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  1. I’m playing in a 4th edition of the rpg (as a Scorpion of course) and a question came up with the GM, and we can’t come to a resolution. Does anybody have any info about The Ancestral Armor of the Scorpion? I know it’s in traitor’s grove, but I can’t find why it was put there, and we were debating what would happen if the Scorpion Clan Champ were to take it. Also, did Nitoshi ever reclaim it? And does anybody know where we might be able to find stats for it? Thank you for any help, A Person of no Consequence
  2. Any way you could copy and paste the results here? The Facebook link appears broken when I click on it.
  3. Well done ST. This story got me really excited. Can't wait to see how things play out
  4. I think we have a clear best Champion here *ahem
  5. My Time has arrived! I am the best clan champion, no doubt about it! TAKE THAT KISADA!
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