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  1. I think the 20 questions should be optional not required. If a player has a detailed character concept then it's fine, but some players have a concept of Lion Akodo Tactican or Ninja or "Beatstick That Kills Everything" where everything else is decided in play, then the 20 questions only get in the way. I would also like to see all the schools get at least one technique for each that are available for that school. In places where the school offers a choice of two they should get both. Lion Clan: I would like to see added at the Clan or family (Akodo and/or Ikoma) level +1 Games (Go and/or Shogi). The Lion are supposed to some of the best at these games. Also all the Lion schools should get the Ritual Commune With Spirits (Ancestors). Every member of the Clan in the lore had some ability to feel the ancestors around them with only the Kitsu being able to talk with them. If the lore has changed then we need to know about it in order to make characters in line with the new lore. Question 15 - Change Customizing Unmasking: Many different situations cause different unmasking for different characters. A list of the most common reasons (sad, happy, ecstatic, angry, annoyed, etc) should be presented in the question and then have players make an unmasking for each (such as Chun Li's "yatta" win pose from Street Fighter video game series), or remove everything after paragraph one and replace with something about the GM and players working together to come up with something appropriate unmasking to fit the situation at the time it happens. Heritage Table: make it like previous editions: "Roll or Choose".
  2. A Shiba bushi trains with the Isawa and it would not be unusual for them to pick up some rituals. All members of the Lion are supposed to be able to feel their ancestors but only the Kitsu can talk to them. Bushi and courtiers would know at least the basics of purifying themselves prior to attending a event if that was called for. Basically everyone knows some rituals as a mater of form. a shugenja might not be available but a courtier or your bushi buddy on the battlefield might know a ritual that might help.
  3. No I've not heard anything yet. When I went to get my core set at Off the Charts in Gresham they did even know if they were going to do one at that time (they may have since then though I haven't gone back since). I'd also like to hear what Bridgetown did.
  4. For a giri what about she is expected to marry someone out of clan to seal some kind of deal between the Crane and that clan?
  5. It would seem to also allows Lion characters to commune with ancestral spirits.
  6. I started with the CCG in Imperial Edition. At the time I was looking for something as an alternitive to Magic. The only starter that the store had available was Lion Clan and I've identified with the Lion ever since. on the RPG side I stated with 1st and picked up (and played some) every edition that came out.
  7. On rings and skills I could see something like this: What ever skill that is used for courtiers you could... Make an impassioned speech or fiery oratory using the fire ring. Gather court rumors using the air ring. Observe someone with and make a deduction with the water ring. To resist someone influencing you with the earth ring. The void ring would encompass all of the above. This is just a guess and I might of used the wrong ring combinations in my example, but I believe this is what they meant.
  8. What I took away from the article: What ever system FFG ends up using they seem to intend to keep the nomenclature the same, everyone who played AEG's L5R RPGs knows what rings, skills, etc are so to use the same names for them makes sense. This looks interesting. Will this be instead of Honor and Glory or in addition to them? This could refer to the mechanics of the custom dice or dice mechanics customized for the L5R RPG, will have to wait until the beta's released. Looking forward to see the beta rules.
  9. If we get Beastmaster I mentioned in an earlier post then we'll need some kind of War Cats card.
  10. Besides the Core and the dynasty packs, FFG also announced that they would be releasing Deluxe box sets. General speculation is that the Deluxe boxes will feature one or two clans. So a Lion Clan deluxe box would probably include Beastmaster and Omoidasu cards.
  11. Probably won't show up until the Lion Deluxe box but Beastmaster and Omoidasu.
  12. How about this: set up something where players can donate to the Red Cross (by clan?). If you can somehow separate the donations by clan you can announce the clan that donated the most - that clan has bragging rights or what ever you can do (if anything) for members of that clan.
  13. How about donating the tournament fees to the Red Cross or some other organization.
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