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  1. Q10fanatic

    Is anyone playing gunner crew NOT named Han?

    Oh sure, but I'd still be reinforced so they'd likely be doing only 1-2 damage per shot with modifications. Then I get to respond with three double modded dice back. That's a fantastic trade if I get to put 2 damage on an ace, plus whatever the rest of my list can do.
  2. Q10fanatic

    Is anyone playing gunner crew NOT named Han?

    With a gunner slot on the YV you could run Perceptive Co-Pilot, Lando, Han. Then reinforce, Han focus to get three tokens and use Lando as needed for rerolls. Instant Party Bus with better offensive and defensive mods than 1.0. If they kept a third crew slot, you could throw 0-0-0 on there for even more passive tokens. God, I hope that they let me do that someday.
  3. I was thinking of Striker/Reaper based lists. They don't have to joust the Alpha Strike or the Tsim bomber. They don't even NEED to fly in formation. If someone works at it, I'm sure they can figure out a strategy. Do you miss token stacking? Maybe we just like different parts of this game. I'm assuming that people that fly their preferred faction will find, at a minimum, one list that performs well (at least A tier) on the competitive scene. That gets me to five lists. I'm then making the crazy assumption that two or three additional lists may be competitively viable in the meta. Maybe we have different definitions about what "different" means, but I feel like the chassis differences alone will provide a lot of variety in how the lists fly.
  4. I may end up being wrong. I look at the changes and I think the ceiling has come down on a number of lists, even Boba. This should allow for additional lists to become viable, specifically swarms/heavy swarms which I think have been kept down due to Traj. Sim. Also, Imperials are now the only faction with the Jam action. That is powerful control in a meta where token stacking has become extremely limited and still remains vital for certain lists. If you assume 1 or 2 valid meta lists for each faction, then we're talking about 7 or 8 different top tier lists. That's more variety than lists have to deal with in Extended. Even with fewer options available to each faction, there will be more lists that are viable because the number of factions is increasing. This will also have a Rock/Paper/Scissors effect that should help keep one list from ascending to the top so easily.
  5. I don't know about "easier". It means the differences in each list and it's play style, compared to a similar list with different upgrades, will become more apparent. Lists won't be able to be all things to all-comers. We'll have to make choices and trade-offs.
  6. I think we are about to see who among us can actually list build. I really like that part of the game, so I'm excited about Hyperspace being one of the accepted competitive formats.
  7. Q10fanatic

    S&V Aces League Week 1

    Have any of these been scheduled yet?
  8. Q10fanatic

    What do you prioritize in games: positioning or coordination?

    My head says that I should focus on positioning, that it is smarter to pull off and retry for a favorable engagement. My memory tells me that I over pursue and usually risk bad trades.
  9. Q10fanatic

    Day 2 Coverage of the Mynock Open Starts at 10 am PACIFIC

    Who/what made the cut to Day 2? Is that listed anywhere?
  10. Q10fanatic

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Maybe it's a personality thing but I NEVER choose the binary, good/evil factions. I chose Wood Elves in Warhammer because they were more neutral and I picked up X-wing when Scum came out because they finally had an interesting faction. I'm also very excited to see the faction identities become a little more pronounced as the newer factions become available.
  11. Q10fanatic

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Luke, Vader, Han, Han, Han, Fett, Poe, Kylo?
  12. This is great stuff. I think I'm intuitively doing this, trying to figure out where the opponent wants to go and how to avoid/engage. But I've never considered that certain lanes may be under threat from multiple bearings. Usually, it's "well, I hope I'm right about this." if I'm not sure. But this visualizes the safest places to be even if you aren't certain about the opponent's choices. I guess this map is most applicable to lower initiative ships, while the previous post is more applicable to higher initiative ones? Do you visualize these simultaneously?
  13. Q10fanatic

    YV-666 - trying to field it in 2ed

    1. Lando, IG-D, and Maul crew. 2. Bring an escape craft 3. Reinforce and double Calculate each turn 4.... 5. Profit! This is the most fun build I've head simmed, but its pretty expensive. Not sure it is actually competitive.
  14. Q10fanatic

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So it's a similar source as all of the stupid Chad jokes? Those never bothered me because they're mocking/subverting a group of entitled brats. This would be punching down at the same people being mocked by 4chan though. Hmmm.