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  1. Slightly off topic but also on topic since I am shopping for these cards; has anyone seen the q3 kit with sfo/dtt and the double sided demo/home one cards? It looks like they messed up the printing or I found some fake cards. These cards on eBay are marked q2 while the title cards are marked q3. Also I guess it’s season 3 now instead of q or am I mistaken?
  2. @NairoD PM Sent. Hope we can work some trades out!
  3. @themightyhedgehog PM sent. Let's try and work something out.
  4. Don’t give up on the area. You actually have a store champ tournament on post this year. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/store-championships/star-wars-armada/
  5. Wasn't the major rhymer promo from worlds/nationals or something the old non FAQ text? And the bomber symbol on the A-wing promo....
  6. I am curious how they could be behind on something like this? Aren't the prizes made in house generally for the cards? I can't imagine the plastic pieces being a drag on their ship supply lines either. Makes no sense when the stuff has non erratad text or other silly prize selection choices too.
  7. New to the area (around watertown) and was wondering if upstate or westerner NY had a FB group that includes events like this? It's a bit of a drive but I may be able to make these tournaments.
  8. Just to make sure you're understanding Vine: 1 Critical HIT= 1 damage 1 HIT= 1 damage squadrons to squadrons and ships to squadrons crits count as misses, unless it is vader. I am confused where you are getting 3 blue crits= 6 damage and 1 black hit/crit= 3 damage? All vaders ability does is allow him to make critical hits count as 1 damage when he attacks instead of 0 as all other squadrons do ( except bombers when attacking a ship).
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