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  1. I've always like Clancy Brown - one of my favorite character actors. Nice to see him get another star wars gig after Savage Opress (or as i like to think of him the Star Wars Kurgan) I am continually surprised at how deftly a "children's" show handles heavy topics like the situation with Ezra's parents.
  2. Wow, thanks a lot, I think the last time I did something "elegant" was 20 years and 50 pounds ago
  3. Regarding adding languages to the game: I tend to want a concrete list of known languages, but my personal take is not to add an entirely new skill set, but rather to allow each rank of a Knowledge skill to also add a known language appropriate to the Knowledge. Knowledge (Core) - would allow a language from species in the core Knowledge (Rim) - species from the outer rim Knowledge (Underworld) - species prominent in the underworld (Huttese would almost always be learned with Rank 1 for example) Knowledge (Lore) - tending towards dead or outdated languages, but also could indicate languages from strongly religious cultures or prominent mystical groups Knowledge (Education) - extremely common species or those with high technical aptitude Knowledge (Warfare) - Warrior species Knowledge (Xenology) - pretty much anything except your own species Finally also add a number of free languages equal the higher of Intellect or Cunning. It adds a level of bookkeeping (tracking known languages), but avoid the XP drain of actually adding a new skill and is flexible since most species would fit in multiple Knowledge categories, allowing players a wide range of options for their characters.
  4. If we are talking about a worn/outdated/damaged/unstable weapon, we have already seen couple of instances where published weapons like this simply shut down with 3 Threat or a Despair, requiring a maneuver to be spend the next turn to reignite them. Personally, I like and prefer this mechanic to model the above conditions for a lightsaber, the blade either works or it fails.
  5. I find it intensely funny that you stuck Juhani, my least favorite companion from KOTOR in the bathroom. There is a joke somewhere in there about kitty litter, but I'm not awake enough to figure it out yet...
  6. I don't have the adventure yet, so I have no idea if your mooks are imperials, but reading your question I was reminded of something I read in the WEG Cracken's Rebel Field Guide, pg 62 Imperial XX-23 S-Thread Tracker The star-spanning technology of the Holo-Net allows the Empire to operate a tracking device that can trail a ship throughout the galaxy. The Imperial tracking device uses a scaled down version of a Holo-Net transmitter, which broadcasts a signal that can be picked up by the Net's hyperspace S-Threads. Imperial computers continuously compute the signal's direction and distance, telling the Empire what section of the galaxy a ship is headed for or what system it has docked in. The relay of information is instantaneous. The computers track the ship's general direction while in hyperspace. Once the ship-drops into normal space, it can be tracked to within one parsec. The tracking device normally signals a specific outpost or Imperial officer. Addendum/Personal Cracken, Airen/General... The trouble with these trackers is that the Rebellion doesn't have control of the Holo-Net technology. There is no way for the Alliance to scan for S-thread signals and see if we are being tracked; to see if a ship is bugged, you've got to search the whole thing. Fortunately, the devices are too expensive for the Empire to use them more than sparingly. Since most of the Net has been dismantled (except for strategic military transceivers), the odds are good that a bugged ship won't cross enough S-threads to allow an accurate tracking until the ship drops into normal space. 2 more paragraphs not pertinent to the discussion I am almost positive I remember references in the films to "calculating" all possible hyperspace jumps, when referring to tracking a fleeing ship. I would assume that due to mass shadows and known gravitation anomalies it might be possible to narrow down and make educated guesses on possible next destinations (although this number would expand exponentially by making short jumps and plotting courses from each new locations - kind of a forensic counter-astrogation measure). If your mooks have the manpower, maybe they simple sent grab teams to each possible locations. I'm with HappyDaze on the Ion trail sounding bogus, especially since in Star Wars ships are entering another dimension to achieve FTL. At least with the above tracker a technology is being used that already sends information between the dimensions.
  7. That's one of the great tragedies of Palpatine's rule, the loss of so many primary sources for historical research and continuity of facts. Jedi holocrons in particular, being interactive AIs with the knowledge and personalities of persons of historical significance are amazing resource that have been lost. In real life (from an USA perspective) it would be like losing access to complete interactive digital personalities/knowledge of the Founding Fathers. On the upside - from a game perspective it really does give a license to tell stories however a group wants. Anything could be propaganda, lies, or misinformation. In a FaD game Mon Mothma could know all along that there were other isolated groups of force sensitives out there rebuilding the Jedi traditions, but protected them by maintaining a cell network and prevented one Inquisitor security breach from leading to all their deaths. Luke just becomes the one who became famous and drew most of the attention of the Empire his way, letting others survive and possibly thrive.
  8. Yeah, you always have to be careful about ordering the Admiral Akbar special...
  9. Regarding the Rakata, one of the side quests in KOTOR was to provide them with genetic data from the temple they couldn't get into. If you follow this thread, over the last 5000 years they could have self corrected their genetic damage and slowly rebuilt their strength. No need for intervention from any outside agent. I would doubt even evil Rakata would attempt to re-found the Infinite Empire because the situation in the galaxy is not the same. The Rakata used Force-powered hypderdrives that moved between planets strong in the Force, creating isolated pockets of subjugated peoples. Ancient Rakata transport technology would be at a severe disadvantage to current FTL technology. Not saying the wouldn't make an interesting bad guy, just I would stay away from them wanted to conquer the galaxy personally and provide some other motivations. You could also make it more EotE by creating competing Rakata factions (Force using/non-Force using, Expansionist/Isolationists) to create more of the nooks and crannies where EotE play thrives.
  10. Man that name for them has bugged me for so long (that and calling the rabbit species the Lepp or what ever they are called). A long time ago I decided to run with the alternate planet name of Mon Dac and apply it to the species and system/sector too, My star wars universe does not have a species of Italian appetizers running round falling into traps .
  11. One piece of advise I would offer is, since you are setting it in the unknown regions, I'll assume you will be encountering new cultures/species. I have found random NPC character traits useful for getting the creative juices going when creating them. Using the chart in AoR 331 can serve this purpose. Rolling or randomly choosing 2 to 3 traits and letting your imagination run wild can give you all sorts of alien cultures possibilities, As an example 23 - Silent 38 - Gluttonous 95 - Conniving Could be a a patient species of plant-based sentients that trap and absorb their meals Venus fly-trap style, possess no vocal cords, communicating completely via vine sign language Could be a a naturally telepathic species of gourmand traders Could be a race descended from pack predators that are silent hunters and possesses a robust tradition of teamwork based assassinations. I find throwing in a bit of randomness helps me avoid the anthropomorphized species of the week (no beaver, rabbit, bat, wolf, cat - people here if I can help is )
  12. Think of hyperspace routes like Freeways. The entrances and exits are well known and defined unless you're gonna try something crazy, like coming in from an angle that isn't mapped or scouted often enough to know what mass shadows are hiding in that direction (think how often we find new asteroids that are going to come crazy close to our world). So, you run a big risk of slamming into something that gets in the way. I don't view it quite that way. I tend to think that the possible approach vectors are always changing due to orbital motion of the star(s), planet(s), moon(s) and other stellar bodies in a solar system. All of which need to be calculated each time and only allow a limited number of approaches/exits. There may be a couple of other approaches at other points on the planet that need to be blockaded as well, but for all intents and purposes we never see them, because they are not the route used. Finally, if a planet has limited settlements or points of interests, it doesn't matter what approach is taken, because they still need to enter at the same point to reach their target. Flying though the atmosphere doesn't help most times either, because atmospheric speeds would be significantly less and leave a ship vulnerable to attack from orbital ships,
  13. This is my basic approach, although I reserve the right to completely change things in any campaign my group plays. Back in the day when I occasionally read Star Wars fiction there was just something about the Vong that completely turned me off and I ignore/haven't read anything about that era.
  14. The best part of being a surgeon is I still get to cut open meatbags. The worst part is I have to sew them up afterwards. "I need to disinfect" definitely has a new meaning coming from an HK Medic!
  15. I have no idea the history of the versions and haven't read any of the books or comics, so I have no idea which version Christie Golden wrote, but since the longer version is in the Jedi Path, I am assuming she wrote the shorter one? As far as the Kanan comic, I'll keep it in mind, but the long version seems more in tune with the Dogma of the Clone Era Jedi.
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