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  1. Every single game when I have a ship that receives Damaged Cockpit, I at least once forget I have it during the planning phase and end up blocking myself.
  2. There are more Ahsokas and Captain Rexes than Academy Pilots and Black Squadron Pilots. That's awful and hilarious. The Empire really needs some help. They're in a similar position to how we were back when the Jumpmaster first came out.
  3. At first I thought it looked basically identical to the Rebel A-Wing, but no, it just looks very similar to the Ralph McQuarrie A-Wing. Whatever's the case, I'm stoked for more A-Wing stuff.
  4. The main issue with the Tractor Beam is that it barely affects large ships, which also happen to be the best ships right now.
  5. To be fair, Rebels have the same issue; you got the Falcon, the Outrider, the Ghost, and turret Y-Wings, K-wings, and HWKs.
  6. The thing is, Leia easily spends more time on the Millennium Falcon than any other ship in the movies. So why is her crew card useless in 100 point games where you can field the Millennium Falcon?
  7. It's only a problem for durability buffs. You can buff the X-Wing in many other ways.
  8. The symbol indicates it has auxillary firing arcs in addition to its primary firing arc, allowing it to shoot anywhere in a 180 frontwards arc. The first ship in X-Wing to have this was the YV-666.
  9. 4x Kashyyk Defenders with Wookie Commandos seems like a hilarious nightmare for swarms.
  10. The idea of Wookie Commandos is it gives you actionless dice modification on attack while keeping costs cheap. Being a double crew slot instead of an EPT slot means it can go on the low-cost generic. Reinforce is a purely defensive action, unlike Focus, so Wookie Commandos allows you to Reinforce and still have modified dice on offense. A Kashyyk Defender with Wookie Commandos is just 25 points.
  11. Rebels do have that ship. It's called the E-Wing, and it's useless outside of Corran Horn.
  12. I'm actually totally fine with more TLTs, even if I don't play Imperials. They're wonderful list filler. While quad TLTs can be rough, they're also easy to counter. Only part that bothers me is that this is another example of the factions becoming less distinct... But that ship sailed a long time ago.
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