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  1. Skills, mad skills! They look awesome. I especially like that you made them almost entirely unique. Now I am jealous and have to paint mine!!!
  2. If you think you are close to being discovered...MOVE YOUR BASE! It fits in with the end of "A New Hope" and start of "The Empire Strikes Back" where the Rebel base was on Yavin. Then the Rebels moved their base to Hoth! I will quarterback it for you in Star Wars: Rebellion terms. 1. The Rebel base was revealed in the Yavin system. 2. The Rebel player played the "Rapid Mobilization" mission to be able to move the base, but it only activates at the end of the turn! 3. That same turn, the DEATH STAR moves to the Yavin system destroy the Rebel base along with a contingent of TIE fighters. 4. But when the DEATH STAR moved in, the Rebel player had fighters (X-wings, Y-Wings) there and a space combat ensued. 5. There was one round of space combat. Many Rebel fighters and some TIE fighters were destroyed. 6. But after that first round of combat, the Rebels still had fighters left and they had the DEATH STAR Plans card. So they rolled 3 dice but did not get a direct hit icon on any of their dice. 7. Another round of space combat ensued with even more Rebel fighters and TIE fighters destroyed. 8. But again, after this second round of combat, the Rebels still had a few fighters left. 9. The Rebel player still had the DEATH STAR Plans card. But he actually looked at his action cards this time and saw that he had the "One in a million" card with both Luke and Wedge at the battle. So this time he used both of those card to score the direct hit dice roll he need to blow up the DEATH STAR. (2 Reputation points...woot!) 10. At the end of the turn, the "Rapid Mobilization" card activated. The Rebels were able to draw 4 "Probe Droid" cards and selected Hoth as their new base.
  3. Has anyone made a cheat sheet mini map that the Imperial player can mark up with there "intel?" Finding it a little difficult keeping where I have been and what I have probed clear in my mind.
  4. But the Rebels can retreat if they want after a round of combat.
  5. I am assuming that you do not have the game yet and are asking about an online picture or something of that nature?
  6. There are two phases here. Phase one: Resolve the Mission! From your description, I am assuming you are referring to the "LEAD THE STRIKE TEAM" mission. So to start, you reveal the mission and place the assigned leader to the system, in this case Han Solo. This is not a System Activation!!! At this point the Empire player has a chance to oppose the mission, if he wants and it is possible, with a leader that has the Spec Ops (fist) icon. In this case, you said that the Imperial player did not have one of the required leaders so the mission goes unopposed, making it a success. This allows the Rebel player to move up to 4 ground units from the Rebel Base space to the system, "ignoring transport restrictions and adjency" rules. Basically they smuggled in the strike force. Now we move to the last line on the card. "If there are Imperial ground units in this system, resolve a combat." From you description, there are Imperial ground units in the system. Resolve the combat. This means, the mission is over and the combat starts. Phase two: Resolve the combat The mission at this point is done...this is a new combat! Follow all the rules governing combat. So, the first thing is "Add Leader" from page 4 of the Rules Reference. If a player does not have a leader with tactic values in the system, he can add one from his leader pool. Well, the Rebel player clearly has Han Solo in the system. He has 2 for Space Tactics and 2 for Ground tactics. So the Rebel player can't add a new leader. But as you described, the Imperial player does not have a leader with any tactics values in the system, so he can add one from his leader pool. Remember, the mission is over, so he does not need the Spec Ops "fist" icon. The only requirement is to have tactics values. Once the Imperial player choses or or to add a leader, resolve the combat as normal with cards and dice for ground combat only as there are no Rebel ships to battle with the Imperial ships, only ground units.
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