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  1. I'm doing exactly the same! How are your Stormtroopers going? @Sorastro I loved the forest camo technique. Borrowing that one!
  2. Check out Sorastro's awesome Rebel Troopers painting video on Youtube. It seems to show that most of them come in 3-4 pieces: head, torso, legs & arms in either 1 or 2 bits. The only issue might be the push fit tabs. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Converting will take a little effort but should be doable.
  3. I'm happy with any race being a Rebel. I hope they bring out a range of aliens to mix and match. Personally I'm still hoping for a Scum faction so the Trandoshans and bounty hunters don't get lumped in with the Imperials. Again...
  4. You summed up my thoughts exactly. Similar but different. I'm planning to run Storm- and Snow- together.
  5. Yeah I'm excited too. Can't wait to paint AND play. I've been wait for a game like this for years! Really enjoying your work sir, always inspiring. You helped me get my love for painting back so thank you.
  6. It doesn't say which side of the dial. Obviously the side that shows the manuvere.... Considering some level of BS that had been on this forum lately, 100% someone is going to argue about it.... Sad but true
  7. Dorn05

    Best purchase ?

    Most Wanted and Jumpmaster. Honourable mention: YV-666. I have 2 of each of the above...
  8. My thoughts exactly. I'd prefer him to Bistan any day.
  9. 2 points for a near-permanent extra agility dice vs 3 points for an extra agility dice that disappears the second I get hit? Seems like a good deal to me. Edit: Stealth device costs 3, not 4. LF is still worth it to me. Agreed. It's better than Stealth Device and a point cheaper!
  10. That's the rub, isn't it. Why does tournament play have to always be the benchmark? I'll have plenty of fun flying 5 Strikers casually in my 300 point lists. I get annoyed when people always hold something up to the competitive lens, too, but only when the idea or list being criticized isn't meant for tournament play. Hmm. The thread started cuz some guy wanted to fly 5 of these bad boys, and has immediately discarded the entire model because he can only fly 4 and therefore it's "overpriced.". It's like "competitive" is translated into "I can easily and/or reliably win tournaments." People are talking DOA, and it hasn't even Arrived yet! You read my mind. I agree entirely.
  11. Kavil TLT Expertise Unhinged Astromech 35 Points I it like a lot...
  12. Dorn05

    Hotshot Copilot RAW

    The most straightforward answer seems to be you must spend it during the modify dice phase at some point. Otherwise it would say IMMEDIATELY spend Focus token. Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I read it.
  13. That's my attitude every wave. That said, 2 Upsilons with all the tricks is VERY enticing...
  14. My wife has been flying: Norra, PTL, R7-T1, Title, VT, Tail Gunner Thane, R2-D2, Title, VT, Tail Gunner Biggs, R2 Astro, IA She's loving it and I haven't beaten her in 5 games. Flown well Norra is a BEAST. End of story.
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