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  1. A little off topic but in the recent ANZAC TTS tournament (240 pts) almost all Imperial players fleets contained Victory SD's. On topic, yes Rebels need another medium. What, not sure. Maybe MC40. Medium size with a bit more beef. Maybe strike cruiser for the Imperial fleet. Speed 3 but less hull & firepower than a victory?
  2. I missplaced mine and ffg sent a replacement to New Zealand free of charge. Their customer service is excellent. Top people.
  3. Good luck everyone. Would love to see if LTD is running a modified list which he cleaned up at the Auckland regional.
  4. I quite like it but i think that it should have kept its basic blasters under the cockpit as well as the additional heavy blasters on the side. In Armada: Abilities: lose swarm Anti squadron: 2 blue, 1 black Anti Ship: 1 red Points: 8 points Reasons: Ship looks a bit unwieldy compared to a standard tie Heavy canons so add a black with a higher % of doing damage to squadrons or ships
  5. I've glued the bridge, thruster nozzles, dorsal turrets, and trench turrets. I think the way I've done the dorsal and trench turrets are a complete pain. I almost lost half of them as I cut them from the sprue and they flew off. They seem very fragile once glued on too. I think in hindsight I would leave a bit of the sprue in place on these items and then drill a hole into the main hull to drop these into. Something I've noticed since applying the wash on the bridge, and another 3d printed model I got, was that the wash seems to not stick in a few places. I did wash the parts in soapy water before priming and base coating so I'm not sure what going on and what could be done to fix it. Thoughts?
  6. So put the ISD in the freezer for about an hour. Bridge was pretty hard to wedge off but got there in the end. Primed and base coated this evening. Feeling pretty chuffed that this is going to look good. Thanks for the advice. Think i will try the dremel to remove the old turbo lasers.
  7. Cool, going to give this a go tonight and see how i get on.
  8. Hi All, I picked up the ISD-1 modification from Mel's minitures on shapeways a little while ago. The key think that is stopping me from starting the mod is i'm not sure what the best way is to remove the existing bridge from the ISD model. I was wondering if the community could share their experiences and provide a recommendations on how this could be done. It would also be great to hear your thoughts on any other lessons learned from applying the mod. Cheers,
  9. Reporting a good trade with @Drasnighta. It took a little while but everything turned up in the end :-)
  10. Reporting a good trade with @Card Knight
  11. New Zealand based. Looking for: Acrylic Engineering Tokens Store Champ Acrylic Range Rulers Any Alt Art Squadron/Aces (except one stated below) Have the following: Rebel Dice Bag AA x-wing squadron AA Acbar Any unique basic upgrade card from core to wave 5 AA Assault Frigate Mark II A 3x AA Nebulon B Escort Frigate AA Victory I Star Destroyer 2x 1x Victory II Star Destroyer
  12. Come on the counter to this has go to be 2 decked out ISD's or an ISD/Interdictor combo with weapons teams, quad laser turrets, and H9's, and Kalis. Any commander should be suitable. The ISD sould have enough health to tank and the speed and firepower to destroy a Neb B and 3 lousy transports. Flavour with TIE's as necessary to stop hold off fighters, simply run as a screen and not even look for initial engagement.
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