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  1. Hence, the difficulty to nail down Guri's price. She can get multiple tokens + a single reposition, which (theoretically) allows her to get above that curve. Anecdotally, I've noticed she gets harder to use in the end game. With fewer enemies around, her ability triggers much less often. Reminds me of the drop off in Mindlink lists once you kill a ship. Your BR fix may be enough to address that actually, as she'll be able to double token+reposition without regard to enemy positioning.
  2. This will be a really interesting thing to watch in the coming meta, and in the Community Mod. PS vs Modification. I think Guri's role may be less defined than Thweek's is at the moment. Thweek is an Ace. He has to be the last to move, otherwise he's worth much less in terms of in-game value. Guri, because of the lower PS, has to be more all-purpose. This is a weaker role (specialization is almost always better) except for those times when it's acceptable. Countess Ryad and Assaj are two recent Mid-PS pilots that have had an all-purpose role. Edit: Mis-titled Ryad
  3. With this fix, I'll take Guri with intensity over Thweek with identical Virago/FCS/thrusters. BR to get a focus and evade? Extra focus from ability? TL from FCS? She'll out modify basically everything else in the game.
  4. He just went 8-0 in our Vassal division. With MOV of 1371.
  5. A sensor slot and Adv. Sensors would fix that!
  6. For the Firespray, what if you had something like Maneuvering Fins? Reveal a bank but you can execute the equivalent turn instead? Or is that too close to Imp. Boba's ability?
  7. So, I get to experience the joys of pre-nerf Whisper now?
  8. Dammit. *Likes this*
  9. I've always felt that the Firespray (natively or as part of Slave I title) should have the Sensor slot. FCS would really help Kath and the lower (Scum) Sprays. Boba would love to have Adv. Sensors or Sensor Jammer. Although your Boba may not benefit as much. Emon Azameem with Trajectory Simulator is somewhat fluffy.
  10. Man, this all looks awesome! A lot to absorb and search through. I thought I saw a change to the Firespray allowing the use of secondary weapons in the rear/auxiliary arc but I can't find it again. Did I make that up?
  11. Better to have the rules lawyer point it out now, and get it fixed, then have some judge get confused and rule wrongly when you face it on the table.
  12. Wait, the BSF doesn't get an EPT?
  13. I just registered for the Regional in Houston. Of 78 slots, only 30 are left. Not sure when tickets became available.
  14. Hello, what have we here?
  15. Really really enjoyed the episode guys! Great discussion of different potential lists in the new meta. Very curious to hear y'all's thoughts on FAA. Also really enjoyed the bumper music, turned the volume up when it played in the car.