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  1. I'm late to this party, but to everyone wondering why Shahai wasn't given clear orders: my take is that in Daiyu's mind, his orders were clear: teach the Seppun. But Shahai thought she saw some subtext that said, "Don't teach the Seppun". Hence her internal conflict. Shahai comes across as someone who doesn't intuitively understand other people very well. She tries to make up for this by analyzing everybody, but that leads her to second-guess everyone's motivations, causing strife and misunderstandings with her siblings. It seems entirely in character that she'd misread her father, as well. Unfortunately, Daiyu isn't likely to clarify his orders because he doesn't realize they've been misunderstood, and Shahai isn't so stupid as to send a letter asking, "Hey, should I actually obey the Emperor or not?"
  2. Yeah, I came up with the "failed irrigation project" idea while looking at the old map. I admit, it made more sense back when the lake wasn't entirely surrounded by the Shinomen. I don't think an artificial canal is a particularly fancy explanation. The ancient Chinese used to make them, no reason the Rokugani couldn't. But your explanation works too. What you're talking about are creeks. I'd have no problem with a small creek forming and splitting like that. What bothers me is that it's apparently a major river from the point it spawns on top of the mountain. I was calling it absurdly productive not because of the lakes, which I agree are also fed by other sources, but because it has to be a major river to be included on the map at all. Not to mention it has "river" in its name, and it's drawn the same thickness as the Three Sides River, which we know is a major river. Also, the patronizing tone is unnecessary. This makes sense.
  3. Actually, this is a really good idea. Putting it in the Shinomen Mori makes a lot of sense to me. After all, most of the rest of the land around the River of Gold is probably taken up by farms. And if you had to create a new reservoir, which would you rather submerge, your farmland or an uninhabited forest? I can't imagine the Naga would be happy about it, of course, but another excuse for conflict can't be a bad thing.
  4. Hopefully the waterways will be retconned to make more sense, but I'm not optimistic about that. So I've come up with some headcannon explanations for the odd hydrology of Rokugan just in case it comes up in my campaign. And because I overanalyze everything. I figured I'd share them here since others seem to be having similar problems. I labeled the waterways on this map, so you can easily see what I'm talking about. I also added directional markers to show my best guesses on which way the rivers flow. Dragon Lake, White Shore Lake, Chrysanthemum Petal Lake: Tributaries seem to have been added to these Unicorn lakes, which is great. These are fine. Drowned Merchant River, Three Sides River, River of the Blind Monk: These three rivers (really just one river with too many names) mostly encircle the Lion lands. This only makes sense if the Lion lands are elevated above the surrounding area... in other words, a plateau. As far as I know a plateau has never been stated or even implied to be there, but I kind of like the idea. The Lion lands are dead boring otherwise, geographically speaking. The Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn, and Lion lands, as well as part of the Crane, all drain into the Three Sides river system. So the river must be friggin massive by the time it reaches the ocean. Imperial and northern Crane lands have their own drainage basin, which is almost completely surrounded by the Three Sides one. This is kinda weird, but not so much it breaks immersion, hopefully. New River 1: This is one of the waterways that's new to this map, and it's a bit hard to explain. Why would the Drowned Merchant River exist when there's such an easy path to the ocean the water could follow instead? I've decided that in my Rokugan that "river" is a recently built artificial channel, created by the Phoenix to provide easier sea access for their western provinces. And possibly to provide an outlet for extra runoff, so when there's heavy rainfall in their lands it won't flood downriver. Hmm, would the Phoenix be obligated to shunt that excess water to the ocean to prevent the other clans from being flooded? Even if they're on bad terms? There could be some interesting ethical questions to explore there. River of the Hour of the Wolf: This one is rough. Apparently an absurdly productive mountain spring creates a river that flows in two opposite directions down the mountain? That shatters my suspension of disbelief, so I'm invoking magic for this explanation. Way back when, there was an enormous, unruly Water kami that was causing trouble. Somebody distracted it by issuing it a challenge: to prove its superiority over Earth kami by submerging the Spine of the World Mountains. It's been up there ever since, generating water, which then flows down and becomes the River of the Hour of the Wolf, in a Sisyphean effort to drown the mountains. Keep going, big guy. You'll win one of these days. River of Gold: This one mostly makes sense already. The fork at the end is unlikely, but it might be possible with some engineering effort. Maybe at one point the river ran south, then jumped its bed to go east. The Crab wanted to restore the river to its earlier course, and the Crane didn't. In order to avoid a reprise of the Yasuki War, the Emperor decreed that the river had to go both ways. Kaiu engineers maintain it that way to this day. Lake of Cherry Blossom Snow: This lake is hard to explain. Either it spontaneously generates itself and feeds into the White Gold River, or the White Gold River feeds into the lake and the lake has nowhere to drain. I've decided that in my Rokugan, the lake was created semi-accidentally by a poorly considered irrigation project. Since it has nowhere to drain it'll eventually turn into a salt lake, but for now the water is still more or less potable. River of the Last Stand: Eh, this is in the Shadowlands. Any map of the Shadowlands should be taken with a few grains of salt anyway, so I'm not too fussed about this one. Whew. Anything I forgot to handwave?
  5. http://www.kazenoshiro.com/fictions/ If you're looking for naga stuff in particular, it'll be among the Clan War and Hidden Emperor sections, though you'll have to sift through other stories to find them.
  6. I thought it was interesting. It didn't tell us much that was new, but it did show a lot about the operating style of the Scorpion, which is good for new players. It's also noteworthy in what it reveals about the Scorpion's priorities: the Lion, their supposed allies, are about to get involved in a two-front war; the Crab are struggling against the Shadowlands; the Seppun are dabbling in gaijin magic... and what the Scorpion are worried about is the Perfect Land sect. It did a good job of piquing my interest in that sect, at the very least.
  7. Interesting. That was retconned later. From 2nd ed's Fortunes and Winds: This helps explain the berserkers' mindset, I think. They want to die soon, while their souls are still redeemable. Anyway, there were plenty of characters in the old lore who were tainted, but refused to align with Jigoku. Isawa Tadaka, Katsu (for a while, anyway), and Omen, for example. Arguably, Iuchiban as well.
  8. That awkward moment when you realize that whenever that one attractive guard is assigned to bedroom duty, your spouse orgasms faster... Yet another reason to be glad I'm not a samurai.
  9. He must trust her enough to have been alone with her at least once, for at least 10 minutes, if Dairu's existence is any indication. It could be that he used to trust her, but not anymore. In which case, I'd be very interested to find out why.
  10. The Dark Moto's origin is a little shaky, but I do think they add something to the setting. If only as an excuse to get the Unicorn to go fight the Shadowlands.
  11. A valiant effort at keeping the thread on topic. Your struggle against impossible odds show that you, sir, are a true Crab.
  12. This is alarming to me. The old guard Lion will surely stick with the clan, but if the faction can't attract new blood it'll be in a really terrible position. Pretty sure at one point, TV Tropes had the Yasuki War listed as an example of Elves vs Dwarves.
  13. Isn't that a problem, though? The target audience is modern westerners. Shouldn't every faction be palatable to them? Plus, the Unicorn and Crab are also ruled by warriors, and the writing team has managed to portray them pretty sympathetically. There's no reason they couldn't have done the same with the Lion, other than "the setting needs conflict". Which is fair enough. I just don't want it to be the same guys who start it every time.
  14. Honestly, to me he didn't seem subtle enough for that. Arasou presumably signed off on it, but this strikes me as an Ikoma ploy through and through. ... And now I'm wondering if the Ikoma daimyo cooked up this entire scheme as an excuse to get rid of his wife. Yeah. The Phoenix are also treading on thin ice right now. From what we've seen from them so far, they could easily end up looking like "the clan of religious intolerance" to new players.
  15. It's not so much that I have trouble imagining it happening. It's that it bothers me if a single faction gets consistently portrayed as the setting's bullies. I mean, I've mentioned in other threads that I like the idea of more selfish behavior cropping up here and there... but only if it's spread out equally between factions. If all of that gets lumped into a single clan, it's not fair. Of course, it's too soon to say for sure if that's going to be the case. It's just that it's starting to look like a trend, and that worries me. And yeah, I know the Lion were portrayed as bullies in this story arc the first time around too. I'm just hoping for more even-handedness, similarly to how I'm hoping the Unicorn actually get to do something this time.
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