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  1. ? These scenarios are to teach me the new ships before I put them against their older predecessors for FUN. Balance debates full of arguments are for the rest of the forums. What I'm doing, and really starting to regret it, is to show how they perform against each other in an actual game. But for FUN: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/fun
  2. Battle of Hoth was my favourite part of all six movies. If FFG make it, I'd get it just for the AT-ATs
  3. Mission #2 Raid It was a surprisingly quick game, since it took seven rounds, and though my X-Wing was never hit it was still a close game. Close because the Ties sabotaged two of the satellites early in the game. The third was spared only by a misjudging of distance as the Tie overshot it by millimeters. There was no chance to turn round and try again as the T-70 was close behind and shooting. The seventh turn ended with the fourth satellite under the base of the only surviving Tie. With a higher pilot skill, the T-70 fired and scored two hits and a critical. The already hit Tie rolled two blanks. Unless I've misread the rules, that spared the satellite. Had the first Tie not overshot the third satellite, and the second Tie survived the combat phase on turn seven, the game would have ended in a Resistance defeat. I forgot about Poe Dameron's ability, and the only time BB-8 would have been useful the T-70 had used a red, not green, manoeuvre. Even Weapons Guidance was used only once. Today was the day of Tallon Rolls and Wired. In fact, the two complemented each other. This was the best part of the game: So the T-70 was behind one of the Ties. It had claimed one of the satellites despite having an X-Wing on its tail and firing wildly. His partner was lining up to claim his second satellite, and was behind the T-70. Koiogran turn wasn't an option, as it would have ended up in front of the Tie he was pursuing. Instead, he Tallon Rolled around a large asteroid and was now facing the other Tie. Shooting at range three while stressed still took down a shield thanks to wired. In the following turn the T-70 scored a hit. Same turn the Tie overshot the satellite. Koiogran turn after that resulted in range one shooting that destroyed the Tie he was originally chasing while the partner made his move towards the fourth. Turn around the asteroid and a boost took the T-70 into range and the second Tie was history. Tomorrow (I hope) I'll play the third mission: Rescue It's 36 points again and I've decided to stick with Poe Dameron.
  4. I'd comment more but I'm too busy thinking of all the cool possibilities
  5. Alternatively, play Raiders and Tie Advanced against T-70s as an Imperial Remnant that doesn't join the New Order. Actually, I think the Raider looks New Order after seeing the New Order Star Destroyers. I can totally see Raiders alongside Tie/fo's, the "black bat" shuttle and "u-boat" dropships. Opportunities are endless for narratively justifying bizarre mixes of ships.
  6. That's the story with pretty much all X-wing ships where they're balanced. Agreed The Tie VS Tie/X-Wing VS X-Wing is just a bit of fun and will be equal points. Going to play Ambush today, and plan to play Rescue tomorrow. Then I'll try out the Empire VS First Order, followed by Rebellion VS Resistance. People fill the forums with unbalanced, broken, nerf, ruined etc topics and everyone loves it. I suggest playing them against each other to see which wins and suddenly there's a barrage of criticism. Probably afraid of just what you've said: they're balanced.
  7. I'm going to be doing a narrative campaign. Combining X-Wing, Armada and the RPGs. That's the simple answer. I like both, but only want to campaign in one era. I'm certain Armada will get Force Awakens releases, and I can wait, and the RPGs could easily be adapted to Resistance VS New Order so no worries. Also The movies could be the worst thing since Jar Jar Binks and I'd still play games set at that time period. Because the miniatures are cool, and from what I've read so far so is the setting. THIS IS NOT A "YOU MAKE THE DECISION FOR ME" TOPIC!!!!!!!!! I'll make my own decision thank you very much! The multitude of negative topics didn't put me off getting the Starter Set in the first place. I was going to create a video discussing the new game and was going to share the results of the vote, and any comments, while doing so. If you don't want to be included fine. If you do fine. But your opinions won't influence my decision. And yes Swedge, I want them to be balanced when the old and new duke it out. Best out of three. But win or lose isn't about which I choose, it's just about which one wins. That's it. Just a fun challenge to see which one will win. To sum up: I'd choose both but I'm choosing one because I want to start up a narrative campaign that covers several games. Because I'm interested in Armada and the RPGs too, Your opinions have nothing to do with my choice! Wanted to include the community when posting my first public YouTube video about BOTH awesome starter sets. Sharing your views on which you'd be playing and why. The Tie vs Tie, X-Wing vs X-Wing is some fun. Yes fun. One of those "what would happen if...." ideas.
  8. On Monday 5th October I'll be sitting down in front of my Tablet to create a video. This video is where I give the results of my challenge: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/188934-challenge-accepted/and my Final Verdict on whether or not I'll be collecting any more Force Awakens. I'll also explain why I keep talking about one or the other, not both. If I feel so inclined I'll talk about my campaign ideas too. But I'd like to include your vote in the video, as it will be going on YouTube, so that I can represent the opinions of fans. Whatever my opinion is, it is just the opinion of one man and might not be the popular opinion. Please no arguments or pulling each other apart. I want frank honesty. Make your vote by posting: Old New Both and feel free to give your reasons. I'll post a "vote closed" on the morning of 5th October before I begin work on my video.
  9. I was thinking of taking the old and new damage deck. Shuffle them together. Then I'll have a big deck for gaming. Nothing will be wasted/thrown away because I don't mind either. Since I'm not into tournaments, I'll not need to separate the decks. Ever. Unless I want to. Which I won't.
  10. I'm the opposite. Starting with Force and Destiny and, though I was going to run Edge of the Empire, I've ordered Age of Rebellion today instead. FFG should (try to) stomp on the third parties as it could potentially put people off the games.
  11. Millennium Falcon with Accuracy Corrector
  12. For a stealthy blade, I'd say a black crystal is a good choice: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTvW2KEuj6TWG5GcV0H1OavdsUSt4CC_-iPoCXZBCivf9RUms00A_HgOilP And there is such things as electronic mutes for brass instruments: http://www.keithstead.com/and_more/reviews/practice_mutes.html Only thing I'd say is I'm not sure a black crystal means a black "light". But this is Star Wars science, so I'd allow it.
  13. I've found the song! The one song to play at any gaming table: I've been looking for that since watching the second triple x film. The better of the two.
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