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  1. Total was around 185. There where 2 Day 1 Friday and Saturday (You could only participate in one of them) 20 people made it to day 2 as far as I recall
  2. I just opened a deck with 3 Bad Penny 🤪😊
  3. Remember the golden rule: "Don't feed the troll"
  4. Not much revealed atm. Check the video on YouTube which answers questions about OP. It reveals their plans for it
  5. Information about Organised Play. https://youtu.be/a3F07NCUAaA Keynotes • Sleeves, Opague is mandatory at Premium Level. At Store and lower it's up to the TO. •Dice are not allowed as tokens! •Homemade or bought tokens are fine as long as it's clear what they are used as. •In Archon format(Bring your own deck) Deck list is public knowledge and opponents can see your decklist. In Sealed opponents can not ask to see the decklist until after the event. • Things on mat can be laid out according to personal taste, as long as you explain what is put where. I.E. Artefact can be placed above the battleline or Discard like on the far left etc. •Rules and FAQ will be constantly upfated on FFGs homepage. A link will be there for Brads email to send questions and he will review them asap. •Decks will earn chains based on its performance at Chainbound level(Standard weekly play) The Chainlevel is reset at higher level events, so a Chainlevel of 20 at Chainbound level will be 0 at a National. •You can not play in the app. It's a companion with information about decks, events, your info etc. •No homemade AA cards are legal for Tournament play.
  6. This can only be said to few times. Allowing Luke (or any other card) to completely invalidate good flying, by letting the turret get redirected in the combat phase is pure and utter idiocy
  7. Usefull to remember what supplies you have instead of writing them down https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/163870/forgotten-age-mini-supply-cards
  8. Less but getting the same. 1 core and 1 conversion for Imperial and Scum
  9. I hope to as well. Last year we didnt have that much time as judges to get over there. I hope we well have an easier schedule this year
  10. No streaming for the semifinale Some players in both matches declined to be on the stream. Lets hope the guys who make it to the finale are the ones who want to be on stream.
  11. Triple Defenders won in top 8 One less GhostFenn in the top
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