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  1. This isn't anything the Raider and CR-90 didn't have before. Not sure about the Gozanti off-hand but the Rebel Transport had an Escape from Hoth campaign in the box as well. Ah. Well, it still seems like a cool epic scale ship.
  2. "Additionally, the expansion includes a new campaign for Cinematic Play in which your C-ROC draws the ire of either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance." Finally! X-Wing campaign hype!
  3. Just got an Arc, Y-wing, and Hound's Tooth off Amazon. Good sale for the Hound's Tooth.
  4. Yup, Rebels just seems so lazy sometimes. Rex and Ahsoka and Maul were popular on Clone Wars, let's use them here! Hey, it was cool when Ren used, for the first time, mind-reading through the force. Hey, let's have Maul use it! Double-Bladed sabers are cool, let's give them to all the inquisitors! That blind jedi mentor with Clone-Trust issues who survived the purge (Kota) was cool, let's make Kanan a blind jedi mentor who survived the purge and has Clone-Trust issues. Kanan being similar to Kota is fine since Kota isn't canon.
  5. Spacenin

    4-LOM builds

    I'd put fcs on 4-LOM and either cloaking device with stygium particle accelerator on palob, or moldy crow title on palob.
  6. Spacenin

    4-LOM builds

    I have considered this: Firespray-31 (52) Kath Scarlet: 38 VI: 1 HLC: 7 K4 Security Droid: 3 Stealth Device: 3 G1-A (36) 4-LOM: 27 PTL: 3 Greedo: 3 FCS: 2 Cloaking Device: 2 Title: 0 Tractor Beam: 1 Z-95 Headhunter (12) Binarye Pirate: 12 Total:100 View in yet another x wing miniatures squad builder Idea is that Kath goes in sniping with HLC, goes in close for 4 reds, and keeps going the same direction, getting target locks the entire time. Meanwhile, 4-LOM goes around hitting behind Kath, passing off stress from PTL to enemies. The z-95 is just there to clean up/block. Not a competitive list, but casual fun.
  7. I have listened to TCX, Scum and Villainy, and Shuttle Tydirium. So far I love them all. Next up is Mynock.
  8. Thank you guys all, I have been listening to all the feedback. So far I have: 1. TCX: Nice and quick, good for me 2. Scum and villainy: Because I play this faction most 3. Mynock: Overall very popular 4. Shuttle Tydirium: Casual, I play casual mostly. Nova isn't on there, not because it is bad, but because it just is too long for me. The others you guys are suggesting I will try out eventually.
  9. I haven't heard of the cloud city podcast (probably because I live in US) but will check it out. Nova podcasts just seem very long. Back to dials sounds good as well. Haven't heard of 186th however, all good stuff. I am a casual player as well, so shuttle tyrdirium should be good for me. Scum and Villainy seems to be a favorite. Are they on the itunes store?
  10. TCX seems good for me because they record shorter 25 minuteish segments, good for my schedule. Lots of good stuff, trying Mynoch Squadron first because S & V isn't on itunes (that I can see)
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