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  1. Received mine today, but the Mrs took it as a Christmas present for me, so happy and sad at the same time!
  2. I like the image, Star Wars Cold War...... Mutually Assured Destruction.
  3. And how many tournaments have Fat Han combos won? There will always be an optiimum combination of ships and upgrades that will generally win that is the nature of games such as these. Wait for the next wave and see what comes out on top then.
  4. Those K wings really need a 'painted ' target for all their ordinance . A little red dot that nobody notices........missiles away!
  5. On the surface, I agree. It is sort of amusing. But at the heart of it, you've touched on exactly the reason why it gets heated: it's a fun game and people aren't having fun. It's supposed to be fun. People are paying money on this game to have fun. But sometimes it isn't. Unfortunately, fun is a bit subjective. There are many different types of players. Some only have fun when they win. Some have fun cause it's just awesome STAR WARS! Some have fun trying to find new and unique lists or combos and are just happy if they get that list to work 1 out of 10 times. What happens is that someone isn't having fun so they propose a change or a critique. However, their opinion on how things should change is in direct conflict with how another player perceives fun. So we get into an argument over whose version of fun is right and defending why our version of fun is the best version. Wow. Now that I've typed that out, it sounds more petty than ever. But regardless, I think it's wrong to make someone feel bad for the list they ran unless the list is illegal. Putting people down for your own ego and satisfaction is never okay in my book. Totally agree with you. Don't put people down if they play the game in a different way to you. Just accept it and move on.
  6. It never fails to amuse me all the heated arguemente over a fun game.
  7. Seriously? Half the bloody forum has been QQ'ing about PWTs for at least six months now. Where have you been? Not nearly enough! 1/2 years and 3 complete waves of turret dominance, and two world titles before FFG even admitted there was a problem! SCREAM MORE. I HATE TURRETS. Yet Xwing is a game about Star Wars space combat and turrets are featured in all the films. With the Millenium Falcon one shotting TIE Fighters in the first (4th movie)! It's a game get over it.
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