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  1. Will any L5R Roleplaying events be taking place during the weekend?
  2. Agree on both points: this would be awesome, but it's highly unlikely. If they've gotten this far without ever doing this (barring reprints of the pack or expansion itself) it ain't gonna happen.
  3. I'm glad that banzai still has a place in L5R. #BanzaisNotDead
  4. It would be nice if the Ancestral items were Ancestral.
  5. I like that it's even a usable card without Duelists, but still pushes you to care about the trait. That's a strong design philosophy, IMO.
  6. I would say I disagree, but as you say, the game has indeed changed. So much so, in fact, that it is difficult to illustrate how I feel it has evolved. One element that I find is far better in this game is that characters are not automatically killed when they lose a battle. The old game's all-or-nothing resolution mechanic discouraged any attack or defense unless victory was certain, which meant that provinces would often go undefended. And in a setting where samurai offer their lives for their family and clan, this felt very dissonant to me. I also like that honor - and the cost of sacrificing it - is present in every game. Losing 2 honor for an effect in the old game was meaningless unless I was going up against a dedicated dishonor deck. Now, I have to carefully consider what I can afford to risk in terms of honor, regardless of what my opponent is bringing to the table.
  7. Hmm, that makes sense. Although, since they got the guy from the Total War: Shogun games to do those clan featurettes, I don't see why they wouldn't keep him around to narrate the tutorial. Perhaps they thought his accented pronunciation would be difficult to follow at times.
  8. Heck, I still can't even find the tutorial video for this game yet!
  9. From a story standpoint, I feel like Dragon and Scorpion ought to be swapped...or is it purely a balance thing?
  10. Just north of the Twin Cities, and it's not that they can't get product ahead of time, but that the Alliance stranglehold is flat out preventing my LGS standbies from getting it.
  11. This situation is seriously strangling my otherwise eager local community. If anything is going to make this game DOA up here, Fortunes forbid, it'll be this.
  12. It's funny, before any cards were previewed, there was huge debate as to whether non-unique cards would have non-unique names. Those of us who had played FFG's LCGs before and knew their system insisted they would be much as they are now, and those dedicated to the old format thought we were crazy to expect otherwise, proposing that once you name a card "Asako Shugenja," you can no longer make non-unique shugenjas belonging to the Asako, and other miscellany no one here should still honestly believe. Here are a few names I proposed back then: Shinomen Warden Master of Waves (envisioned as a Lindsey Stirling shoutout, now mostly overwritten by Adept of the Waves) Believer in the Old Ways (Meishodo wielder, also a reference to another LCG) Also. Not a name, but I'm a K-pop fan who would kill for a non-unique Unicorn in the likeness of Hyeri from Girl's Day. I would naturally nickname the card "Shinjo Hye-ri."
  13. If there's hope of us making a NWesque comeback down the road, I'd take back that sigh if I were you.
  14. I figure that in as well. It's why even though I hated the cavalry advantage (which I was thrilled to lose before I realized the cost), when I elected to not use it to avoid opposed battles I'd get destroyed in them. It was usually only a reasonable tactic for Battle Maidens anyway. EDIT: It also made teaching the game suck unless I had two side decks to demo with. I guess the one good thing about this is now I can lose their first game without trying too hard.
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