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  1. Just out of curiosity, is there a page or board that people post the xml file of the characters they've created?
  2. Mildly off topic. Is there a site out there that shares Oggdude characters? I have several characters that I've created that I'd like to share the xml file.
  3. Was OggDude able to get a copy of Dawn of Rebellion or has someone been able to get a copy of it to him?
  4. I wonder if you could get Oggdude's character creator to work with this Genesys conversion.
  5. Found a way around it. Copy one that has the career skill selected, then change the name, key, and check the career skill I want.
  6. Think i found a related bug. It seems when creating a talent and putting a check mark in any skill in "these skills become career skills", it does not save that setting.
  7. I removed them all but I'm starting to add stuff back in. I'll see if I can find it in a prior post
  8. I'm hoping maybe soon an update will be coming. I kinda guessed the key is what would cause duplicates.
  9. Usually I just wait for the updates to come out with the new version but I'm really wanting to start creating characters with Dawn of Rebellion.
  10. I thought about that. I've never used the data editor to create talents or add info from the books before. Here's a question for you. When Oggdude does the update for the newer books (Dawn of Rebellion), if the data set is the default, does created data get erased or do duplicates appear.
  11. I've been trying to add Talents from Dawn of Rebellion and I've noticed a problem. When I try to edit a talent that I've already created, it won't save the changes. For example: I select Secrets of the Jedi, click modify, make my change, then click update. I then click save. If I click modify again, the changes are gone and it's gone back to what I had before.
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