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  1. "Koburi Sozan" should be "Kobori Sozan."
  2. Becoming an ancestor in Yomi and achieving enlightenment are separate things. It's true that samurai are higher in the Celestial Order than heimin, and I don't know of any heimin in Yomi, but enlightenment is a different matter entirely. The heterodoxy of the Perfect Land Sect lies in how they say enlightenment is achieved (among other things), not in saying that it's available to everybody.
  3. Orthodox Shinseism doesn't say you have to be a samurai to achieve enlightenment. In fact, quite a lot of monks were born heimin.
  4. Well said! I wrote some stuff into my home game about using iaido to respond to surprise attacks (if you're honorable) or launching surprise attacks (if you're not), but still kept the gunslinger-style dueling because it's such an ingrained part of the setting at this point. Maybe the Mirumoto all have minor nemuranai saya that pull themselves back during the draw? :-)
  5. You're halfway to a complete fanfic. :-)
  6. No such thing! ;-) Since I used to do combat choreography for theatre and literally wrote an ebook about writing fight scenes, you can bet your tabi that I will do this the moment I get a suitable scenario for it. :-D
  7. Bookmark this: I advise you to bookmark it because you can customize a bunch of things about that dictionary, and I've set it so the default is to display things in romaji (the Roman alphabet) rather than Japanese writing. I've also made it so that it will default to checking the box you can see there for displaying only "commonly used words" -- that will mean wading through far, far fewer search results. You can always uncheck that if you search for a word too obscure to count as commonly used. There are obviously many hazards to just relying on a dictionary without knowledge of the language (that's how you end up with place names like Shiro sano Ken Hayai), but for a home game? Eh. I don't see a problem with it.
  8. Yes, using military titles works, just like it does in English (differentiating between Sergeant Ramirez and General Ramirez), and I think it can in theory work both of the ways you described: Doji-chui and Chui-san/sama. People who govern castles or cities or provinces can be called by their estate names* in place of family names, e.g. Nikesake-sama. And if you want to stick to English, then yeah, talking about the Chancellor or the Minister of Trade or whatever is perfectly polite and makes things a lot clearer. *This would work better if L5R didn't have a history of being omgwtfbbq terrible at constructing place names. Calling somebody Shiro sano Ken Hayai-sama doesn't really work as well as Hayato-sama or Souken-sama.
  9. I haven't read every single thread, but while I've seen a lot of people arguing against a corrupted faction in the sense of "on par with and equivalent to a Great Clan in the card game," I don't recall seeing a single person arguing against a corrupted mechanic. Quite the contrary: lots of people have been rooting for that idea, for a whole host of reasons ranging from game balance to narrative subtlety. There may well be exceptions (as I said, I haven't read every thread), but on the whole, people seem to be in favor of having corruption represented that way. And this is why I think using "Spider" as the moniker for Whatever Might Happen With Corruption in Nu5R is just muddying the waters more and more, to no particularly good end. There are plenty of cool things to do with Bloodspeakers, the Shadowlands, and everything Taint-related that aren't the Spider as we knew them.
  10. Since I'm the one who wrote that bit for the previous edition, I can say with confidence that a) it's not binding on the reboot and b) it's one of several different approaches I've cooked up over time, trying to balance questions of accuracy, granularity, accessibility, and so forth. It's true that, as blackwingedheaven says, there's a degree of historical mixing going on -- but since Rokugan itself mixes Heian courtliness with Sengoku militarism and Tokugawa material culture (before you even consider the Chinese/Mongolian/etc touches), I figure that's about par for the course. The suffixes in Imperial Archives were indeed intended to introduce a bit of linguistic distinction between higher-ranking samurai generally and those in the very top echelons . . . since you can bet the average Rokugani samurai does not go around calling their clan champion "Tsukune" or "Hotaru," and just referring to "Shiba-sama" or "Doji-sama" really doesn't narrow the field. :-P
  11. Then I genuinely don't know what you mean when you proposed "bloodthirsty warriors" who want to "exacerbate" other people's conflicts. To exacerbate means to make worse, and you described them as people who seem almost to be demons in their love of war. I'm being sincere when I say that if you have a different vision in mind for them than what those words imply, I'd like to know it. I reacted to what got said in several posts, and (as I said above) the descriptions as given pretty much just imply bloodshed and death for the sake of bloodshed and death: "bloodthirsty," "demons," "exacerbat[ing] other people's conflicts," etc. You've taken that in a different direction here, talking about strength more than bloodthirst, adding in spiritual philosophy and enlightenment and so on -- sort of a cross between the Dragon and the Crab -- which could be interesting; but I was responding to the pitch that had been made, not the pitch one could make.
  12. I understand that there is also a problem when a clan is described as X and behaves as Y. But my point is that the Scorpion, when taken as their own thing (rather than as the failure mode of the Crane), have a clear appeal. They're the ones who do the dirty work the other clans are too ~honorable~ and ~pure~ to touch. All the original Great Clans have a clear appeal, even if it isn't my cup of tea; I can see how they're the heroes in certain kinds of stories. But a clan whose entire core concept is "we just like killing, so much so that people wonder if we're demons, and we throw ourselves into fights that don't involve us just to make 'em bloodier"? The only kinds of players I can see that appealing to are ones I wouldn't want to play with, because that's more or less the definition of a griefer.
  13. Right . . . but your call was for a clan of bloodthirsty warriors, which is how the Lion are currently behaving, which is a thing people have been complaining about. So while there might be room for Clan Toshigoku if the Lion genuinely came across as the honorable warriors, I don't think people would like them very much, because they don't like the echo of it we've got right now -- and it isn't entirely because of the disconnect between what the Lion should be and what they are. It's because people who "want to join in or even exacerbate the situation" whether the conflict involves them or not are, not to put too fine a point on it, a**holes. And say what you will about the Lion or the Crane or the Scorpion or whichever clan you like the least, they have something going for them beyond being a**holes.
  14. I find that ironic, given how many people are complaining about the Lion being militaristic and aggressive warmongers. The one thing they aren't depicted as being is pragmatic . . . but if people already complain about the bloodthirsty jerkwads who keep attacking other clans just because they can, then a) we don't need another clan full of 'em and b) they won't be any more popular than the Lion currently are.