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  1. I haven't paid much attention since the beta was announced but does it still use custom dice? Someone said if it didn't go over well they might drop that and use normal dice so I figured I'd check it out now that 6 months have passed. Most of Google's results are months old so I couldn't find an answer on my own.
  2. But your characters have presumably done these types of things before while off screen in their "life". I, IRL, don't know my "stats" but I can look at a tree and think to myself "I can climb that easy!" and knowing the math on a character sheet is what represents that in RP. I didn't see anything like that in the rules, only a reference to deciding what approach you're using and rolling it and having all 5 options for each roll that I spent the time looking at.
  3. How long will the beta take? I'm curious to know if they'll keep this system or switch to something else.
  4. Thanks. Sounds a bit strange yet and I'll probably skip playing it unless something in the Lore appeals to me but I really appreciate everyone taking the time to explain it better.
  5. See, this is kind of my problem. At first glance I don't know if a result like that is a statistically average, really good, really bad?
  6. I'd cross cautiously so I can use earth ring (would probably be Hida Bushi) instead of the others since that would probably be my highest.
  7. Like something is chasing you and you need to quickly cross a wet slippery log without falling in or whatever. Plenty of situations where a roll can be called for. I guess for me I just want the dice system to tell me if it succeeds or fails and not one where I roll opportunity and suddenly remember the magistrates wife collects teacups from around Rokugan while crossing a log or whatever. Seems superfluous.
  8. Can someone give me a link to the new lore? I don't do card games and stopped paying attention when AEG sold it. I was expecting it to be in the beta but it was just generic stuff about honor and roles in society. When I search for it on google I just get all the old stuff or super brief back of the box card game type descriptions.
  9. My entire gaming group has had no interest in custom dice systems so I have no experienced players to run any demos. And my local "store" is online PDF purchases. I haven't set foot inside a game store in probably 12 years. Yeah, but you can pick whatever ring you want for every roll so you'll pretty much always be keeping a lot unless you're not very creative in your descriptions... It seems like this system takes a "TN10 to cross a log" type thing and make it harder to resolve. In return you have a mechanic that has you learn something about the nature of of the universe and/or throw a temper tantrum while crossing wet logs.... that about right?
  10. But that's not appreciably different than the WEG's wild die on the d6. I'd allow you to succeed with complications, etc also and the main course of resolution was still simple compared to having to interpret what strife/opportunity mean each time someone rolls a die.
  11. My mind works the opposite. When I know I need to roll a certain combination of dice to succeed or fail in a math based system my mind can usually calculate whether I have a good or not good chance at succeeding in that task. Intuitively I'm roughly aware whether my character is likely to accomplish a certain set of tasks and it makes me comfortable playing that character because I have a very strong sense of his limitations. I have an easier time "being" the character because I know what I can and can't do. With this system it's back to "that one DM I had those two games back in 2003" type thing where he'd never tell players the target numbers anything that would help us determine what we were good or bad at. We had no understanding of whether we were facing an impossible task or a routine task every time we had to jump over something. Going to some symbol based mechanic removes all that intuition from me and I become completely unable to easily calculate whether I can or can't cross a moss covered log in a rainstorm without checking tables for possible result numbers and doing the math in my head. And to add to that they have d6's AND d12's in the same roll which makes the intuitive head math even worse.
  12. The cost is annoying but not a barrier. I just think it's an extra layer of complexity that adds zero extra value to the game, only increased cost. I've known for ~35 years how to total dice up and see if it's higher or lower than the number I'm looking at and how to count successes, etc. Learning a new system and a new set of math really doesn't have much of an upside. So far the two main things I've seen as things to put down in the "pro custom dice" column is that it's better than other custom dice systems. Genesis, which I've never heard of and Star Wars where I looked at the book for 20 minutes and decided to stick with WEG's D6 system and Saga largely because of custom dice. So being the least bad of the custom dice systems is an unconvincing reason. The other thing people seem to put in the pro column is that it allows the dice to participate in RP instead of relying on the characters and story. And for that I guess I view it as a negative as well. I want the dice to help resolve the story, not dictate it.
  13. Are their sample characters somewhere? I didn't see any.
  14. I don't know what that is. We always just homebrewed all the adventures and the "official lore" was all about who was running which clan and that had almost zero effect out in some provincial backwaters. And all the clan conflict was because someone was manipulated into disliking another, etc. Like one side always had to be the bad guy and the other the good guy. It wasn't just that two people disagreed and fought each other over a matter of honor and nobody was objectively right or wrong. Moral ambiguity was always nice in the setting but while the dice mechanics improved the lore was increasingly Rokugan vs Something Else instead of Good Lion Guy vs Good Crane Guy.
  15. But aren't 5/6ths of the results success or opportunity? How would a person ever fail at anything? Seems like after tossing a few you don't like everything is going to be positive. And with multiple approaches you're kind of pigeonholed into describing your action in the method that gives you the best dice. Hida Bushi is going to cautiously do everything so he can always use earth ring...
  16. Custom dice seem like a blatant money grab without adding value to me. I'm not opposed to capitalism but I like to think I get something extra from it and a custom die system at the surface just seem like I'm paying more to have an easily understood and intuitive system swapped out with a less easily understood system. I opened the PDF and read it for a while but now I haven't gone back to it since because I didn't "get" it.. All the players and GMs in my group have avoided custom dice systems like the plague and I'm 100% with them but L5R has been one of my favorite RP systems for a long time and I kind of don't want to miss out on it's good storytelling. If anyone has experience with custom dice can you please explain if and why I should bother?
  17. The problem with 4E wasn't the rules but the lore and setting. Too much lore focus on mighty figures and not enough on what kinds of things low levle characters find themselves doing.
  18. I've done a TON of pbp but I'd want to know the lore of the new setting and if it's different and such. The Beta was pretty much only rules.
  19. Many forums have dice rollers built in but how does that work with custom dice? Seems like it'd be hard to do.
  20. Here is/was my daily L5R involvement. 1) Friend says "Hey, they have a new version of L5R on drivethruRPG. 2) I said, "Oh, I haven't followed L5R since it was sold. This is exciting, hopefully it doesn't use any stupid custom dice like some of those other FFG titles do. 3) I downloaded the game and see in the welcome on first page after ToC that it has custom dice. 4) close out the PDF and come to forum to complain about custom dice.
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