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  1. Complete trash. Waste of paper due to the high cost + Understated + and incredibly situational action. Really sick of this crap.
  2. More Battle Maidens. Utaku Daimyo? Unicorn cards with impactful actions/interruptions/reactions. Just more boxes. Tons of interaction with the first player token. Curved sword attachment, bows, more horses.
  3. Here's another one: Unicorn Province: Swift Trample Attack Earth -Strength 5 Reaction: When this province is revealed if you have the first player token bow 4 glory worth of characters, if second player, bow 2 glory worth of characters.
  4. Muahahahaha! TBH: I love Unicorn lore, but I'm not sold on their clan design with the lack of character actions which is why I am not committed as of yet, hence Mantis
  5. Muster Field -Air Unicorn Province 3 Province STR Reaction: After this province is revealed, un-bow friendly characters with the calvary trait. Interrupt: After winning a conflict at this province, friendly characters with the calvary trait do not bow at the end of the conflict. Trade Route Ambush Unicorn Province -Void 2 Province STR Interupt: When you play your first event during a conflict at this province, your opponent pays for the fate or honor cost instead. Ki-Rin Shrine -Fire Unicorn Province 4 Province STR Action: During a conflict at this province, you may pay 1 fate to honor a friendly defending character (Limit twice per round).
  6. Needing high skill in order for them to catch up with other clans is in itself a handicap. Unicorn are easily punished for their mistakes, and I will also say that I personally believe they are underpowered ATM by having too many (3) cost + cards, and not enough impactful event cards and so few character abilities to directly manipulate board state.
  7. Mind = blown. I didn't think a province that breaks itself would ever be tempting, but that would be an awesome effect. As of right now EP is way too easy to avoid, or mitigate.
  8. Unicorn: Some other incentive to going first or reward tempo control. new stronghold, new province, new clan champ, new 'way of' card new 4 cost Unique character new card to honor or gain honor new unicorn event negation or protection card I know you said just '1' but Unicorn seem to have more holes than the Seahawk's offensive line.
  9. I've been playing crane splash lately and it defiantly fills some gaps by throwing in Admit Defeat for a quick Bow, and dueling with our already high Military. I want to try Dragon for the same reason, but right now Dueling is crazy good in Unicorn, I just wish we had a natural Unicorn card with it.
  10. I really like the first player aspect, it makes our 'Way of' card more viable than it is now
  11. Last thing Unicorn needs is another 3 cost redundant character. I'd love to see more thematic cards as well, let me give it a quick shot. Moto Horse Archer: Cost 2 2/1 1 Glory Action: If this character is not participating in a military conflict, add this character's base military skill to the conflict. Philosophy: Swift and Silent Interrupt: Before the start of the dynasty phase, cards with the Calvary trait on provinces remain face down to your opponent and only turn face up if placed into a conflict or at the end of the conflict phase.
  12. Right, I believe my point is that there is very little in our character's boxes that allow them to do something either in conflict, or after getting discarded. It's not that I don't like outrider, I'd just rather have more than movement.
  13. Point taken. Spyglass works wonders with border rider, but I might call this a bandaid for our lack of honor interaction.
  14. As someone who defiantly wants to start playing unicorn at release, there are noticeable weaknesses in Unicorn's game in what they lack on their cards. As the OP so clearly pointed out, most of our cards "Provide force" and need to break provinces with (IMO) sub-optimal stat lines and point costs. (BTW we have way too many 3 cost characters). Like many of the other clans, this might mean our theme of movement and force have not matured yet, and perhaps need to wait a few card expansions. Many fellow Unicorn refuse to run their 'Way of' card due to the slim benefit it holds so far in practice. Getting back to what we lack, our dynasty cards provide no means to interact with the honor pool, or an opponents honor pool + honor our own characters who some are very susceptible to dishonor. Due to this deficiency I would suggest that Lion would be the best splash for Uni to provide honored blade to gain an edge through honor with our military victories. Ready for Battle also helps us negate the many card effects that bow us either in political conflicts or when we are forced to defend with one character to save honor. For Greater Glory is a fantastic way to gain an edge on the battlefield if it is not negated by an event. Another area that Unicorn are completely empty on is the lack of discard abilities (Sincerity, Courtesy, etc.) These small words make a huge impact, but I cannot find one card (Pride included) that have these. Instead we have recursion through calvary reserves which is a very thematic card... yet the times I've had this card negated by opponent effects is very high (Losing 3 fate is a tide turner). This brings me to my next point - When we do commit to a conflict, we cannot interact with enemy event cards. We have no way to 1. bow to negate, sacrifice, or some way to get away from events. Our splash cards have to make due to mimic the other clans ability to persevere under events. (Maybe thematic?) I find that playing Unicorn will be an uphill battle from the start that relies on making use on neutral and splash cards more than any other clan in the game to make up for the abilities and events we lack. One mis-action by moving forward or not-committing at the right time could spell demise for the entire round at the hands of other clans who have far greater ability to change the board state and affect aspects of Ring/Honor/Dishonor/Bow/ that Unicorn lack. I look forward to the bowling shirts you discord guys are making though! Woot Woot!
  15. Speaking from playing Unicorn: More interaction with the first player token to make our 'Way' more viable for an already congested conflict deck. I'd trade most of our card movement effects for really anything else. (Looking at you 4 cost unique and Outrider and Ide Messenger) OR, allow movement to work both ways to move in, or move out of a conflict. Allow our stronghold to move Calvary in political conflicts as well. Decrease the cost of our courtier characters or give them calvary. Altogether a decrease in cost of our characters across the board since we have a lopsided amount of (3) costs. Our champion... I feel it would be too easy to overpower this character, but as she stands, I never pay her cost from a province. Perhaps make her the only champion to cost (4) More discard character effects: Courtesy, sincerity, pride. I'm fairly certain we have NONE of these in our entire dynasty and conflict deck. Some interaction with our honor pool, either preventing honor from being taken, or protecting ourselves from dishonor through gaijin means? Along with this, any character that would be able to honor themselves or others would be extremely welcome (Perhaps a new battle maiden)? A card or character that can help negate unwanted effects and attachments. Unicorn feel like they just have to sit and take Any clan (Especially Scorpion's) nasty conflict cards and can do nothing about it.
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