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  1. I may steal this list. I love GR with Proton Torps and Ion might be the next best (cheaper) thing.
  2. I can't do it tonight, but I second what Chemical Jedi said. The Vassal community is the maybe the nicest I've ever seen. If you can't find a game tonight, I bet you'll be able to find one the next time you're online. Good luck!
  3. I played against Boba/Fenn with my 3 Fangs/Genesis (Pro Torp) build at a 60 person tournament and came away with a win. Rd. 1 of Engagement - Honorable joust taking place on the left alley. Crucially, Fenn had to slow roll through the rocks or risk a R3 pot shot. Flood the zone with 2 fangs going for the block and another Fang and Genesis at R2. Getting the block doesn't really matter for this part. Fangs like R1 even better than Boba on the joust. Take 3 shields off Boba for 1 damage on a Fang and the shield off Genesis. Rd. 2 - Swing everything over to Fenn, who is now at Range 2 of three ships. Eat a proton bomb on a Fang. Deal half damage to Fenn; deal panicked pilot to Boba (who turned in rather than leapfrogging) on top of 2-3 Maul stress. 2-3 of my ships are on half. Rd. 3-6(?) - One Fang got behind Fenn as he had to turn out. Kept him away from the fight. One crippled Fang held Boba's attention while he ran away. Genesis was behind Boba with a TL and a final Torp. One Fang luckily got in Boba's blind spot and avoided shots, then harassed Boba until Boba went down.
  4. Breaking: FFG will allow Wave 6 in the UK and Fort Worth System Opens. Trying to attach the tweet. Got it!
  5. Koshka is a woman, so far as I know. The end of that sentence was talking about Emon, who is a man. Again, so far as I know.
  6. Koshka rerolls 1 die per stress, call it an extra .5 hits per attack. Emon can deal 4+ damage to a block or drop unblockable mines on unsuspecting aces. Way bigger impact if you know how to set him up.
  7. All depends on the match-ups. HYPErspace is now the ultimate proving ground for @Biophysical's blog on tactics. IF generics can bully aces, it will completely re-shape the X-wing meta.
  8. Skull Fangs, Greer, T-70(?), Tie Swarm(?), anything bringing an I1 blocker, Rebel Beef. Basically, if the I1-I3 stuff has enough guns to punish I5 & I6 then I4 can bring more guns to finish the lower stuff off. This is clearly still theory.
  9. I read this thread every day and I'm not sure I follow this meme. However, I think you're asking where the Initiatives will fall relative to the rest of the meta? I'm expecting 4 = ace, but there will be other 4s so bring a bid.
  10. I'm going to force my opponent to chug Silk.
  11. PTrad swarms have to be called the Proud Boys right? I'm not the only one thinking this?
  12. Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time. One of the best to play the game and one of the early "architects" in X-wing. I hope your health improves and that you can become active again. The community is larger and more competitive in some ways, but it mostly remains the decent and generous group that you remember.
  13. Ship Ability: Beskar Steel - After the compare dice step, you may cancel 1 Critical result.
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