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  1. I actually think Legion’s success is a bit of a long shot. FFG is taking a bit of a gamble going with 3x6 heavy terrain board and true line of sight. This is going to be a huge barrier to the board game/Star Wars fan crew that FFG usually caters to. And as far the beer and pretzels wargamers.... they are so firmly entrenched in 40k, supplanting that history is nearly impossible. If you look at any other successful war gamer right now, they all exist in little niche areas around 40k
  2. It actually kind of sounds like your Imperial player is not spending the Threat to redeploy units. While the threat does increase each round, they have to spend it to put more bodies onto the table
  3. Just broke down and bought Jedi Luke and an Alliance Smuggler. It was on sale at the FLGS. I have a feeling Jabba's Realm might be next
  4. Wow cool! Thanks for the insight. Jabba's Realm is definitely on the short list of upcoming purchases. Do you think I have anything that could be built along side the above list? Getting the lady to play along with me makes justifying the extra purchases down the road a lot easier
  5. Howdy everyone! I've had IA since it first came out now, and while interest waxes and wanes, I always get pulled back in, and I'm especially interested in exploring Skirmish more. There isn't a community at all to speak of in my area, so this is going to be a kitchen table project at first, to gain experience, and then hopefully move on to the FLGS to try and drum up some interest. My question is: Could someone help me with list building? I'd like to make two forces that are reasonably balanced against each other, will look cool on the table, and if at all possible scale up easily to something competitive. Tall order, I know! I'm not opposed to making a few additional small purchases, if there is something essential I'm missing, but I'd prefer to get what I already own on the table. The toughest part for me is getting two solid Command decks together without a bunch of card overlap. My collection is made up of: Core, Twin Shadows, and Hoth Leia, Obi-Wan, R2-D2 and C-3P0, Rebel Sabs Bossk, Greedo, IG-88, Jawas, Bantha Rider Kayn Somos, Agent Blaise, The Grand Inquisitor Any help is greatly appreciated. And my apologies if this has already been covered. If it has just kindly point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way.
  6. No clarifications on Lingering Dead/Maro interaction though
  7. When you get in the mix Daqan is going to attack you at 3 and armor up, so I still want Lingering dead to get the most value out of my attack back. I do like File Leader and Raven Standard Bearer though. That's how I would start off
  8. I'll go out on a limb here and say that the Death Knights are not very good. At least in the meta right now. They are too expensive for what they are offering, especially considering the faction requires a lot of synergy and other units to maximize value. You're also paying a premium for their Unique upgrade slot, meaning you lose out a bit on running multiple units of Death Knights. No more than one Obcasium's Gauntlets for you.
  9. It's the same issue with Column Tactics. You aren't getting rerolls for additional ranks because you are flanked, but you are gaining rerolls equal to the number of trays in your front rank because Column Tactics. Nothing in 41.1 says you don't get to reroll dice, ever
  10. Lingering Dead is mandatory, but yeah it's pretty good. It's just a point and shoot unit, because you aren't going to maneuver around the table, but that doesn't mean it isn't really effective Keep in mind that because you are 4 wide performing a turn moves a corner of your unit further than a straight march. For example, a 1-turning charge will move you further than a 2 straight charge
  11. Rules as written, you would get to reroll while flanked. This is how it's being played in my area. Is that the intent? Ehh probably not, I wouldn't be surprised to see this in a FAQ
  12. That's unfortunate to hear it didn't work out. I haven't tested it yet, but was settling on a list that looked like: 2x2 Derpwood, Meagan, Fire Rune, CQT 2x2 Derpwood, Blackthorn, Fire Rune (Assassin can spit out two Blight the first time you shoot) Aliana, Bequest, Wildcalls Instinct (My favorite upgrade in the game) 2x3 Leonx, Column Tactics, Ravens Tabard Scion, Vicious Roots 198 Gives you one blocker with the treeman, Aliana as a flanker, a hammer with the cat rider, and then some janky shooting units. I still think there can be some serious value with Maegan in a unit, especially when they are shooting twice. Someone here had mentioned before that they approach games with the thought of taking a least one tray from every unit, and I've started to adopt that mentality because it gives you the chance to really open up your tournament MoV, as the first tray taken from a unit is usually significant points for a relatively low investment of resources. Maegan amplifies that
  13. I'm on my phone so it's a bit of pain to post pictures here. There's a couple in the storage solution thread on page three though
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