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    Scummy Tanks

    I've not had a chance to fly it yet. I was inspired by the super-defense Vennie list that is making the rounds with Resistance players.
  2. Love list #2 - I'm a big Bossk and Nashtah Pup fan. The reinforce action is amazing, and the ability to continually mitigate damage on a big klutzy ship is huge. I tend to be a little afraid of N'Drhu - I think Z's are just too squishy, and I've never seen him (her?) really shine. Seems like a trap.
  3. lurq

    Scummy Tanks

    And sorry for the weird formatting...
  4. What do y'all think about this? I get that it's not insanely competitive, but I like the idea of low-variance list that I know (relatively) how to fly. Sabine Wren (Scum) — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft64 Maul11 Ship Total: 75 Bossk — YV-666 Light Freighter66 Marksmanship1 Jamming Beam0 Hound’s Tooth1 Ship Total: 68 Nashtah Pup — Z-95-AF4 Headhunter6 Ship Total: 6 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter49 Mist Hunter2 Jamming Beam0 Ship Total: 51
  5. I like it a lot - a few minor changes I might use: though Advanced Sensors on 4-Lom is awesome, I wonder if the points aren't better spent on some defense...? L3 might help get Lando free from stress faster; Zuckuss will allow 4-Lom to take a white/blue maneuver, jam up an opponent, then decide to stress once it's clear he/she/it? is within range 1. Lando Calrissian (Scum) — Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter 49 0-0-0 5 L3-37 4 BT-1 2 Lando’s Millennium Falcon 6 Ship Total: 66 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 6 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 49 Elusive 3 Zuckuss 2 Ship Total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 76 Hate 3 Ship Total: 79 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 5
  6. I've had fun with Deathfire w/Cluster Mines + Extra Munitions = 23 pts. Add a Lightweight Frame if you can spare the points. The ability to drop mines before you move - or move, then barrel roll, then drop mines gives you a ton of flexibility. 2nd to Zeta Leader w/Wired + Primed Thrusters. Jakku Gunrunner w/spacetug tractor + pattern analyzer is really fun.
  7. Title: Uselessness. Squad point cost: (0) TIE Punisher or Alpha-Class Star Wing only. You cannot use secondary weapons.
  8. haha - I'm seeing a great mental picture of a bunch of bored TIE pilots lining up their ships at the Mos Eisley emissions testing station, while at the back of the line a group of scruffy Scyk pilots are desperately trying to figure out how to cheat on the test...
  9. I'm glad someone's trying to get the fat Hutt to the table. I've been struggling to come up with a good build that maximizes his value - the best I can see is something like this. It's basically 4 turrets - Z-95's to block everyone into a hot shot kill zone (b/c they won't last long!), use Palob to strip tokens and generally be a pest, try to save the Trandoshan's hot shots for when someone gets behind him/her. Trandoshan Slaver - total 41 points - Jabba - Hot shot blaster - Engine Upgrade Palob Godalhi - total 29 points - Deadeye - Synced Turret - Cloaking Device - Stygium Binayre Pirates (x2) - total 15 points each - Hot shots or drop Palob + switch out the Slaver's hot shot for Burnout SLAM and add this ridiculousness for a 1 point bid and stress: Viktor Hel (total 30 points) - VI - Cloaking Device - Stygium - Stealth Device - Vectored Thrusters - Title
  10. Unfortunately, I think Cloaking Device is unique. Sorry - did not see that someone else already mentioned it. Not trying to pile on...
  11. I like the idea of utilizing bodyguard + keeping Thweek cheap. Depending on what someone else brings, Thweek could be gamechanging, or totally useless. And without the ability to evade (and without a good enough dial to truly be arc-dodgers), Starvipers die pretty quickly - though the crazy barrel roll should help. My concern is that IG-88B really wants Autothrusters for defense and Fire Control Systems for that 2nd shot - the HLC is going to be best at range 3. How about this? It's a different idea, but I think it might allow IG to avoid dangerous range 1 encounters, while still taking Inaldra's bonus. I added the stealth device to Inaldra - I think without her action, she'll need the additional green die. IG-88B (total 47 points) - A score to settle - HLC -FCS -Autothrusters Inaldra (total 26 points) - Bodyguard - Heavy Title - Mangler Cannon - Stealth Device Thweek (total 27 points) - Mk II Title - Autothrusters
  12. I had a pretty decent weekend flying this QD (+ Kenkirk) build: Quickdraw (total 36 points) Adaptability Accuracy Corrector Sensor Cluster Title Lightweight Frame Kenkirk (total 64 points) Lone Wolf Emperor Ysanne Isard Engine Upgrade Dauntless Title I know it's not the typical QD build, but having the AC was really, really helpful, so I could hold the focus for the evade (plus, I tried to always use Palp for QD defense). I also felt more free to avoid a red maneuver and take the weaker rear arc shot, knowing I could guarantee 2 hits every time. In hindsight, I'd drop the Dauntless title to add VI to QD, to protect against Nym.
  13. Unfortunately, A Score to Settle doesn't transfer from Youngster to the rest of the TIE's. Youngster's ability is only Elite's with an action attached - so Rage, Expose, etc.
  14. My favorite version of Zuckuss is Action Zuckuss (37 points): Zuckuss Push the Limit Advanced Sensors Outlaw Tech Title/Tractor Beam If you're careful, you can get double-actions quite a bit of the time. Outlaw Tech protects you a little with a focus on k-turns. Not super competitive, but I love anything I can Advanced Sensor/PTL/green manuever. You probably need to pair with something more resilient/slippery to really have this work. Attani could be a fit too, as Zuckuss is at least handing out a focus when he stresses everyone.
  15. Cool - thanks! Super helpful. VI on Duchess = great call; I like the TIE Shuttle options for added action economy too. A doom shuttle or Palpmobile is intriguing, but they are so hard to fly well... Of course, I picked up a TIE Aggressor, so... who knows, more list craft to consider...
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