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  1. I expect all 9 Clans in name will still be there, though yes the Mantis and Spider are the big buts. At most for changes I would expect the Mantis Clan to become the Mantis Alliance to function as a sort of loose confederacy to give the Minor Clans more of a vote in the empire with the Mantis being the spokespeople for them as a whole rather than a full blown Clan, and the Spider to be a sort of 'Lost Clan' consisting of Lost forming loose Clanesque type fascimilies of civilization out in the Empire as they corrupt and pervert the philosophies of Bushido that only Jigoku can. There is absolutely no way the Original 7 are getting removed though.
  2. The RPG itself was quite succesful for what was essentially a Third Tier project, with AEG stepping away from CCGs for Board Games the RPG was getting even less attention, and yet 4e is wildly heralded as the best edition of the game since the first in circles I frequent. But making an RPG is costly work and I would be shocked if they made back any of the money they spent making it.
  3. It might be a bit early to make an assumption like this, no? Besides, in regards to Brand Recognition it's not topping Star Wars or Game of Thrones any time soon. Now for the non Smash Pop Culture based games, that might be a different story.
  4. Actually from what I understand 4th Edition was very succesful, but the CCG was hemmaroghing money for AEG so the IP wasn't worht it.
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