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  1. If i want to play GoT, i play it, the same for star wars or conquest but il you mix all the thing and put them in L5R, what kind of game do we have, probably a nice game but not L5R ... I'm not against changes, but against change that make L5R just like all the other games ...
  2. I'm lucky with this, I'd give all my koku and all my 'glory of' to somes friends
  3. That's the most interresting topics on here ! Thanks for that, I must read it from the beginning !
  4. Except if i missed something BD you've already work for AEG, isn't it, i've seen some product written by a 'BD Flory' selled by AEG ? I remember this when you said you're a game designer above. So apart to be a complete out of this world guy's you should probably know L5R and how it works ? If it's not, why don't you get into a shop a take some time to play the game ? May be i've missed something but i don't remember read you talking about having playing L5R. This may explain all your questions.
  5. About the dan's rules, nothing about games mechanics, nothing to feed you, the only rules applies to the match and the way it should be played, since i'm not for this kind of award (there some other game that doing cash prize magic and poker f.eg) that I'don't much more about this. But what would you want with all those question ? What do i miss ? What do you miss ?
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/21/compete-for-glory-and-riches/ Browse the prizes. It does give you an idea of what they do. This is Worlds, so this tends to be the most of what they do. No money. No exclusive things that would affect a game. I don't foresee this ever changing. And the lack of high money prizes has had a tendency to create better atmospheres in tournaments. Thanks! I had a pretty good idea about prizing from the games I have played, but I meant more what breakdowns looked like as far as factions played and deck diversity. I agree that I hope FFG doesn't cave to money prizing or anything like that, but there's no evidence to suggest they will. They've never done it and L5R's never done it, so no reason to think their L5R will do it. Dan Dineen former TO manager at AEG have done cash price tournament in L5R before entering AEG, and had established somes rules to avoid problems.... BD Flory, i've got a major problem with all you question: where do they bring us, you seem to break all the thing that we actually love in the game, to get back to your post here, you want absolutely take multicaln declk for expending your deck buliding possibilities, ok it's up to you, but you could do it with the penality we all known from the actual game, it'fair to have all the bad guys in one deck but you must paid them, but i think you miss the main thing about this game it's originaly builded around 7 clans and there is a story behind. So allow multiclan deck is AGAINST the original game, having one or two personnalities OoC in your deck is ok and then your deck is normally builded around that personnality, the original Kaname/Koshin Keep was full of phoenix yojimbo to protect kaname, this version was difficult to run because the outcost of the ooc personnalities, but it's a non sense to play full of phoenix in a mantis box... it's like having red card in full black deck at magic ... My final point about all the discussion here is if FFG follow the quarter of the whole thing i've read here we'll got something called L5R but not be L5R.... I really want to understand where you want to go but i can't, and i'm sorry because I feel sincerely that there is something behind your writing ...
  7. It's seems important to some people here that, for the sake of the game, major changes and eventually a reboot is a necessity, so to have a clear situation, why don't start it to the beginning at the imperial with the 7 original clans crab, phoenix, crane, scorpion, dragon, lion,unicorn and some unaligned/ronin one and set the story where it was then ? It In this way FFG can do everything they want to the game, settings and so one ... And then build their own rokugan... and may include or not some stuff of the good ol' L5R...
  8. I'm also playing doomtown, and based on the fluff i'm not the kind of guy that put together a sloane and a law dogs in the same deck just because it's powerful, if your only goal is to make competitive powerful.deck try mtg with P9 card set ... As I see almost all of you compare L5R to others FFG games which have all their mechanics and for some of them build from scratch by ffg itself, I've also played to Star Wars, try the new net runner and each of them have good mechanics but almost none of them have a long story and a games intricated with that story, remember that major event where organized to allow the player to influence the story and then impact the game ? Also AEG have questionned the players to know what do they like to happen with their clan ? L5R isn't only a game, but it's also a story, almost mainly a story and you, as a player, takes part in this story. You talk about doomtown, you can put everyother faction in your deck but it has a hit cost, and this is really good for diversity. Since i don't see why The fourth ring can't be with the sloane or the law dogs, i can't really see why a sloane and a law dog be in the same deck (F.e. Allie Hensman). Then with this in the head, you can if you want mix clan personnalities in your deck but paid the price. In doomtown you'll get four basic deck in the core set that run's fine, nox with more saddle bags and two pine box it's really cool to build mono faction deck that are performant ! In L5R i've played in emperor the following combo: Koshin Keep and isawa Kaname, that runs fine, i'm not winning all my game but 3 of 5, you also get daigotsu Hotako and Fukuzo in most of the deck because they are strong, like you've get almost the same forgotten legacy fate deck because it's powerful. All I see from my POV of former TO is that in tournament, we all see the same deck, except some guy that just want to play for fun and may be disgusted by this kind of deck. I've also play magic in which only survive powerfull cards, you'll buy a box to get 10 majors cards because the rest is unplayable due to the players environement.
  9. For those who want to play multiple clan you had this event Alliance http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=331,#hashid=a7d8a88809225305fb7e2f9bc11b32a7,#cardcount=1 or this Oath of fealty http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=5641,#hashid=39f89e0290c52536ff8d4e91b85d3900,#cardcount=5 so it's possible to have what you want without making a special rule for, so why change ?
  10. I'm really scared about all the thing i've read in this forum, all the people here want absolutely change the game, ok their right to ask changes but all i read conduct to everything but L5R... All you get this way wasn't L5R, my opinion... You all hit everything that makes L5R unique ... Sometimes when i read some comments i ask myself if you have ever played the game ... f.e you'll ask for mixed clans, so like magic you'll ask for multiple color decks, it's the same, and this for just having all the big personalities in one fat big deck that run on every other ... Another point: make the 2 decks smaller, conduce to less different card used, because you'll probably use the 10 sames cards in each various decks.... instead of giving L5R the chance to get some diversity, you'll kill it (my opinion) Each kind of game have it's bonuses and maluses, each of them have ressource problem when you missed your deckbuilding, it's not the fault of the game if you are a bad deckbuilder, it's true that some clans are better competitor than others, it's also true that some way to win the game are easier than other, but it mainly depend on your ability to deckbuild and the cards you have to reach the point. AEG kill the cavalry trait, I'd really hope FFG would not break the game by applying all I read here ...
  11. Remember that AEG have already sold the game to wizzard ? and then it's seem that from the pressure of the players they take it back but only under licence from wizzard ? AEG, with all the respect they deserve is a too small company to hold a big game like L5R, and about the flaw in the design, bull a game that does not work does not sell by itself 20 years .... L5R have a lot of interresting stuff: two decks one for the ressource (event, personality, holding and so on) and one for the action (followers/spells/items to equip, ...) and you get each turn a least one card of each, in isn't the same when you have only one deck ... you'll may get locked look at magic f.e. by the rules : you'll have multiple way of winning so you have different approach, it's up to you to choose which one is better for you, not like in magic in your goal (by the rules) is to drop your budy to 0 You'll get nine clans or more to play, you'll have a lot of flexibility to find your fun storyline based with community interactivity this game have 'never' stop being played and sold in it's actual form, not like netrunner or doomtown reloaded, it means that there is a lot of player that may stop the game if it lost what they bring them to it T'm thinking that all of this was planned, maybe not from FFG point of view but by AEG, why do they stop imperial herald on 1/1/16, they said it about 6 month+ ago ? I'm really asking why do you need to change the actual format of the game ? Since you get all the cards you need to build all the kind of deck you want with the LCG distribution, everyone was in the same position, no more '**** this card is really cool i miss it'
  12. Juste comme ça là, je pose des questions et je ne suis pas publié alors que je parles du jeu L5R dans un topic L5R et ici on parle de la pluie et du beau temps dans une section qui n'est pas générale, quelqu'un peut-il m'expliquer ?
  13. I don't really understand why such a need for a change in the game mate ... i've played honnor/dishonnor, military and enligtement and even see a Lion win through the enligtement victory, so what ? I've got a lot of fun. Not every clan could win in each way because the story. Crab are keeping the wall, the scorpions are there to avoid one clan claiming the throne for eg so you can't change that without messing about with the story. I've read here 'courtier at court and military at battlefield' it has for me little sense because you'll have then a deck that would be ruined at the first battle (if you play courtier). I don't want a game in wich i'm only gardening my deck to win, i would like to interract with the other player, not like a crane honor bomb that play two turns alone in his corner... As a reminder, the game have 20 years and for this period there no major change, why change now ? Once change, it maybe impossible to turn back.
  14. Hi folks, I'm an early L5R players, I'm playing from the imperial edition, and each time the game change it lost more players than gaining them. Always changing rules, multiple tournament formats have commited L5R to its lost in my community. Why do you need to change those thing that makes L5R unique for 20 years now ? Two decks, multiple victory conditions, nine of more clans, ... One of the best rules set i've ever played is emperor, yes it has some flaw but you can get rid of them without making a mess of the game. The best thing that happens to L5R is becoming an LCG, by now nobody could complain that their deck miss some cards... Just begin to try this and then if it will not work THEN only change one more time again rules and so on. Now i have about 25 persons that await to know what happen to the game to consider playing it again. The major thing also the game need is to support legacy format ! Your empress, Bayushi Kachiko
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