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  1. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel ! My group and I played a magistrate game with a character that was an hinin forensic expert. It was enjoyable, the key was to be mature about status. Then again, it is true to almost all L5r campaign. See you in the Sands.
  2. I have done that with my jackal necromancer :) As it turned out, he was pretty incensed despite the fact it was a nice untainted killing machine.... Rokugani.....
  3. Samurai are quite anal-retentive, this would be our chance to have one that is the opposite. Honestly, I do not know how I would resolve this. Since we have no indications by RAW, I suppose I would go with what is the most appropriate story-wise.
  4. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! Just a fridge question, what would you think would happen if a Kitsune Impersonator use its mastery ability to devour the soul of a Deadly Bloodspeaker (core rulebook p 317) ? See you in the Sands
  5. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! The best I could think off the top of my head would be to use the base statistics for a crossbow and houserule that firearms ignore part or all physical resistance. Hope it helps. See you in the Sands.
  6. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! Since my knowedge of the 5th edition is somewhat lacking, I turn to the collective wisdom of the Community. Is there a 5th edition fire invocation equivalent to the big KABOOM fire spell of the 4th like Destructive Wave and Beam of the Inferno ? Thanks for your time and answers. See you in the Sands.
  7. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! Oopsy, my mistake. The use of title for single element specialist make sense. Speaking of Elemental Guard, do you think we will have a bushi title for their elemental legions buddies. It could be done and it can make sense, however 5th edition shugenja are more generalist than specialist. So I don't know how this would fit in the 5th lore about shugenja. Maybe we should wait and see what the Phoenix book have to say about it. It may also be relevant that, at far as I know, there are no equivalent in 5th to the 4th advantages Friendly Kami and Friend of the Elements. These advantages have make very powerful specialist shugenja back in 4th. See you in the Sands.
  8. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! Usually there is just one school per clan per book, so I hope they make a Tensai school so we can have a Elemental Guard title. I kinda miss the Firestorm Legion, such a nice and polite bunch of pyromaniacs. They used to incinerate my ghuls wholesale, but they where always so courteous and considerate about it. See you in the Sands.
  9. At that point I will be quoting you: It seems to me that it is pretty explicit these are questions about enlightenment. That leads us to: In case you are unaware this is a forum from a game company, you might want to reassess your expectation here. More to the point, you posted this thread is the ******* LORE DISCUSSION section, I can not believe I was so insensitive to come up with a bit of Lore. What was I thinking !!! Actually, this is exactly what you are doing. You post questions in (I can not believe I actually have to said that again) the LORE DISCUSSION SECTION OF A GAMING FORUM, and every times people answer you with the lore of the game, you basically tell us: "but historical studies does not prove the correctness of the lore". You might as well barge into the Star Wars forum, as a question about how gravity works into starships and when given an answer, tell them that it cannot to true because the nonsymmetric gravitational theory of Moffat states otherwise. I am sure they will be very happy about it.
  10. Dear OP, For once I will not be using my semi-humorous introduction from Pratchett. You did ask several questions abour enlightenment. Since enlightenment there is no empirical evidence of enlightenment in Real World, I tried to clarify the debate by using a quote from the rulebook to provide us with a common starting point for the debate. It goes without saying that, had you made a query on rain or gravity I would not have bothered since I assume we all are well acquaintaned with the concept. That been said, in my answer I merely tried to: 1. Provide a Recap: I happen to have a large collection of L5R book/pdf and I assume everyone doesn't bother to buy obscure book from previous edition especially new players. I just try to share. 2. Give you my point of view, which you can obviously disregard. In the end I would like to point out that: 1. This is a public forum. You might not be interested, but it is not all about YOU. The questions were interesting, and might make a good starting point for an adventure. I just try to provide the community, especially the newer player, with a bit of lore. 2. If you do not agree with my views, stay calm, it isn't a problem. You and your group will play the game as you want to play it. No one will care. Neither FFG, nor I, will send a squad of inquisitors into your house to tell you how to play it. As long as your gaming group have fun, well kudos ! That's the point ! 3. I have a nasty feeling this thread will end up like your previous Crab/Hiruma thread. Please keep in mind in mind that for most of us it a game, we are doing for leisure, to have fun. Have a good game, and remember, have fun.
  11. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! Introductory remarks: The excerpts comes from the Book of Void (4th) p109-110. As it is 4th edition material, it might not be current. Before tackling the issues at hands, I will try to answer a question the OP haven't asked but that might be relevant: what is Enlightenment. "Enlightenment is something no one agrees on, but almost everyone recognizes. Enlightened individuals are clearly and recognizably serene, humble, and compassionate, yet possess an inner strength and stoicism that seems impossible by human standards. An Enlightened soul is wise and insightful, never seems angry or hateful, does not desire anything or cling to anything in the mortal world. Yet Enlightened individuals do not lose their personalities, nor do they “assimilate” into some singular worldview." Back to the OP questions. Both have been known to happen. "It is also known that anyone can become Enlightened. Lineage, status, and station are unnecessary. It may not even be required for one to follow Shinsei’s teachings – Shinsei himself did not have the benefit of his own teachings, after all!" In 4th lore a nezumi has reached Enlighenment, and a Hinin girl has been chosen to become Oracle of Fire. "Those who have awakened have purified themselves of all earthly desires, banished all delusions, and thereby shattered the cycle of reincarnation and worldly suffering." That's about it, where they go afterward ii is not said. There is no conclusive lore about it, you will have to decide what apply to your game. Shinsei was unique because he (allegedly) was the first Human to achieve it. Other have been known to follow in its step, including some Grand Master of the Elements, but there are a precious few. I cannot remember an instance of a "fallen enlightened", the closer thing we have is "enlightened madness". From The Great Clan (4th) p96 "Enlightened Madness is the Dragon Clan’s term for what happens when an individual finds enlightenment but is unable to accept or endure the burden of clarity and truth which it places on the mind and spirit." "It may be noted, in passing, that Enlightened Madness is not the same thing as normal insanity [...] Rather, Enlightened Madness is a specific response to the unique burdens of the enlightened state. Those who become enlightened attain great spiritual insight, but if they have any imbalances in their soul or body, these can sometimes become magnifi ed to the point of danger" "Why this afflicts some and not others is not well known—plenty of flawed individuals have attained enlightenment without ill effects" "Regardless, those who succumb to Enlightened Madness generally live brief and tragic lives, as these poor souls kill themselves or are killed by others during spasms of mad and destructive behavior, spurred by their minds’ inability to fully handle their potent new vision of the world." "Their heightened perceptions and unbalanced minds may cause them to succumb to the whispered voices of kansen, embracing the Taint and its powers. All of these things and more have befallen those whose minds snapped under the impact of enlightenment." Since Shinsei himself gathered the Seven Thunders to kick Fu-Leng ***, I would suppose some voilence is acceptable. However, enlightened are said to be serene and compassionate, so I would possit that for enlightened violence isn't the preferred mode of action.
  12. Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel! My academic knowledge of historical Japan is lacking, so I will take your word on that. Desertion have never been stated to be a major problem in rokugan. The main source of lore we have on the subject is the various books on ronin. This is the whole point of my post. It is established in lore that there is no mass desertion (except maybe the Yasuki), yet you raised a valid question about why wouldn't a hiruma desert. I tried to provide you with a reasonable in-setting explanation. As I said, I am not the history expert around here, and you might want to check this with more learned people around such a Diogo Salazar, but IIRC the roman legion had very harsh punishement for deserter, they had a "military police" and a "contractual obligation" and that was more than 2000 years ago. Also you might have a "modern thinking" bias. For desertion to be punished, you do not need a parliement, a judge, a lawyer, a warrant or whatever. You just need to bash the head of anyone who try to leave. That have been around for quite some time. Actually samurai do swear featly to their daimyo on gempukku, so yes, there is a binding contract. Ronin are "at will day laborers". The common samurai is a sworn vassal. By the way, just a question, if I am wrong and samurai are "at will day laborers", what is the difference between a samurai vassal and a ronin ? Why do a lord even bother with vassal in the first place ? Yep. How about having your head chopped off ? The lion clan and the imperial legions don't fight wars on foreign lands. They are internal security forces. Preventing it to reach critical mass, is a good reason for the "power that be" to come down hard on anyone who doesn't "fall in line". I am not an expert on history but I have played RPG for decades. "nitty-gritty" isn't a big thing in RPG, it is a GAME. There is no "Amazing Accountant RPG" or Garbage collector RPG". By the way, I was looking for a deckplan for a YT transport for Star Wars game on the internet. They all have guns, but many of them don't have toilets, showers or bunks. Helping each other and sharing ideas is the point of these boards, however you have to remember that rokugan IS NOT medieval Japan.
  13. FYI, we don't call them "bushido fanatic" but Loud Obnoxious Ignorant Nutcase, or LION for short.
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