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  1. That definitely seems like their intention, but gosh, it would've been great if they'd done a better job expressing it when they made the new card. As it is, the wording is just leading to confusion and, surely, disagreements on the table.
  2. This, plus the fact that getting said cards, to perform said combos and thereby remain competitive, requires a constant stream of steady purchasing, at least if one wishes to participate in store tourneys and whatnot. My local game group decided that enough was enough, especially once the releases strayed away from the ships of the original trilogy and old expanded universe. Ironically, I also play a WWI-themed flying game called Wings of Glory which was the literal inspiration for X-Wing. My local game group, die-hard sci-fi and fantasy fans, eschewed Wings of Glory for years because they weren't so interested in historicals. Now they've found that it actually is the no-BS dogfighting game they were hoping to find in X-Wing (in Wings of Glory, the planes are the planes, and while there are pilot abilities, they are far more limited and less overwhelming than in X-Wing). Go figure!
  3. To be clear, I was talking about Force Awakens. Rogue One precipitated precisely zero games of X-Wing in our already-burnt-out scene.
  4. X-Wing has pretty much died out in my local area. It's still a fun game, but most players got out of the system as they were not fans of the constant treadmill of purchases required to acquire upgrade cards, and the impression of power creep in the meta (i.e. new releases always seem to have superior rules to older waves). Also, I think there was a lot of hype in the lead-up to the new movie, but after it came out I suspect a bit of SW burnout set in.
  5. The wording on this card is atrocious. I have read both this thread and the other one linked, and FFG's post about the FAQ, and whatever they were trying to accomplish with this nerf, the only thing that's clear is that they have made a hash of explaining their intent. IMHO, if they meant it to only apply in the case of an overlap at the end of movement, then the wording should be "if you do not..." By phrasing it "if you did not", the the implication is that any overlap of a ship or obstacle by the maneuver template OR the final position of the ship will preclude the free action. Which seems to be the opposite of the interpretation proposed in this thread. I'm not saying which is right or wrong - I'm saying the revised card text has done a bad job of unambiguously conveying FFG's intent.
  6. surfimp

    T-65 Fix?

    I think that, for sure, part of your pre-match strategy has to take into account the list you're flying and the specific composition of the opponent you're facing. And then you have to adopt tactics to execute that strategy. Online at least, I think there's way too much emphasis placed on list building. I get why - people are trying to wring every last bit of performance out of what's been released - but how you use the list is really important, too. With that said, one of the strengths of the Porkins' Revenge list versus alternatives that have similar firepower and hitpoints is that it gives an element of control. Not in terms of controlling movement of the opponent's ships, but rather in what the opponent has to shoot at (Biggs) in the early rounds. The combo of DTF + R5-P9 on Porkins helps Biggs survive a bit longer, as does Integrated Astromech. Biggs' survival into combat turn two or three means there's just a huge amount of firepower pointed at whatever the formation is flying towards. The longer Biggs lives, the worse it gets for the opponent - because in most cases, that means none of the other X-Wings have taken much if any damage yet (you need to fly the formation close to the enemy you're targeting to ensure Biggs' ability is in play - that's your shield for the rest of the squad). This is somewhat different than other lists where the absence of Biggs means the opponent is free to choose the most advantageous target. Again, I want to re-iterate that I don't think this is a Worlds or otherwise uber-competitive list, and that wasn't the point in making it. The point was to determine whether Integrated Astromech was a good buff to the T-65, and whether it could make the T-65 viable as a competitive ship. I really like T-65 X-Wings, but when I started playing this game ~6mo. ago, all the talk was about how bad they were. When IA was released, I wondered if it might not be an answer. I did a bunch of different versions of the list over the course of 3mo+ till it got to its current form, which I'm quite happy with. And it works pretty darn well, at least in our current local meta - where the opponents have all definitely faced it before. I'm satisfied it's pretty good.
  7. surfimp

    T-65 Fix?

    By picking one target, flying all four X-Wings at it in formation, and shooting it until it's dead from range 2-3 where it's much harder for the arc dodger to dodge all 4 arcs. Rinse repeat until Biggs is dead, then spread out the remaining X-Wings and start putting the remaining enemy ships into pickles where they are sandwiched in the middle between 2-3 X-Wings that have put the enemy into a killbox. The end game usually sees the remaining one or two enemy ships getting chased down by two full health Rookies. It's pretty easy to drag and bag... the enemy picks one Rookie to chase - the "drag" - and the other slots in behind for the "bag". Basic 2v1 air combat tactic. Add bumps as needed to deny actions. Yesterday my son beat a RAC/Vader build with it, both RAC and Vader had engine boost IIRC. I've used it in the past versus Palpmobile + Soontir/Vader, as well as vs Phantoms, Dash/Corran, etc. All with good success. Versus turrets, same concept. Son faced a Scum list with Palob w/TLT, Y-Wing with Unhinged and TLT, and three Z-95s. Went 100-56 (lost Biggs and Porkins).
  8. Never, his "ability" is ignored. Porkins' actual value comes from being the lowest point cost T-65 pilot capable of taking an EPT. By giving him R5-P9 and Draw Their Fire, he can eat crits to his shields for Biggs, which he can then regenerate via R5-P9. The purpose, in the early game, is to keep Biggs alive longer. Keeping Biggs alive - and flying in tight formation - makes the whole squad survive longer.And ensures that whatever they shoot at will die, usually pretty quickly. 12-16 red dice are no joke. Integrated Astromech is just gravy on the top. In the mid game (i.e. after Biggs is dead), R5-P9 helps Porkins stay alive longer, and situationally he can continue to use DTF to help save the Rookies (although normally the Rookies are ignored in favor of Porkins). Porkins usually becomes the target of the opponent's fire once Biggs dies. Once both Biggs and Porkins are dead (if the game lasts that long), you usually find yourself in mop-up mode with two full health T-65s... which are brutal in the late game. I have no illusions about the absolute competitiveness of this list - it will never be seen at Worlds or anything like that. But it is a good and strong list that, IMHO, shows that Integrated Astromech can truly be the buff the T-65 was looking for.
  9. surfimp

    T-65 Fix?

    Your Son is clearly a god of X-Wing on par with Paul Heaver then, because that list is absolutely abysmal (no offense). Porkins with R5-P9 and Draw Their Fire? Really? How are you going to trigger his ability? The single K-Turn? Read the thread, the mechanics of the list are explained. Summary: Porkins is the cheapest T-65 pilot with an EPT... which is his actual ability (you ignore the silly stress thing). You give Porkins R5-P9 and DTF to boost Biggs' durability, which in turn boosts the whole squad's durability... which is also boosted by Integrated Astromech. You have to fly in formation to keep everyone at range 1 until Biggs dies. It works... four T-65s have some pretty legit damage output.
  10. Update: my 11 year old son took this list to our FLGS's Winter Tourney today and took 1st place, going 3-0 against a field of the most experienced X-Wing players in our town. I'm stoked!!
  11. surfimp

    T-65 Fix?

    So my 11 year old son took my Porkins' Revenge quadruple T-65 list to our FLGS's X-Wing Winter Tourney and won 1st place, going 3-0 against a field comprised of the most experienced X-Wing players in our small coastal town. It's just one data point, but there it is....
  12. Well besides the focused fields of fire, thanks to ships like Biggs, Howlrunner, Jendon, Draw Their Fire, Fleet Officer, Dutch Vander and many, many others, there already are. But yeah OP, I like your "Flight of the Generics" style ideas. Has a good feel to it. You stay classy, you little shrunken head you. I have an XXXX list using Porkins w/DTF & R5-P9, Biggs, and 2 Rookies. Biggs and the Rookies all bring R2s and IA. Works really well, but does require close formation flying for the DTF & Biggs benefits. The firepower is pretty reliably devastating.
  13. surfimp

    T-65 Fix?

    I've been proxying Integrated Astromech on my Porkins' Revenge XXXX list since the card was announced in September. After working through a few iterations, I'm extremely happy with its performance, enough that I bought four T-70 expansions so I could have the real cards. It has beaten almost everything it has faced, including the standard competitive archetype builds (Palpmobile + 2 Aces, Brobots, TIE Swarms, Fat Han, Dash/Corran, 4Y TLT, etc.). I think there's quite a lot of debate about this but, having flown this list almost exclusively and learned to adapt its tactics to suit different types of opponents, I'm pretty confident I have a good chance of beating anything with it. I intend to test this theory in actual competitive play in the upcoming season. Oh, and I'm having tons of fun, too, which is really the most important thing. Four X-Wings in tight formation looks awesome on the table.
  14. I often think the opposite. It's mainly Imperial players crying that the X-wing is fine as it is, and everyone who actually flies them needs to git gud. IA doesn't fix the X-wing. Math supports this, people who fly the X-wing already knew this, and next year when the X-wing once again fails to show up at Worlds, FFG might do something about it. I dunno, I fly my XXXX list almost exclusively and it's working really well for me against all kinds of opponents within my local meta. It doesn't have to win at Worlds for me to have a lot of fun with it, and not be handicapped in any perceptible way with it. Oh, and I've been playing X-Wing for about 4 months now, against far more experienced opponents flying plenty of meta-defining lists. I guess it's not the list, I'm just that good! LOL ;-)
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