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  1. One, but I feel like that's all it takes.
  2. Q10fanatic


    So, since I already have a C-Roc I do not need to buy the new expansion right? That principle will still apply? All I need will be in the conversion kit?
  3. 0-0-0 and BT-1 are now listed as Hyperspace Legal for Scum. I triple-checked this a couple days ago, so I know that is an update/revision. Has anybody else found any changes so far?
  4. I wasn't expecting to get 0-0-0/BT-1 into Hyperspace but seeing that Imperials get them and we don't is a little frustrating. I'm glad to see the Firespray come down a little, but I'm disappointed the generic Fangs didn't come down at all. I think that could have dropped a point or two and been more competitive.
  5. So, is Trip 0 Hyperspace legal for Imperials but not for Scum?
  6. I flew Boba as part of a double Firespray list all Hyperspace season and got Top 4 and Top 16 with it. I prefer Slave I title, which makes him far more unpredictable. Generally, my most common maneuvers were the 3 Bank and the 1 Hard. With my style, a stressed Boba doesn't do what I need it to do. There were games where my key choice was to take reinforce or keep Boba unstressed for the next turn. A white reinforce solves that problem for me. So, unironic yes.
  7. Boba also has the action efficiency and the beef to consider it.
  8. This allows you to do that without L3. Yes, super pricey but more pricey than an escape craft? Actually, I would run Boba with Slave I, Fearless, and Angled Deflectors. You can 3 bank or 1 hard every turn and still get double mods and get to choose your direction at I5 activation. I ran double firespray all this Hyperspace season and this makes him better, imo.
  9. Oh yeah, I'm not panicking. He'll be stupid expensive. The Boba fanboy in me is loving the absolute terrifying theme of it all though. He could very easily become the point fortress/ace that Scum lacks in the 120 range.
  10. Boba, Fearless, Marauder, Han, Perceptive Copilot, Angled Deflectors. Triple modded red and green dice, 1 stress. Double modded red and green dice + boost, 0 stress.
  11. It depends. You have to play the range game on God mode to play that way. It's viable against Y-wings but against anything else, there's too many modified dice coming at you. So you have to bait and switch, run through rocks, or dive in with Reinforce or mods.
  12. I was the highest performing Scum at the Houston Hyperspace this weekend. I went 4-2, placed 9th, missing cut by about 30 MOV. Boba, Slave I, Fearless, Proton Bombs, Perceptive CoPilot & Emon, Andrasta, Seismic, Proton Bombs, Rigged Cargo Chute, L337. 200 even. The list is super tanky. I played 4 Tie Adv., Han/Fenn/Teroch, Howl Swarm, Selfless Beef, Tie SF swarm, and QD/Tavson/Blackout. Lost to Selfless Beef and the Tie SF swarm. There is something there if you can figure out how to fly it. It's weird to fly though. I flew it 4-5 times before the tourney and didn't win a single match. Finally figured something out in my last practice run.
  13. Can we all just take a moment and appreciate just how ridiculously wholesome FFG has been since the announcement of 2.0 that we are worried a new release is underpowered?
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