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  1. Cahhmakt

    Battle of the Borderland 2

    Thanks for hosting this. I had a lot of fun for my first tournament. I will be definitely coming back for you @Megatronrex ! Aim small, miss small
  2. Yea I was curious about the skirmish cards too.
  3. That you again for bringing this to the community. You have really made life easier for all of us.
  4. Cahhmakt

    Battlefront USA customer service

    Infiltrate the dealers, find the suppliers.
  5. Cahhmakt

    The Chewie Awards

    Raymus > chirp-a-derp
  6. Cahhmakt

    7 weeks "On the boat"

    It would be really nice if FFG could give us some update about it, whether it be a delay or something.
  7. Ecm, gotta be able to use dat brace
  8. Thank you for this! Maybe you should add a donation button
  9. Cahhmakt

    Unofficial objective cards

    Maybe the winded prey ship could be worth doubled if it survives rather than just 75?
  10. Cahhmakt

    A-Wing MVP

    Just because A wings worked good in worlds this time does not mean they will be as great once wave 2 comes out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying A wings will be bad, but you will have to consider how the new scums and villains will be in comparison to them. And really, any uncontested squadron mass will greatly affect the outcome of a battle.
  11. They don't like you imperialists anyways.
  12. By then Battlefront 3 will be out so interest in Armada will go down.
  13. Cahhmakt

    Armada is completely dead in my meta.

    Best advice thus far!
  14. Cahhmakt

    Collection Upgrades

    Two of each! Double the guards! Double the weapons! Double everything!