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  1. Q10fanatic

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Presumably though, a control list + ace is going to struggle to put actual damage through and will suffer from the lack of mods that Palp or Sloan, etc. can provide. You mention Miranda, but I think it would more resemble poorly played control bots. Historically, that is a ton of burden of execution to take on yourself.
  2. Q10fanatic

    Blog: Exploring new 2.0 TIE swarm options

    Formations = Tie Swarm Non-formation, massed numbers = Tie Zerg Rush?
  3. Q10fanatic

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Oh, forgot about the front arc limitation. Yeah, thats going to be hard to figure out.
  4. Q10fanatic

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    A turret will move, then (if necessary) rotate arc. Boba can move and (if necessary) boost to get things in arc. The Firespray can even still have mods. It's not exactly the same, but its a lot closer than the Firespray was to 1.0 turrets. As far as other builds go, I'm not sure we have enough information to see how we might use the other turrets. Assaj/Ketsu should still be disruptive. Falcon could provide support? JM5K might benefit from some crew/droid that opens up the dial or adds mods somehow. I suspect, but can't prove, that there will be a scum droid that helps the JM5K. That might be the reliable, 3 dice turret we need.
  5. Q10fanatic

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    I feel like it’s important to keep the Firespray in mind when considering the Scum turrets. While it’s not a turret, it is going to have a built in white boost and Slave 1 title for positioning superiority. Boba Fett and Marauder title will have built in mods. While I haven’t put it on a table yet, I feel like the Firespray may actually function like the “fat turret” of Scum, so we shouldn’t look to the other ships for that.
  6. Q10fanatic

    Triple IG-88's?

    Also, A will provide an amazing support ability. Is there a range limitation on passing the Calculate tokens? I could see this being how a mindlink type of mechanic is brought into the game for scum.
  7. Q10fanatic

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    This may be where the old Adv. Sensors mechanic has migrated to; Force users instead of Systems Slot. And is there any doubt that if 1.0 were continuing that there wouldn’t more people learning to break the card? That’s what happened with Mindlink. It was under the radar for months until enough people started putting together how to fly with it. Honestly, this mechanic reminds me of Kylo pilot. And he would be broken in a 2.0 universe.
  8. Q10fanatic

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    I agree that the cost seems balanced, but I feel like we should acknowledge that Adv. Sensors just won Worlds. You can absolutely do broken things with pre-maneuver actions.
  9. Q10fanatic

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    You’re a computer. It’s different.
  10. Q10fanatic

    Take Action - 2.0 article

    My dream is for Zuckuss to be cheap enough that I can fit Zuckuss, Fenn, and Old T. in a single list. That was my favorite list to fly in 1e and it had by far the best name: TerZuckenn.
  11. Q10fanatic

    Take Action - 2.0 article

    Old Teroch lives!! Yes! Now I just need to see Zuckuss pilot. They already gave me Fenn, Boba, Guri, and Moralo.
  12. Q10fanatic

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Never do math without drinking coffee first.
  13. Q10fanatic

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Someone on Reddit posted a bunch of screenshots. Looks like they got about every card that was shown.
  14. Q10fanatic

    Will the Fang Fighter will be worse in 2.0?

    http://www.dictionary.com/browse/costed Verb used with object, number 6. But my point was that everyone understood what was being communicated and you criticized the post unnecessarily.
  15. Q10fanatic

    Will the Fang Fighter will be worse in 2.0?

    "Costed" is an accepted and widely used term within the miniatures community. Moreover, it is synonymous with "priced" so i don't see how one is better or worse than the other.