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  1. The photoshop is quite strong with this one; in time they may prove to be a powerful poster indeed. 🦹‍♀️ Truely though, this has all the hallmarks of an entertaining battle report; clear turn-by-turn, sharp pictures, and the edit candy is superbly blended into the original images. Keep at it!
  2. Could be a Pata-style lightsaber, more of a lightsaber gauntlet.
  3. For me it's because we didn't see the bomb mechanism up close, and the TIE bombs were just glowey things like proton torpedoes, which are self-propelled. It was easy to assume the munitions were self-motivating the same as the torpedoes we had seen before. There are plenty of ways to accelerate a thing on rails, not least of which is simply running a current through the entire mechanism. I place "falling rack bombs" next to "R2-D2's neck in a Nubian fighter" and "sound in space" in my list of things that I wonder about in Star Wars, and it doesn't bother me much. Not nearly as much as the unexplained use of the hyperdrive as a weapon. Or remotely as much as a planet that just eats suns popping out of no-where with no need for Kyber Crystals. The Death Star needed The Force to work, SKB was just a machine. Speculation: At this point with the super-ships and super-weapons I think the Sun Crusher wouldn't be an unreasonable thing to see in the next movie.
  4. I liked most of RO and dislike most of TLJ, sentiments which furthered with time. I felt that RO acknowledged and built on a universe I was familiar with, adding new characters, technologies, and areas that while I liked or disliked on an individual level were fairly fleshed out, and felt like they fit as a logical extension of the overall Saga. The galaxy got bigger, but stayed cohesive; so-to-speak. TLJ on the other hand continued what seems to me to be part-for-part copying the old movies plotlines while systematically disregarding, replacing, and removing all relevancy and reference to the stories that came before. The past repeating just re-named, re-colored, and inflated. So tell me what "sin" means to you, what specifically you disliked about RO even if it was intangible like a mood or a tone, and what you liked about TLJ (if you did like TLJ).
  5. It is not a crime to hate things, hating things is just unproductive. Saying "you're a hater" isn't an argument, it's Ad Hominem. A fallacy. Likewise being mad isn't an argument, it's just a quality that can be added to an argument. "I disagree with A, B, and C, and my distaste for them is amplified beyond mere academia due to conflict with personal experience; thus, I not only disagree with them, but hate them (an emotional reaction) as well." Hate is not the argument, just a quality of it. One having an emotional reaction does not invalidate a the rest of their argument. (But only if they had an argument.) And do not commit the Fallacy Fallacy. The inclusion of an Ad Hominem in an argument does not nullify the rest of the argument: only the fallacy itself is invalid, not the argument as a whole. TLDR: It's o.k. to hate things, but you'll still need an argument to convince anyone to agree with you. Also, if a post contains no argument and is nothing but unsupported hate/fandom or fallacies, it's most likely the poster"venting" and probably something they would get more out of sharing with friends rather than strangers on a forum*. You can only get spotty sympathy from strangers, empathy requires a person that knows you. *Yes, forums are places to share viewpoints, but personally I find unsupported viewpoints to be... pointless. There are only so many aesthetically pleasing ways of phrasing "I like/don't like thing." and they all convey the same amount of information. When it devolves into "I like/dislike person." then communication breaks down due to (and I forget the term for it) a psychological quirk equivalent to "mental defenses". If you put a person "on their guard" with a direct comment or attack, they will stop absorbing information. If I for some reason tell someone "Wow, you're a dumbass." and then remember that I wanted to convince them of something, I usually cut the dialogue short and try again after both an amends and a day have passed. Edit. In that order: amends first, then wait a day. The inverse would just put the guard up again and I'd have to start over.
  6. Iyay oday agreeyay ithway ouyay , andyay ehay alsoyay ailedfay otay apitalizecay ethay irstfay etterslay ofyay ethay amesnay , utbay . . . . er . . . . Ipsnay onyay ethay employmentyay atusstay , udeday .
  7. Maybe we'll get lucky and the reason there's no measurable response to this ... Nah. Nevermind. It's hard to believe in a 10,000 system galaxy that has no measurable response to something like TFO building up. After 50-60 years of subjugation under a galactic empire, the level of apathy to an exact clone of said empire appearing is immersion-breaking. One system that no-one has ever heard of or cares about is blown up far away and fails to effect the characters beyond providing an out-of-season fourth of July. And suddenly the Bothans, Tweileks, Wookiees, Coruscantis, Bespinites, Lotholis, Kuati, Mandalorians and all the rest, who suffered in chains under this empire for years and couldn't fail to see the system destroyed due to hyper-space window nonsense all sit back, and, do, nothing. The entire galaxy is Jakku, Hoshia, Mas's Castle, and whatever new machines or planets are introduced as the directors demand. The old galaxy might as well not exist, except we need a source of beloved characters to kill off for drama.
  8. Same reason I didn't like TFA. It did nothing to build on the foundation of the previous movies. You wanna throw out the past, bring in the future? Great. Don't sell it as a continuation of the past.
  9. Congrats on making every single big starship irrelevant, and making the clone wars completely pointless. The CIS outpaced the Republic in ship production 10-1. If hyperdrive ramming was a thing WHY THE ANDROID **** wasn't that the primary tactic of the CIS? Every single ship battle in the clone wars is now garbage. Look, Anakin used the Venator as cover for his fighters and destroyed those three BC frigates... Nope, oops, one just hyperrammed the Venator.
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