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  1. You know what I want? It would be friggin' hard to make, and you would have to do it well: I'm talking good actors, fair effects, but story and plot above all else. I want an Emperor movie. I want a movie starting at birth and ending at Episode 3 of Palpatine's life story. How does a kid named Sheev end up as a friendly old man from Naboo, and how does that man end up ruling the entire frigging galaxy. He became a senator, how does that happen? We're talking House of Cards with a Dexter-type psycho as the protagonist, except instead of serial killing it's the usage of the Dark Side he's hiding from his neighbors. Game of Thrones where Littlefinger not only wins, but it turns out he was a hiding the fact that he was a white walker the whole time and he builds the dragons to keep Westeros under his boot. That's how good I think you could make this. And I like political drama. Done right it's just the right mix of intellectual and high-stakes that can really drive a story. I know the sequels got slammed for the lengthy dive into the galaxy's politics that wasn't the laser-sword-adventure people expected; but what if they went all out? Full inter-galactic political thriller? Intrigue, assassinations, maneuvering, lies, war, and evil magic all rolled into one. If I could wish a SW movie into existence, it would be P A L P A T I N E : A Star Wars Story.
  2. and eight ball.
  3. You maniac!! You shouldn't have given them ideas like that! Now we have the Death Star 4 they're gonna blow it up in Episode 9 and it's all a big triangle!!! How much do you want to bet that thing runs on suns too!?!?
  4. Aaaaand this is why I always put the crew's quarters as close to their work areas as possible. But seriously, jeeze. That puts the Death Star in a new light: some things are just too big to wrap a mind around. And can you imagine the debris field left behind? All those people... I wouldn't salvage that Dead Space nonsense with a 39 1/2 foot long loading arm.
  5. Fleet Veterans? They do-repaints in X-Wing, but they tent to add something to the existing ship. I bought the Defender re-paint because the cards made my old Defender is silly-amazing beast; perhaps Thrawn is something like that?
  6. First you teach em' to read. (for the cards) Next, you teach em' to write. (forums) Then you watch all of the Star Wars movies for the first time in the proper order. (and record their reactions) Then you get them the Timothy Zahn books. (introduction to the old EU) Then you teach them the base game and buy their first ship. (and teach them how to re-paint it) Then you give them a few tips on arc-dodging. (works with dating too!) Then you teach them how to get a job. (feed the habit) And then they move out, and you mull over how time went so quickly for a day or two, and then you get back to X-wing. One step at a time.
  7. My goodness, I didn't know FS actually had a forum account. Yes. Yep. XG-1. This entire thread. Pretty much sums it up. So tell me... how does it feel to build kilometer-long starships out of electricity and triangles? ... untold billions of triangles...
  8. This is true, but I kinda don't mind that the base paint of the ships is clean. It's like you're getting it off the production line - it'll rust after you use it. And it's a lot easier to add rust and weathering to a clean ship than to clean up a ship that is rusty from the start.
  9. You should must ask him. Personally, I think the Sponge's designs are a notch above top, and I have no complaints about the look of the gunboat. It's sleek, it's techy, it's right off the drawing board assembly-line fresh. Now I know that bothers some people who expect the dreary post-republic era to have a bit more rust and dust, but fear not! I have the solution to turn this: Into this: And what is it you ask? Why paint of course! First drybrush here and there with a grey or dark grey to add scratches and wear, then add a few thinned drops of the rust to the wingtips and seams and let it drip down in a natural way. Just make sure to always brush down or else it'll look like your rust is ignoring gravity. (It only rusts in when in-atmosphere anyway so chill, I know the nature of teh space. )
  11. That list has some nice ones. The Clawcraft and Jedi interceptors are iconic. I do like the TIE silencer. I don't like the Gorilla AT-AT or the cigar-smoking-pie-slice dreadnought, but that new TIE is new enough that I don't feel like I'm being fed leftovers. The A-wings are re-heated leftovers though.
  12. Different color combos you say? Well then... Take the blue and grey, give it some orange or yellow pinstriping or just a stripe, or make the glow orange. Next, green and purple like the Mandalorion ships. Yellow glow. Then lime green with orange highlights and red signals (like Zam's speeder) . Red glow or yellow, red to stand out, yellow to unify the look. One a solid dark chrome with purple engine glow. And finally the favorite schemes of the OLDEGUYS. Dingy, rusty brown all over with faded red highlights, and red/pink engine glow. and one powder white with a darkened windscreen and green glow.
  13. I was watching this video: And it got me thinking. Two things, one related to the other, and I'll explain the first before I mention the second. First: what is the purpose of a SSD? My guess: power projection. Why take single ship the size of a small city, rather than a flotilla or fleet? Because it has something a fleet lacks. I think a SSD should be thought of more as a mobile space station than a conventional warship; as a staging ground, and symbol rather than a simple by-the numbers SD scaled up. This is all my opinion, but in my mind a SSD is likely used much in the same way carriers are used today - as a mobile piece of the imperial territory from which one can stage operations, base fighters and corvettes, and house political figures when in an imperial city is not nearby. And so secondly I wonder, much like with the Death Star, is life much different aboard an SSD than aboard a carrier or regular Star Destroyer? Are there parks, recreational facilities, families? Probably a few families, as a crew of tens of thousands can't be swapped on and off irregularly. I read this: And this: Articles on carrier life. That's just 5,000 people on one ship. A star destroyer has 36,755 people on average, and the Executor had 279,144. Both in Legends and Canon these crews were mixed men and women; not necessarily a 50/50 mix, but mixed nevertheless. Imagine every single facet of carrier life multiplied exponentially. I'm guessing that either galactic society and social norms are alien to us like social norms from the 1920's would be alien to us, the Empire heavily drugs and neuters (temporally) every single sailor and trooper to keep them sane and functional, or the ship truly is a fortress built around a city with men women and children aboard. Or a mix of all, or none. I dunno. For me it just adds a new level of tragedy to every SD and SSD that I see explode on the big screen. One doesn't have to sympathize with the Empire's policies to empathize with the fact that that's a lot of people. A lot of people with families, parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, and things they planned on doing once they finished their tour as a pilot or gunner or technician... or cantina barista for that matter. So yeah, I dunno. What's the consensus? What do you think it's like on one of those ships? Edit: There has to be a park aboard each ship at least. Those carrier articles mention crews going stir-crazy just from having limited access to the outside with sunlight. In a spaceship, there is no outside. I can't imagine a human crew lasting long at all without some sort of dedicated recreation area.
  14. All subjective, just like my description. The only difference is that you want fewer ships, and I want more. Oh, you can argue: "Well, that's not how Star Wars is supposed to be! The ships are supposed to be rough and blocky and rusty all the time!" and for a time they were. But to have an entire universe of rusty, blocky, used ships just isn't realistic. Out on the road you find old cars, and new cars, and used cars, and luxury cars. Cars from the past tend to be sleeker and more beautiful with fins and swept curves and different colors, just like the Republic-era ships, junky cars are rusty, government cars are blocky and either white or black. Now you can put lots of asterisks in the chat and CAPs that the prequel ships are too new or not your favorite color, but as of yet you haven't put forth an alternate ship you would like in and so I remain unconvinced. All I know is that you want to cut off a portion of galactic history with no alternative because you don't like the color yellow. Edit. How can you not like that? It's cute, it's deadly, it makes me want to set up a bowl of power converters outside my door and greet it everyday with "Who's a good little starfighter?".
  15. My first X-Wing ship was the TIE Defender. I had never seen it before the moment I decided that I absolutely needed it. Scyk was amazing. Starviper too. The croissant, the Outrider: where would we be without the risk-taking EU sources? Stuck with 7 different re-paints of the X-Wing that's where. Those people with ants in their pants need a full tour of the MandalMotors shipyards and a bottle of itch cream because those ants are the best thing since Sienar put an olive between two pieces of sliced bread and called it a spaceship. I don't care if it gives your droid neck pain, that ship is frigging' beautiful. Seriously, if I can blast pirates and land at a red-carpet gala 20 minutes later in the same ship that is money well-spent.