?! Or a 4 Kturn? Phantom II: 2 2 4 1, PS 9 (fenn rau), 5 (Ezra), 3 (Zeb), 1 (?). Focus, TL, coordinate (!). EPT, Crew, Astromech 2 new astromechs (one is chopper), 2 new titles (phantom and ghost), Auxiliary firing arc Fenn Rau (PS9), 20pt, When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 becomes the active ship during the Combat Phase, if you are not stressed you may receive 1 stress token. If you do, that ship cannot spend tokens to modify it’s dice when attacking this round. DIAL: white 3 bank Gunboat: 2 2 4 3, PS 7 / 5 / 4 / 2. Focus, TL, SLAM, RELOAD. EPT, Missile, Torpedo Cruismissile and two new cannons (one is jammer). Also new EPT, two titles (one allows to equip cannons), advanced slam Major Vynder (PS7), 26pt: When defending, if you have a weapons disabled token roll 1 additional defense die DIAL: white 3 bank
  8. If anything, Gencon is certainly not a Nationals, but a continental championship, at exactly the same level of Euro's. So either Gencon should be removed from this list or Euro's added
  9. Triple Jumpmasters, hands down. The best list for current meta. FSR could be troublesome, but with correct play should be beaten.
  10. Very nice overview! I think YV-666 was wave 7 though, 180 arc is currently listed as a wave 6 ability.
  11. Thanks for the write up! I myself am also playing triple scouts at the moment, so always interested in other variants.
  12. Only 3 torpedo's, isthat correct? He didn't have EM on the boba boat instead of R4 on the bumpmaster?
  13. Justin Brown's (#6) list as reported by Majorjuggler seems to be 101 points.
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