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  1. Well, yes. My spiel was about the practicality of starfighters in our universe with our physical laws. Assuming that the denizens of the Star Wars galaxy aren't all idiots, it probably makes sense in-universe from an engineering and tactical standpoint to use starfighters. They use starfighters, and keep using starfighters even when their existance depends on it, so we can assume that starfighters are indeed the way to go and not just an in-universe cultural icon. That galaxy seems to operate on a slightly different set of physical rules than our own, and if it doesn't then they have access to some fundamental understanding of the universe that we just haven't grasped yet. Artificial gravity for example, makes many technologies in SW plausible and possible, and that's only one innovation we know about. It may take 10^24 terawatsits of energy to blow up a planet in real life, but it might take a lot less in SW because the process isn't that simple. A graviton injected into a plasma packet might be enough to keep it coherent enough to use as a long-range projectile, and a lot of gravitons or anti-gravitons might make a planet's own mass repel itself. It might also be that in a rough-and-tumble galaxy with slavery and moisture farmers that slang and vernacular are somewhat removed from the facts. I don't know exactly how my computer works; it uses semi-conductors and electricity to do calculations, but how that turns into forum posts is magic to me. I know how my car works, but couldn't build one, and I don't know the proper terms for all of the pieces. If Farmer McMoisture says that his gun shoots lasers, he might be wrong. Many people today think that AR-15 stands for "Assault Rifle No 15" when in fact AR stands for Armalite; the company that made the gun. Many people think it, and those people aren't idiots, they're just wrong about something they don't need to understand to use. Edit: This is an odd instance where me being wrong about the facts in my post only further proves my point.
  2. I have no doubt that they will exist. I also have no doubt that every single one of them will be a robot. Less Rebels and more CIS. But just in terms of combat practicality, you will need an intelligent being to be in danger at some point out in the star-field due to light lag. A message can travel no faster than the speed of light, which is the same speed as one of your primary weapons. Every light-second away from the weapons package you place the operator is a light-second the target has to jink and evade; you can't kill an afterimage. Thus, in order to kill the enemy, something pretty smart has to get into that sub-1-light-second danger-zone where the enemy is actually where you see them. That smart thing could be an AI-controlled drone fighter, or a C&C corvette slaved to a swarm of Casaba-Howitzer missiles, or so on. You might even have Anime Drone Pilots fighting with drones at unthinkable velocities while the operators sit in a high-speed jinking router controlling individual drone swarms from the relative safety of the ship. So yeah, there will be fighters. They may be nothing but an engine, a gun, and a guidance chip - but they will exist. It's just that people as we know them can't survive the acceleration required to dodge lasers in space so it's going to be bots. (By "dodge lasers" I mean "Jink randomly and at high speed so that you can outrun your own shadow, ie. the image that the enemy will see at a given distance.) (And there are schools of thought on this as well, such as the age-old-question of Missile Frigate vs Laser Star, and how much money is too much to invest in a single ship? You may see corvette-sized single-pilot "fighters" used as patrol ships or scouts for power projection where you just don't need a battleship. In space, a battleship will kill a fighter every time, but it's a waste of money to put a battleship on deep-space patrol policing merchants and civvies.)
  3. So wait. Were there any missions inside the Raider? Like the Tantive 4 from BF2? (The real BF2.)
  4. Millennia. Thousand years. No. I don't think so. The Jedi were the space police just two decades ago. People are still alive who remember, it's not even a convincing lie.
  5. Captain, flattery will get you everywhere.
  6. I'm guessing that the average anything prefers it's own race. You will always have the deviants of course, like that one Ferengi that was turned on by women wearing clothes, or yellow-old-chinese-lady-aliens who are into Wookies. I'm looking at you, Maz. As for the biology issues, it probably has something to do with humans in sci-fi being able to breed with pretty much anything. Yes, in Star Wars too.
  7. Everything is falling, all the time, all at once. That is the premise of space. The sky is constantly falling towards the ground, which is falling towards the core, and the pressure of everything falling towards itself holds it all together. The sky is the lightest bit so it gets forced to the outside. This is the premise of gravity. If the sky ever stopped falling, it would simply drift away, and everything on Earth would suffocate. Thus, I am very grateful that the sky is falling, and I hope it never stops.
  8. No, no I don't think so. Raid might be the best brand of ant-killer, but you just don't need to protect a tank from ants. The TIE-D might be the best star-fighter out there, but you just don't need starfighters to defend the Death Star. (In theory.) A 5-squadron wing could strafe it for weeks and have little impact. Also specist is the term you're looking for. Race implies different offshoots of the same species. A Human might be racist toward Vulcans since they can interbreed with no problems, but a Wookiee would be specist towards humans since they're not both races of the same species. Things you can be racist towards: Elves, Orks, Dwarves, Caucasians, Drow, Negroes, Klingons, Neanderthals, Aborigines, Lovecraftian Fishmen, Smurfs, Vulcans, and Anime Girls. All of the aforementioned are races of humanity and they can all interbreed. Things you cannot be racist towards, but can dislike heuristically using a different term: Wookiees, lemons, Democrats, jellyfish, dogs, cats, Nazis, Darloks, Daleks, whales, space whales, The Mafia, pie, babies, hula hoops. The aforementioned things cannot interbreed, and/or are a socio-political classification rather than a race. Things in the grey area: Humanoid Dragons, The Borg/Cyborgs/Replicants, your little sister, Zombies, Muggles. The aforementioned things are close to human/once human and reproduce in some way, but it's unclear whether or not they count as the same species since they are altered/parasitic.
  9. No, it's not wrong; and you were there to see them in their original glory. What's wrong is The Mouse is trying to milk those tears out of the rest of us by using the narrative equivalent of a bicycle pump on the X-wing.
  10. I've said it before, X-wings are like the katanas of starfighters, except worse due to the lack of real-life equivalent to test with. You ask any Nerd-lite what their favorite starfighter is and it's going to be the X-wing, because: "It can blow up a hundred TIE Defenders in one day and take on a Star Destroyer single-handed!" "SARCASM I have personally destroyed three Star Destroyers using my plucky X-wing and destroyed so many Imperial fighters that the fuselage is solid red with kill markings. MODE"
  11. You know what I want? It would be friggin' hard to make, and you would have to do it well: I'm talking good actors, fair effects, but story and plot above all else. I want an Emperor movie. I want a movie starting at birth and ending at Episode 3 of Palpatine's life story. How does a kid named Sheev end up as a friendly old man from Naboo, and how does that man end up ruling the entire frigging galaxy. He became a senator, how does that happen? We're talking House of Cards with a Dexter-type psycho as the protagonist, except instead of serial killing it's the usage of the Dark Side he's hiding from his neighbors. Game of Thrones where Littlefinger not only wins, but it turns out he was a hiding the fact that he was a white walker the whole time and he builds the dragons to keep Westeros under his boot. That's how good I think you could make this. And I like political drama. Done right it's just the right mix of intellectual and high-stakes that can really drive a story. I know the sequels got slammed for the lengthy dive into the galaxy's politics that wasn't the laser-sword-adventure people expected; but what if they went all out? Full inter-galactic political thriller? Intrigue, assassinations, maneuvering, lies, war, and evil magic all rolled into one. If I could wish a SW movie into existence, it would be P A L P A T I N E : A Star Wars Story.
  12. and eight ball.
  13. You maniac!! You shouldn't have given them ideas like that! Now we have the Death Star 4 they're gonna blow it up in Episode 9 and it's all a big triangle!!! How much do you want to bet that thing runs on suns too!?!?
  14. Aaaaand this is why I always put the crew's quarters as close to their work areas as possible. But seriously, jeeze. That puts the Death Star in a new light: some things are just too big to wrap a mind around. And can you imagine the debris field left behind? All those people... I wouldn't salvage that Dead Space nonsense with a 39 1/2 foot long loading arm.
  15. Fleet Veterans? They do-repaints in X-Wing, but they tent to add something to the existing ship. I bought the Defender re-paint because the cards made my old Defender is silly-amazing beast; perhaps Thrawn is something like that?