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  1. great tips thanks again - excited to be getting my own set printed out
  2. Looking at the PDf the nebulon B and the cr90 look like they can fit on the same page - is that correct? The assault frigate mark II and the victory class destoyer need 2 pages each? I'm a bit confused when you guys say print 'actual size'. Isn't that just the default printer setting? Or are you saying there is a radio button option which says 'fit to page' and make sure I don't check that? Also, why use the PNG file over the PDF? Thanks again!
  3. thank you!
  4. Great advice thank you. The money I save on storage/transport can be well used towards my fleet
  5. That is awesome thank you. Is it then as simple as downloading the pdfs/pngs and printing them on the a4 card? (Or are there any settings I need to be aware of?) Also, any specific decent glue you would recommend? Thanks
  6. Wow that is really impressive, and the fact that the creator is offering these up for free is generous. I'm interested in storing my Armada fleet in these boxes but I don't have the printer or materials to create them. Can anyone recommend a supplier in Europe where I can buy them or even a printing store that could handle this job? On seconds thoughts, do you think just printing them out on paper and sticking them to cardboard from cereal boxes would work well? Thank you
  7. Great idea thank you!
  8. West London from mid December to early January
  9. Question for the fellow Mac users out there - what is the shortcut to increase and decrease ship speed? CTRL UP and CTRL DOWN pull the windows out and in respectively :/
  10. Great to hear, wanted to make sure - thanks!
  11. Does it only activate with a squadron command or a squadron token as well?
  12. Ok so it works. I know what I did wrong before - I selected the top folder and compressed that as opposed to selecting the 5 items and compressing those. I'm glad I don't need to keep bothering you GK for the text versions every time a new version is released ;-) Thanks to both of you for your help!
  13. I believe it was the default mac right click > compress. I'll try it again to make sure and report back here with my findings.
  14. Thanks Maturin, when you say the graphics folder do you mean the Images folder? I tried those exact steps yesterday but Vassal couldn't open the newly recompressed/renamed .vmod
  15. Awesome i'll be on the lookout! Thanks