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  1. Hi folks, I did do a forum search for this question but sadly did not find any topics addressing my concern. My apologies if I missed it. Am I able to execute Leia's "Take Cover" action twice in the same activation? If I do, can I target the same Trooper units with it twice giving them each 2 Dodge tokens out of it? Side note, can Leia choose herself to get a dodge toke when she does "Take Cover" as an action? Thanks in advance,
  2. What I meant by other options was, at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, Hasbro, Funko and other retailers used a virtual lottery system for their exclusives that were set up weeks ahead of time. I knew I had won the right to buy the limited edition Hasbro figures 5 days before I left to go to the convention. I received an email with my appointed time to go to the Hasbro booth and buy my figures. At 4 p.m. on Friday of the convention, I went to the Hasbro booth, they scanned my QR code and said they had two figures waiting for me to buy. It took all of 5 minutes and I and the other folks assigned the 4 p.m. time bought our exclusives and were happily back to convention activities. There was no mob scene. There was no uncertainty. It was wonderfully executed and THAT is how a professional group handled their Star Wars Celebration exclusive merchandise. Funko did the same thing with their highly sought after Pops.
  3. Rey's never beaten Kylo Ren. When they dueled on Starkiller Base in TFA she had him beaten down but then the tremors happening separated them. They fought side by side in TLJ so they're definitely due their rematch. BUT...I suspect it will come out that Rey is a clone of Palpatine (gender-swapped) and for a time in the TROS Rey will actually be the villain when Palpatine's spirit possesses her body! And Kylo Ren will have to return to the light to exorcise Palpatine's spirit from her. That will lead to a titanic duel between Rey and BEN SOLO that will only end when Finn and Poe can smash the MacGuffin (whatever it is) to free Rey and then Palpatine will jump into a different clone where Rey and Ben team up to defeat him in the final showdown. Yeah...that's it!
  4. I have an AT-RT equipped with the flamethrower. I've moved it up and there are two stormtroopers of a five man unit within Range 1 of the AT-RT. When I fire the flamethrower do I fire it at the whole unit or only the models within range 1? Do I roll four dice or ten dice? And if I get to roll ten dice are all the models in the unit viable casualties? TIA
  5. There were several options for FFG to have a more orderly dispersal of these extremely limited models. This was unprofessional in every way. This is not the fans' fault - the company was incredibly disorganized.
  6. Hasbro, Funko, and plenty of other retailers had exclusives for sale at this convention...nobody had such a poorly planned out system that resulted in a bottleneck like this. But sure, blame the fans. FFG most assuredly should have done a better job of a pre-sale, an electronic lottery through the app like many other items. Heck, even Lightspeed Lane passes - as glitchy as they were this past weekend - would have been better than "First come, First Served" nonsense of 500 limited pieces. Seriously? "The fans should be ashamed" ? LOL!
  7. I was able to get one of the LE Vaders at SWCC. It was total chaos. We went for a special allocation of 60 Vaders at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. There were WAY more than 60 people there in a bit of a mob. It was like one of the worst Black Friday scenes I've ever been in. I was able to accompany one of my friends in fandom who had an Americans with Disabilities Act priority wristband as her "companion" in order to get a ticket and get into the line at the register. One of the FFG workers stood on a chair and yelled at all of us to "Make room, back up, I will hand out these tickets at random...and if anyone approaches me, touches me, pushes me or grabs me this is OVER! Step back!" Total pandemonium...one of the most unprofessional things I've ever seen at a large convention. FFG should be ashamed of themselves.
  8. I just wanted to say this has been very helpful to me as a new player to understand Line of Sight and cover rules. And even though I play Rebels, I'm glad to learn that the height of the AT-ST gives it a better vantage point for firing "through" or "over" cover. The size of a model should be important in a physical game like this and I'm glad it is...even though that makes my Rebel Troopers even more vulnerable to it, LOL! Thanks everyone!
  9. Wouldn't they use the TCW mortar for the Clone Army faction? Or is that what you meant?
  10. Yeah, just having the THREAT of being able to make a second military conflict each turn - for three total - is sometimes good enough. I do love the idea that Lion might bring Sashimono out of the binder with this.
  11. Dragon are very strong - and I do find it kind of funny for people to say "well, it was a lot of new players" for a game that literally hasn't released officially yet ? But I also think a lot of the players who wanted to try different clans were the ones who signed up for the day 2 event when they couldn't get into the Day 1 event. Finally, since I was in the Day 1 event I can say some of the Dragon players who made it into the Day 2 event had already decided they wanted to try a new clan the next day. Variety is the spice of life and all that.
  12. I created the L5R Carolina Dojo group on FB today: Please join and tell your fellow Carolinas players! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1029093553860372/
  13. Looking forward to playing L5R at YLGS once again! And now - no random boosters!
  14. So, I've never actually made it to one of these. And this year I'm bringing my two sons to jump in on L5R LCG from day one. We (and our friend Nathan) got into the initial event so we'll have cards and such - but my question is, can I bring a 13 year old and a 16 year old to one of these clan dinners? Or are kids considered inappropriate?
  15. Just making sure I understand Yokuni's Action -- if I play Kazue as an attachment on another character, I can't copy that Action with Yokuni because it is not a triggered ability PRINTED on another Character, right? But if I give Yokuni Kazue as an attachment and then later give Yokuni Way of the Dragon as an attachment, can I use the Kazue ability a second time? Or no beause WotD only lets me use the character's abilities a second time and not those abilities that come from said character's attachments, right? The Dragon are TRULY becoming an enigma, LOL!
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