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  1. Yeah, Bounty Hunter has Assassin and Soldier has Sharpshooter. A friend combined the two in a high XP game to quite devastating effect.
  2. It's basically GM's call what weapons are and aren't subject to Reflect, but even if it did work on ship scale damage, it would reduce to 4 ship scale damage which is 40 character scale damage which is still more than enough to wipe out anything human sized unless you're giving them an absurd wound threshold for some reason.
  3. Essentially, you'd be using a blaster rifle since they can fire into long range. I've played a sniper type character myself and found the Telescopic Optical Sight and Marksman Barrel weapon attachments really helpful to actually feel like a sniper. The former is in the F&D core book, the latter is in the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion corebooks so depending on what books you have available, you may only be able to have the scope. As an alternative, the Seeker sourcebook has a similar barrel attachment but it's a restricted item, but the actual rarity is pretty low so it just depends on how generous the GM is feeling (again, that depends on the books available) Edit: I think the Seeker and/or Explorer sourcebooks have a couple of weapons that are specifically intended to be sniper rifles, but at least one of them is essentially the blaster rifle + attachment combo I listed, just already factored together and without the potential barrel mods.
  4. Only about 50 XP ahead, really, and even that is fluid depending on how circumstances in game change. I do, however, have an idealized version of my first F&D character now that more source books are out that is loosely mapped out up to about 200 XP.
  5. We had a 4 person party with 2 F&D characters go through and really the only major change the GM made was mentioning that since the Jedi was a General for the Republic, his holocron might have military secrets from the era that might still be relevant against the Empire even if we didn't end up finding the Jedi himself.
  6. It's just a basic stun pistol (6 damage, 3 crit, short range). No other mods on it. That being the case, is there anything that differentiates it from holding a saber in one hand and a blaster in the other aside from novelty? And since I forgot to ask in the first post, what mods does the Etaan crystal have?
  7. I assume the pistol hilt has its own mini-stat block? Any mods for it? (That plus the Etaan crystal seem tailor made for the Sentinel I was trying to play in the last game. Shame it wrapped already)
  8. The entire left branch of the Sense power helps. Armored clothing, Jedi Temple Armor or the Lorridan crystal depending on your source book availability and modding ability also doesn't hurt. I will say, though, that even with just the three ranks in the Shien tree and Supreme Reflect, even though I wasn't the party's main combatant, I took frankly absurd amounts of damage in certain combats and didn't cross my wound threshold (my effective soak against blaster fire was 9). Sure, activating the effect of Improved was rare, but I still felt really powerful.
  9. Materials for lightsabers are surprisingly hand wavey in this system. I think it's the supplement with the DM screen that mentions it could be as simple as a durasteel pipe with the mechanical bits shoved into it. It could be as simple as a soon to be lightsaber wielder raiding a junk yard or the in-universe equivalent of a Radio Shack and repurposing spare blaster parts and such.
  10. I played an Artisan/Shien Expert in what ended up being a 300+ XP game and I always found myself with something to do. I modded the group's equipment to give us a bit of an edge, we had a dedicated pilot so the ship specific talents were useful plus all of the basic mechanic/computer ship actions, the career skills were nice even if I didn't have the talents to really capitalize on them (we had a devoted sneaky guy/infiltrator so I was able to tag along in case he got caught, so he wasn't alone), and by the time we ended the game my lightsaber's Ilum crystal was almost completely modded. Add that with the lightsaber style and I was actually really handy in a fight as well as long as I wasn't too reckless. It's a nice, well rounded career in a game that favors well rounded characters a bit more than other systems.
  11. For Wound thresholds, take your suggestion for increasing costs. The Protector has two 5 point Toughness talents and Soresu Defender has a third. 15xp would become 30 (5, 10, and 15 if you're multiplying by instances taken) and that's assuming you keep the first instance cost at 5. Then compare it to a Mystic with two 10 point instances and a 25 point instance. By the same metric, 45 xp drops to 30 xp. It's probably less of a problem for Strain because the talent to increase is more common across character types and the Enduring talent kind of depends on how available you make it whether or not Soak would be largely affected. And my playtesting comment was mostly saying that while just changing how talents work would meet your goal of a more freeform, it could cause hiccups in other places like making it easier to cherry pick particular potent combos and trivializing certain skill checks, etc.
  12. It seems like it would be a lot easier to leave specializations mostly as is, but remove the connecting lines and say something like "You can't buy a 10xp Talent until you buy at least one 5xp Talent, etc." Although that doesn't work in fringe cases like the Rain of Death talent in the Heavy tree which seems to be balanced around taking a handful of 25xp Talents before getting it, a 20xp Talent. Or something closer to Dark Heresy 2e's proficiency system. But more to the point, any change that grandiose would require a lot of playtesting and would probably result in greater system changes than just how talents are acquired. Like that it would fundamentally change how Wound and Strain thresholds (and to a lesser extent Soak) advance either making characters too tanky or too squishy depending on how it was handled.
  13. The character seems to be a Colonist Doctor. The Knowledge (Education) is a career skill for the Career and Spec so if you're converting it to the full game, it's most likely that one.
  14. Since it's still ultimately a social check in this case, even 100 successes won't make someone act against their own interests. It's kind of crappy, but sometimes you have to just say no. What you can do, though, is offer alternatives. No, you can't charm the Admiral into lending his Star Destroyer, but maybe you can convinced some of the security personnel that you have important business on the bridge and take it (just using your example as a springboard)
  15. It's also perfectly okay to admit that this system might not be a fit for your group if heavy progression is something that everyone wants, and if Star Wars is what you want there's always Saga edition. Although, I will say that we just finished a roughly 250 XP game and then started over with starting characters and I can definitely tell there was a difference. It's a slow burn, but the advancement is certainly there. If one of your characters is a mechanic of some flavor, weapon and armor mods can get silly if you can manage a second or third one on the same attachment.
  16. Is it bad that I already have a campaign in mind called The Force and the Furious?
  17. Grenades are under the Ranged (Light) umbrella. Explosives are in the Hired Gun book and I THINK use Mechanics. Mines say they use Mechanics, but there is no actual ruling as to how the attack roll is made (if it's rolled when it's placed, when it's triggered, how Perception could be used to avoid it, etc)
  18. So the text doesn't give any suggestions (other than going over each Gatekeepers' general area of knowledge/function), but I'm wondering if any GMs have assigned additional career skills to the holocrons that you find over the course of the adventure? Since you gain three in (relatively) quick succession I probably wouldn't give more than one each, but I'm mostly curious what others have done.
  19. At creation, you'll get the most bang for your buck spending on Characteristics. Whichever ones your primary skills run on should probably be 3. If you're super focused on a particular one (say, if you were going to focus primarily on Mechanics, Computers, Astrogation, etc) you could even bump one to 4. It's really pricey to raise them later since you have to buy a Dedication talent and the early ranks of skills are super cheap, so one or two sessions of XP will make up for whatever you couldn't buy in skill ranks at creation. How soon you should spend on Talents varies by career/spec. In your case, since I assume you're starting with a Training Lightsaber, Shien Technique is a good one to get early, but a lot of others you can hold off on until your skills rolls are at a comfortable place. Force Powers also kind of vary, but you're not going to be using the upgrades for them very often (if at all, frankly) when you only have a Force Rating of 1. I'd probably recommend avoiding them all together for a while if you're starting with a Lightsaber tree, but it won't really hold you back if your heart is set on having them.
  20. I think you're thinking of the core books as supplements of each other rather than 3 different game lines that can be used together. F&D games focus specifically on Force users, so those characters need access to it from the beginning. They aren't specifically Jedi trees because the characters (barring occasional backstories of Padawans surviving Order 66) aren't strictly Jedi. In the other lines, the Force plays as much of a role as the characters and plot dictate. A character taking FS Emergent/Exile may well have been Force Sensitive all along (owing their unusual success to luck or exceptional skill) but once they take the specialization, the Force becomes a mechanically and narratively relevant aspect of the character. That the Universal trees synergize with F&D characters is incidental to them being good, well rounded trees.
  21. Talents are what you're looking for for your personal defense, things like Dodge, Side Step, etc. Or in the case of Force and Destiny/Force Sensitives in general the Sense power.
  22. Also, isn't the crit what killed him here? 142 is "Dies on the end of next round" isn't it? So he could have had all the soak in the world, but if even only a point got through the enemy would have been dead.
  23. A vibro-axe in capable hands, a weapon with Autofire and a rank or two of True Aim, any combat focused character can one shot a single enemy with some degree of regularity and it's equally easy to reach that point with any of the combat skills and from the look of the results, the character is using a fully modded Ilum crystal. As cool as climactic final battles with a lone enemy are, they need more meat shields in this system.
  24. I think we're at 280 XP earned and I've got two, Artisan and Shien Expert, and every party member has at least taken a second spec if not invested into talents. Neither of mine are anywhere near what I would consider "complete" and probably won't be since we're wrapping within the foreseeable future. No Force powers because I'm primarily the mechanic although Sense is tempting with Improved Reflect, but I'm filling in some holes in my skill ranks right now.
  25. Someone mentioned the Guard Shoto needing a high Agility. How high are we talking?
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