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    OneKelvin got a reaction from Captain Mayhem in Anyone notice the massive re-scaling of the GR75 in 'Rebels' this week?   
    You make a valid point.
    I would suggest that the ship may be altered or a class similar, but not identical to the basic GR-75 hull.
    Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Jedi archives (and the decanonization of the EU) we lack a unified body of technical information to draw from. Years were spent answering these very questions: What does a Tauntaun eat in its natural habitat? What are the specific effects of Force use on the psyche? What are the exact dimensions of Cloud City or the GR-75?
    The questions that matter to the makers now are; Would people even watch a hero who's parents lived? Will people call us racist if we hire more diversely? Should little girls want to grow up to be princesses with blasters, rebellious tomboys with blasters, or sandy small-town salvage yard workers with bo-staves? (We gotta tell them, cause, y'know... no parents.)
    Since the latest Star-Wars cutaway book left out bits like hyper-drive capacity, max acceleration in a vacuum, and consumables; I'm thinking we'll have to answer these questions ourselves for the foreseeable future.
    Well, at least until the producers play KSP. Then all will be right in the world.
    (Of course the new book did include things like inert gasses pocketed in Whipple-shield armor to reduce blaster impacts, so let's not despair about the state of the tech-lore just yet.  )
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    OneKelvin got a reaction from AngryAlbatross in Anyone notice the massive re-scaling of the GR75 in 'Rebels' this week?   
    The epic ships are epic scale. 
    "Too large for the Standard Play format, this iconic vessel is instead intended for use in the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats. The first X-Wing starship released outside of the game’s 1/270 scale, the GR-75 enters the game at a new, relative scale that dwarfs the game’s smaller starfighters but still allows you to maneuver it in battle. Moreover, the GR-75 is so massive that it comes with two new damage decks to track hits against the fore and aft sections of its hull."
    Source: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2014/4/30/the-first-transport-is-away/

    Edit below.
    Now because The Mouse likes lore and technical stats about the same amount as happily married parents, we'll have to go on Legends stats to find the cockpit size.
    Legends says 90 meters total ship length. Thank goodness the Empire chose the metric system. Now using blanditio-vanilla MS paint and a net-ripped meter stick, we can determine the size of the cockpit.

    Using the magic of metric, we equate cm with m, and stretch the ruler until it is roughly 90m long. We then match it up with the ship diagram, and play the counting game.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 meters wide and...
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 meters long; give or take a meter for slapdash inaccuracies.
    Unless you have an easy 5-meter visual reference, this won't mean much. Soooo.....

    The internet saves us again.
    Look at the person. Look at the five meters. Now look at the rebels pictures. Make your own conclusions.
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    OneKelvin reacted to weisguy119 in The inevitable 'What Epic ships for the Republic and Separatists?' Thread   
    It would be cool if they designed their own corvette-sized version of the Banking Clan Frigate like they did the Raider.  The CIS has the same problem as the Empire - their capital ships are too big for XWM.  So, design one from scratch and give it a backstory that can be fleshed out in other media such as comics, novels and video games much like the Raider.
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    OneKelvin reacted to ZealuxMyr in Showcase: Lancer-class Pursuit Craft   
    Broken Universe - NCC-62516 USS Shadowcaster
    Representing the United Federation of Planets in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

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    OneKelvin reacted to Darth Meanie in Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser   
    So, why is the "Broken Horn" not the "Missing Horn?"
    My riff on breaking the horn:

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    OneKelvin reacted to Gullwind in Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser   
    Looks good, but those DY-100s are really lost!
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    OneKelvin got a reaction from Ryuneke in Journey of the Supreme Leader   
    The photoshop is quite strong with this one; in time they may prove to be a powerful poster indeed. 🦹‍♀️
    Truely though, this has all the hallmarks of an entertaining battle report; clear turn-by-turn, sharp pictures, and the edit candy is superbly blended into the original images. 
    Keep at it!
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    OneKelvin reacted to Ryuneke in Journey of the Supreme Leader   
    The intention of this thread is to post Battlereports of my favourite X-Wing list of all time: Kylo Ren + Quickdraw. 
    Thanks to PhilGC who showed me the beauty of flying 2 ship lists.
    Lets start with the list (Updated 12.12.2019):
    Kylo Ren (76)
    Supernatural Reflexes (24)
    Pattern Analyzer (5)
    Proton Torpedoes (13)
    Plasma Torpedos (9)
    Primed Thrusters (9)
    “Quickdraw” (45)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Lone Wolf (5)
    Pattern Analyzer (5)
    Special Forces Gunner (10)
    Fire-Control System (2)
    Afterburners (6)
    Total: 191
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
    This Kylo is an absolute monster and a pain to track down for most opponents. The key to success is Quickdraw: Her job is to kill enough so Kylo can cleanup the rest of the board. Flying her is way more difficult than flying Kylo. Winning or losing depends on what you're doing with Quickdraw.
    Flying these 2 Aces is an absolute blast: Every decision counts, make a mistake and you'll get punished for it,  enjoy winning like never before.
    Game 1 
    My opponent played a pretty tanky list fielding 2 Kimogilas and Sol Sixxa with lots of Bombs and Torpedos. This list is also able to ionize ships in range 1 with a nice combo between 4-LOM and Static Discharge Vanes. You really don't want to be at range 1 of Sol Sixxa.
    I put Kylo on the opposite site of the enemy ships. With Supernatural he can adapt to the maneuvers pretty good to either stay on target or to disengage. After disengaging I turned Kylo in again with lots of options for the upcoming round.

    My opponent took the bait and turned in towards Kylo. With the two rocks blocking most of the maneuvers towards Quickdraw, she was able to turn in.

    Kylo supernatural boosted to the right followed by a talon roll. Thanks to Pattern Analyzer he locked one of the Kimos and fired his first Torpedo salvo into the ship. The seismic bomb destroyed the rock dealing 1 point of damage to both Kimos. 

    Quickdraw disengaged and used Afterburners to dodge Sol Sixxas arc. Both Kylo and Quickdraw dealt some damage to Sol Sixxa this turn.

    Here I did a huge mistake which will result in the death of Quickdraw later on. I was too greedy killing the Kimogila on the right so I turned her in with a 2 turn getting shot from both the Kimogila and Sol Sixxa. Quickdraw lost all of her shields without triggering her ability at all. Dialing in a 3 bank would have been much better to avoide every single shot and still getting rid of the Kimogila.

    Because of my mistake Quickdraw couldn't disengage so I turned her in again to do as much damage to Sol Sixxa as possible. She boosted in range 1 to him, dodged the Kimos arc but suffered 2 damage and became ionized. With only 1 hull remaining Quickdraws days were numbered. Meanwhile Kylo did more damage

    This shows exactly how one mistake with this list can possible change the outcome of the game. Nevertheless Quickdraw did her job: Both enemy ships had only 3 hull left. 

    Kylo did what he can do best.

    The Kimo k-turned again using Contraband. With Supernatural Reflexes Kylo was able to get a range 1 shot finishing off the Cartel Executioner. With this ship gone, my opponent conceded.
    This game showed the potential as well as the weakness of the list. Quickdraw is the most important piece to provide a good endgame situation for Kylo. With only 2 green dice she can die so fast if you put her in the wrong spot.
    Having those tough decisions every turn is a thrill I don't want to miss in X-Wing.
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    OneKelvin reacted to MidWestScrub in An Index of useful links 2.0   
    This is meant to be an addition to the excellent post @MajorJuggler has kept updated over the years. For that 1.0 thread, click here.
    Gold Squadron Podcast. 
    Mynock Squadron Podcast. 
    Radio TCX. 
    OCX Radio. 
    Birmingham Barons. 
    The Inland Empire Aces. 
    Scum and Villiany Podcast. 
    Carolina Krayts. 
    186th Squadron Podcast. 
    Sith Takers Snap Shots. 
    Thule Squadron Radio. 
    Evergreen Squadron Radio.
    512 Squadron Podcast. 
    Liberty Squadron Podcast. 
    Stay on Target. 
    Back to Dials. 
    Hornet Squadron. 
    Renegade Squadron Podcast. 
    HitHitCrit Podcast.
    Lack of Focus Podcast. 
    Cloud City Radio.
    The Salt Mines Podcast.
    Sea to Sky Squadron Podcast
    Florida Man Plays X-Wing.
    Turn Zero.
    Tosche Station X-Wing Podcast.
    The Midwest Scrubcast.
    Millenium Condor. (French)
    South Wookiees Squadron Podcast. (Portuguese)
    These next two actually cater specifically to a more casual set of players.
    **** of a Pilot. 
    Shuttle Tydirium. 
    YouTube and Twitch Streams:
    Gold Squadron: YouTube. Twitch.
    First Earth: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Back to Dials: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Birmingham Barons: YouTube.Twitch. 
    VTTV: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Sith Takers: YouTube. Twitch
    Echo Base X-Wing: YouTube. Twitch.
    X-Wing Selbsthilegruppe: Twitch.YouTube. 
    Firestorm Squadron: YouTube.
    Weekend Warlords: YouTube. Twitch.
    Game Chief: YouTube.
    Fly Casual X-Wing: YouTube.
    Purrfect-Blinky: YouTube. Twitch.
    312 Squadron: YouTube. Twitch.
    Arch Alliance: YouTube. Twitch.
    X-Wing Battle Report Archive.
    Non-stream Video Content:
    Hairy Nick.
    Such an X-Wing Hipster. 
    Eruletho, Tales of the Silver Ace. 
    Deathrain’s Blog.
    Starfighter Mafia. 
    Blair Bunke’s Blog.
    Zombie Squadron.
    Nathan’s X-Wing Blog. 
    Friday Night X-Wing. 
    What the Actual Zuck? 
    D20 Radio. 
    Back to Dials.
    Tantum Imperium. 
    Ramblings of a Wargamer. 
    Fishy Wargaming. 
    Space Owls. 
    X-Wing Tavern Wars. 
    Bloglette Generator. 
    Joust Me.
    Stay on the Leader.
    X-Wing Analytica.
    Confessions of a Midwest Scrub.
    The following blogs have released Second Edition content, but it’s been a while. (Note this article was released March 2019).
    It’s Getting Hoth in Here. Nothing since December 2018.
    Taking the Sith. Nothing since December 2018.
    X-Wing Puzzle Club. Nothing since December 2018.
    Yes, More X-Wing. Nothing since early January 2019.
    Squad Building Apps and Websites:
    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0. 
    Launch Bay Next.
    X-Wing 2nd Ed. Squad Designer.
    FFG’s Official Squad Builder. 
    Quick Build Squad Builder. For all your Quick Build needs. 
    Tournament Organization:
    Tabletop T.O. 
    Best Coast Pairings. 
    Vassal. Gold Squadron has a tutorial video on how to download it here.
    * Vassal Quick Download for the X-Wing Module.
    * Vassal play and installation guide.
    * Vassal bug reporting
    * Vassal X-Wing League.
    * Vassal Tutorial Video.
    Fly Casual. 
    X-Wing A.I.
    Rules Reference:
    Rules Documents and Tournament Regulations. At the bottom of the page under the Support heading, click the appropriate tab for either Rules or Tournament Regulations.
    FAQ. On FFG’s forums, under “X-Wing Rules Questions” you’ll find this forum thread with their official rulings. 
    Community Rules Committee. This is a group of judges and other community members that have come together to get answers to questions that FFG hasn’t yet taken the time to answer. Their document can be found here, and you can submit questions here.
    List Fortress. An online repository of Second Edition tournament results. Everything from eight person kit tournaments to System Opens with hundreds of participants. It shows the format, the number of people, what lists they were flying, and the number of wins and MOV (Margin of Victory). All data is voluntarily submitted, so there may be some holes in the information depending on how in depth the submission was.
    Pink Brain Matter. This is a recently released site that analyzes data from List Fortress. It can tell you the percentage of Rebel lists in major tournaments since the recent points change, and the percentage of those lists that took certain pilots, etc.
    Probability Calculator. This will allow you to enter in a ton of variables for numerous different attacks to see expected damage under various circumstances. For those of us who are math impaired, it’s a vital tool.
    Infinite Arenas. This awesome site has a number of tools available, including an unofficial rules reference, a card browser, and printable maneuver reference cards for most Second Edition ships, among other things.
    X-Wing Mapper. This fantastic tool will show you all the available final positions of any ship in any faction. Toggle variations for Afterburners, Advanced Sensors, Supernatural Reflexes, or any other possibilities, choose your maneuver and see all the different places your ship could end up. 
    We Tabletop. A searchable event locator. 
    X-Wing Second Edition Wiki.
    Metawing. An analysis tool to quickly find out what has had success and what hasn't. 
    X-Wing Card Creator.
    2.0 Buying Guide.
    Highground: An X-Wing score keeping app. Android download. IOS download.
    How to get into X-Wing. A beginner's guide to getting into the game.
    X-Wing Battlereport. A searchable database of X-Wing related videos.
    For a short review of most of the above links, check out: Before Setting Dials: A Guide to Community Resources.
    If you have other suggestions of links to add in, please let me know. 
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    OneKelvin reacted to Cr0aker in Blow the Bunker – First Star Wars WEG D6 campaign with my nieces and nephews   
    Blow the Bunker – First Star Wars WEG D6 campaign with my nieces and nephews.

    For nephew #1 (D, age <10)’s birthday I gave him a printed version of the REUP 2nd edition revised and expanded sourcebook and some printouts to help get them started.

    I ran a Peter S. short campaign “blow the bunker”.  The players were boys aged <6 ( R ) and <10 (D) and girls aged <12 (A) and (E),  and (Ev) <12 who watched and joined in a little at the end.  The kids had no prep as to how to play the game or role playing games in general.  After a few minutes of basic explanation they picked up on it very quickly.  Their characters and primary attributes were picked out by the kids, however their improved stats and equipment were taken strait from the pre-made suggested rebel spec force characters made by Peter S. for the mission.

    Mission Summary:  The players are a rebel special forces team inserted near an Imperial supply depot guarded by 10 garrisons arraigned concentrically around the depot.  Each consists of a small garrison, sensor tower, and two surface to air missile batteries.  The objective is to destroy one of the garrison’s tower and batteries to create a hole in the defensive grid to allow a larger force of 10 medium transports and 2 x-wing escorts to land troops and strip the depot of supplies.   This mission is designed to be timed, so you set a 1 hour timer and the players have that long before the transports arrive and they either succeed or get shot down. 

    Croaker – GM and NPC’d spec force team commander
    (D) – Demolitions Expert
    (R) – Heavy Weapons
    (A) – Medic
    (E) – Wilderness Fighter
    (Ev) – Pilot

    After Action Report:

    The Team’s pilot (Ev) drops the team with their U-wing outside of a forest a few kilometers from the garrison.  Early perception check allows one of the members (E) to detect the presence of an imperial probe droid.  The team hides in ambush with mixed success.  (E) and (A) are able to hide (in a tree and behind a bush respectively) but (D) rolls poorly and a 1 on the wild die to boot.  (A) gets the first shot off and damages the probe droid and (E) attacks twice scoring hits both times.  The probe droid self-destructs and (D) is saved by the good rolls of his siblings.  The kids decide to hide the remains of the probe droid before continuing.   They don’t go far before the two biker scouts alerted by the probe droid arrive.

    This time the scouts arrive too quickly for the kids to set up an ambush.  The team leader is injured in the attack and the first trooper goes down fast.  The second takes off on his bike and a very lucky shot from (A), six into six into six on the wild die, drops the second trooper as he tries to escape.   (At this point the girls are really getting into it but (D) and (R) are feeling a little useless but the super lucky shot getting the last biker trooper has all four of them cheering and excited).  The medic helps the NPC and the kids move quickly (as time is running out), giving up on stealth, to reach the edge of the forest as quickly as they can.  There they sneak up and take a look at the garrison and its defenders.

    After assessing the situation and the clock the team decides to leave the Leader and (R) hidden in the woods while (D), (E), and (A) sneak around the stormtroopers to missile launcher #1.  (D) sets his first charge on time delay but rolls a 1 on the wild die.  I have nothing bad happen at this time so they successfully sneak to the sensor tower next (with (D) continuing to look at me sideways about that ‘wild die’ thing…).  After realizing that (A)’s chances of setting a charge quickly is low she passes her charge to (D) who sets this charge on remote detonation.  They again roll a successful sneak to proceed to the last target.  Just as (D) is placing the last charge the time delayed charge on launcher #1 goes off prematurely…

    The stormtroopers on guard quickly find the rebels and engage.  (E) dodges the first shots but is unable to score any hits in return.  (A) manages to (barely) take one of the troopers on guard out.  (D) however takes a shot to the left leg and is wounded but conscious.  Time is running out and the kids are feeling the pressure.  (A) and (E) are able to drop the closest stormtrooper but aren’t sure what to do next.  My nephew (D) looks at the timer, looks at me, and I tell him he can hear the sound of the transports in the distance – time is almost out.  He asks how close they are to the last charge they planted and I tell them all 3 are still within the blast radius.

    I ask (D) what he wants to do and remind him again of his position.  (D) looks me in the eye and with serious determination says, “the mission comes first”.  Hearing this, (A) and (E) announce they are taking off at a run.  (D) raises his hand and mimics pushing a detonator button.  (E) rolls a 1 on the wild die and trips, falling flat on her face and (A) does not roll well enough to escape the blast radius…

    (D) takes shrapnel to the left side of his face and is unable to tell the extent of the injuries.  (E) is saved by her face plant from the blast but is now prone as the stormtroopers from the garrison boil out.  (A) catches some shrapnel in her lower back.  Things are not looking good.

    (R), who has watched the game intently up to this point (he is young), decides it’s time to get involved with his light repeating blaster rifle… (R) proceeds to successfully mow down the other troopers charging from their posts and out of the garrison.  The glee on the young boys face as he rolled well over and over from his hidden position was great.

    I now pose (A) with a moral dilemma as I had (D) a few moments before.   Both she and (D) are injured badly, who does she treat first?  After thinking about it she decides that if she passes out, she helps no one, and treats her own injuries.  As a consequence I have (D) lose his left eye.  He declares it is a small price to complete the mission as the transports fly overhead…

    (Ev) now decides she wants in so I have her roll to land the U-Wing and to fly back to base in time to get her wounded team medical treatment.


    Addendum:  I received a text from my brother in law the day after they returned home:  “These kids…  Star Wars lore... what have you done!?!?!”  And later:  “(E) hasn’t seen the OT so we’re already on Empire.  During intermission they’re huddled around a binder!" (the sourcebook gift)

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    OneKelvin reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Blow the Bunker – First Star Wars WEG D6 campaign with my nieces and nephews   
    I worked at West End Games and am sublimely delighted to hear this.   Star Wars d6 is the perfect gateway to the Star Wars Saga and roleplaying.
    Please deliver more updates.
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    OneKelvin reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in A Simpler Time   
    Before the Dark Times ... Before The Empire of the Mouse. 

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    OneKelvin reacted to DexterOnone in 2.0 Epic Ship Predictions   
    You mean they won’t melt at all, then, considering that the traditional British summer is cold and damp... any of the freakish warm weather we may have had in the last couple of years is certainly not what I remember of summer holidays growing up!
    I have many fond memories of sitting on British beaches in the drizzle, eating slightly soggy sandwiches and drinking tea from a Thermos!
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    OneKelvin reacted to Parakitor in 2.0 Epic Ship Predictions   
    Why does this sound so picturesque? I can almost smell the seaside air. I want to experience this, soggy sandwiches and all!
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    OneKelvin reacted to DakkaDakka12 in 2.0 Epic Ship Predictions   
    -scum I wish for a actual combat ship for the scum corvette to sit alongside the raider and the CR-90
    Mandalorian crusader class corvette
    pretty close to the right size and adds more mandalorians to scum
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    OneKelvin reacted to FTS Gecko in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Rise of the Resistance   
    Everything after Endor is Legends to me.
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    OneKelvin reacted to KCDodger in Presenting "The Maw" (ver 0.2.0) Competitive Hyper-extend format that bridges between 2nd edition and extended.   
    No named Ghost pilots and you're calling this a beta?
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    OneKelvin got a reaction from DScipio in Raider Class Deck-Plan (Forum help appreciated!)   
    This is as far as I got ... geeze. Two. Three years ago?

    Oi vey. Anyhoo.

    I expanded outwards from the center, placing the essentials around the infrastructure of the ship. The entire ship is built around a large central transit corridor with several airlocks and elevators to the outside as shown on the model. The corridor is equipped with overhead magnetic cargo rails and is large enough for various skids and trams to make the transportation of anything from ammunition to personnel about the ship quick and simple.

    Crew quarters tend to be in the outermost hull, and I use them like ablative armor since with no rotations they'll be empty in battle anyway, and with rotations the crew sleeping in them will be useless anyway and might as well be the first casualties over the men actually working.

    Also added various consoles and medical amenities for the crew that do survive, and made them accessible through the main corridor. If the corridor is still pressurized (and there are various ways of preventing depressurization) then opening the doors creates a medical center bisected by the transit corridor, and equidistant from all manned stations for optimum accessibility.

    The ship is highly automated and much of the engine and panel array is inaccessible from the inside: thus it is equipped with 4 bays of astromech droids for various tasks from exterior and interior maintenance, to ordnance loading and the like. Since this is pre-Rouge One there is no consideration of humanoid imperial droids ala K-2SO, but I could see numerous applications fro them. (Minus security. The Empire only trusts humans for such things.)

    The exterior presents some interior challenges due to the size and placement of the BIG thruster, but I assume all of these challenges can be overcome with clever maneuvering of the crewable areas.

    Now this is pre-BF2, (and I hate EA with an undying passion) so if you are so inclined, remember that The Corvus is a refit, and while EA might have adopted it, FFG made it happen. In this particular instance, I believe it is reasonable to say that tabletop stats outweigh (and outbalance) what you would find in the greater Disneyverse. 

    The plan is unfinished, but I claim no copyright, trademark, etc.

    I made this whole thing using MS paint, the scale is in exact pixels and meters, the rooms are copied, pasted, rotated, and each item was made with little more than a glance at existing pixel-art on the internet. If you would like to add to the plan, re-arrange it, make a Corvus refit, add new art, stats, etc: please do! 

    And when you're done, post it here for the rest of us to see!

    PS. Being credited would be nice, but it is not necessary. For this art. Specifically this art.
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    OneKelvin reacted to Ktan in STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!   
  20. Haha
    OneKelvin reacted to RufusDaMan in STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!   
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    OneKelvin reacted to KCDodger in Don’t Forget this New Ship   
    Is it true? Have they finally run out of McQuarrie Concept Art!?

    Oh, happy day!
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    OneKelvin got a reaction from RedSkull in Rating The Last Jedi   
    (2.5 out of 10)
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    OneKelvin reacted to Robin Graves in Edit: posted twice. Ignore this thread   
    Who do you think you are, some kind of Jedi?
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    OneKelvin reacted to BlodVargarna in Edit: posted twice. Ignore this thread   
    Don’t tell me what to do! This post WILL NOT be ignored. 
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    OneKelvin got a reaction from TopHatGorilla in Senator Harry Reid Says UFOs have been jacking with our nuclear weapons for decades.   
    That is the entire plot of Galaxy Quest.
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