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  1. Edit: Deleted, that was stupid.
  2. Regen Poe and TLT Miranda - simply because that's what I played in my very first tournament (and was very close to winning half the games with!) But I'm also a big fan of Dash with a Ghost, even though I haven't had as much success with it... If only Poe was as good today as he was a year ago .
  3. Awesome! Good to have you back, and all the best to Joe and Tyson.
  4. The K-Wing! Having Miranda in my squad enabled me to win half my games in my first tournament. I then went on to lost all games but one in my SECOND tournament, but still .
  5. You know what this means, right? $50 U-Wings all over Ebay!
  6. I'm I truly, honestly can't tell if it's an overlap or not, I generally roll a red die. On a hit/crit, it's an overlap, on a blank/eye it's not. More fun that way .
  7. They could also just do 1 forwards to remain touching indefinitely, if facing each other . Otherwise I second what Klutz said. "Touching" in the game doesn't just mean that the bases are physically touching, it means that the ships overlapped and are thus considered touching. You can't be touching another ship unless you overlapped it first, or it overlapped you.
  8. It's the opposite, actually. You'd want your weapons mounted as close together as possible, and as close to the centerline as you can - hence why the P-38 Lightning (with 2 cannon and 4 machine guns mounted together in the nose cone) was a great weapons platform in WW2, while the wing-mounted weapons of most fighters were really only effective at one specific range band (i.e. where they were harmonized). The X-Wing seems set up to make sure that you hit with as few shots as possible, even MORE so when the S-foils are in "attack" position, spreading the guns out even further! And don't get me started on the B-Wing, which would most likely miss close shots entirely, as the target would pass between the guns. But X-Wings look cool, so I try not to let mundane concerns such as these bother me too much .
  9. This is the reason I use them as well. Otherwise I'd forget that ship has a crit. But at tournaments, I'm usually the only one who does this.
  10. My opponent literally taught me this a few weeks ago, at Regionals! Sure, it was just my third tournament overall, but still - I should have known that . Haven't really had any bad losers, just one guy who tried to stress me into making bad moves from the start. It worked, and I parked my Poe in front of his Brobot and Bossk at range 2, facing the wrong way... But I still won the game .
  11. Rebel Aces is great, and I second the T-70 - it's very playable out of the box, with the included cards (unlike many expansions, sadly).
  12. You mean like the YT-2400?
  13. I liked it, though my main takeaway was Paul's 4-ship Rebel list, as I love rebels and really don't like having to fly two large ships to survive the current meta . I don't mind the shorter format, as my commute to work has been shorter lately, so it matches perfectly! Any chance you could put up all lists mentioned in the episode on the blog, or here, or both? Would be a nice service, even though I've already reassembled Paul's list from the podcast so I can try it myself .
  14. no they'd agree because both used only Poe I dunno about that... If you listen to the latest Nova Squadron podcast, Paul has been running a list with a PS2 T-70 lately, and it sure sounds interesting. I'm going to have to try it myself, as I do love this little ship.
  15. You know, now that you mention it... I think you might be right. And that would be awesome!
  16. No-one is stopping you from dropping two bombs in casual games - just agree to a house rule beforehand.
  17. I think it'll have a harder time against aces, yeah. But the main problem there is probably going to be my inability to fly swarms - if I can place my arcs well enough, at least one or two ships will have a shot at most things. Still not sure if I'll seriously pursue this list, but it's an interesting idea for sure.
  18. So, I was listening to the Nova Squadron podcast last night, and they were talking about ways to beat the U-boats/Triple toilet seat list. One of the ideas they threw around was taking as many small ships as you possibly could and giving them the maximum amount of (preferably modified) dice to throw at the U's. Sounded like a good idea to me, so I tried putting it together in my favorite squad builder. It's basically five Talas with concussion missiles, and one with thread tracers. It's a 20 damage alpha strike with target lock, focus (they all focus before firing, of course) and guidance chimps, and the U-boats can't take them all out at once. What do you think? Should I start buying Z-95:s in bulk? MISSILE SWARM Lots of Talas with munitions 99 points PILOTS Tala Squadron Pilot (14) Z-95 Headhunter (13), XX-23 S-thread Tracers (1), Guidance Chips (0) Tala Squadron Pilot (17) x 5 Z-95 Headhunter (13), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/472044/missile-swarm#
  19. If you have the points, R2-D2 is an option, so you don't have to have an action to regenerate. R5-P9 synergizes nicely with Poe's ability, but sometimes you just get stressed . I usually also give him Autothrusters.
  20. That's because they're playing in German. Germans always localize everything.
  21. Triple U-boat. I prefer "triple toilet seat".
  22. Popecorn from the vaticane? Should it be palpcorn in this game ? The vaticane is what we get out when someone's been naughty on the forums.
  23. I wouldn't say I'm intimidated, more excited. If I win against a player much more experienced than me: awesomeness! If I lose, I'll not only have learned a lot, I also have the perfect excuse: He's obviously way more experienced than me!
  24. Well, lt sure looks like cheating, and the timing is very suspicious. But whether he cheated or not, he did break the tournament rules by fiddling with his dial during activation.
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