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  1. Generally the discourse on the L5R boards has been pretty good. Generally.
  2. I've been on the Discord for a while; I guess I'll need to get in the habit of checking Reddit, too. Though it really feels like the story & lore discussions get buried there, at least when I've gone looking.
  3. @TheHobgoblyn, your argument is wildly inconsistent with the text, flies in the face of what we know about FFG's stance as a company, and is insulting to at least one member of this community. Drop it.
  4. But as with several of your other points, that doesn't matter to how players perceive the change, and whether they resent the Mantis for it. There was a cool flavor available that was not Mantis; then that flavor got dropped, and in its place was another member of Yoritomo's merry pirate crew.
  5. A goodly chunk of the Mantis hate stems from how they Borged other Minor Clans and more or less wiped out what made them interesting. I can't recall the exact phrasing, but I recall somebody going off on an amazing tear once about how the Centipede went from "pious sun priestesses" to "pirate henchwenches." Mantis flavor isn't inherently bad, but when it starts assimilating everything around it . . .
  6. holy &#$@ that's the actual cover of the actual book
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